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  1. Smoo

    I actually wish there was a way for me to forgive grief points that people get for damage to me.

    Not anyone else, just me. If I'm hugging an enemy, and a frag goes off killing both? Eh. Close enough, give me that "ungrief friendly" button.

    Some random "friendly" jerk guns me down for no reason? A "friendly" tank decides to shoot my liberator for no reason? No forgive? Probably get ME some grief points, too, actually.
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  2. freedom_burger

    Rising Storm 2 has a forgive or not system. If you TK someone and they decide to forgive you by pressing F1, the amount of time that it takes to spawn back into the game is as normal, but if they don't forgive you then you get a 15 second penalty. It's a nice system.
  3. freedom_burger

    Also this thread really makes me consider: Is Emerald just good or is everyone really that bad in every other server? I never get TKed as often as everyone here claims.
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  4. Scatterblak

    It would be a better idea to get rid of the locking altogether and let the problem sort itself out. People would learn (eventually) not to just walk in front of someone who's already emptying a clip at the enemy (and might be zoomed in and can't even see them).
  5. Trigga

    Its exageration or hyperbole mostly.
    You can see here how many times you have team killed recently, and how many youve been team killed.

    The %s are usualy quite small, despite the forum drama.
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