How are Briggs stats still not working?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by gunshooter, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. gunshooter

    Thought maybe the new player stats site would reinvigorate some interest in the game for me, I check it out annnd....

    It's my stats from december 22.

    Come on SOE
  2. Marked4Death

    Yeah, we know you've had a lot of trouble with this server (cos we've had lots of trouble logging in!) but an update on this would be nice.
  3. jdono67894

    You have to login to your character on the server for it to update.
    It says so right when you login to the stat tracker, pops up in red writing.

    Yes you are now embarrassed and with good reason, hang that head in shame.
  4. gunshooter

    No you don't, moron. Briggs stats have not updated since December 22nd. My other characters are all fine and up to date (and have always been)
  5. jdono67894

    My Characters on Briggs were stuck on December 22, so like the notice said I logged in for each character and walked around for 1 minute then rechecked and all stats were updated.

    It's one of those "push button, receive bacon" situations but you aren't pushing the button, your'e just waiting for the bacon to be received wondering why you aren't getting any.
  6. Xarx

    It's pretty odd, it did update for me when I logged in.
    While for others it's still not updating.
  7. dirtYbird

    Logged on/off in game and they updated np's.
  8. Dalistro

    For me a simply log on and log off didn't work. I had to log in and play around for a few minutes and then log off for the stats to update.