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  1. AlcyoneSerene

    I got 3 weapons lock in my playtime to date, 2 from release day OP canis (giant bullets with strong headshot multiplier), and more recently with lasher (big bullets lots of splash damage) from using it a bit too aggressively.

    Another game was already mentioned that has zero friendly fire, and no self-damage for most classes either. It might make the benefits and realism of friendly fire something to appreciate as opposed to struggle against and wish to remove.
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  2. raffa2

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  3. The Shady Engineer

    I can sorta see where you're coming from. My most used vehicle by far is the Sunderer so I know a thing or two about being 'credited' with random unintentional teamkills. At least once every 3-4 hours I get a teamkill or two when the enemy blows up the bus and the wreck squashes a few people who just spawned in.

    Very rarely do I get weapon locked due to that though. Actually by very rarely I mean twice. Once was because I was already warned about team damage due to some unintentional friendly fire during a point-hold and the bus crushing a few BR 12's sent my grief meter over the edge and the second time was when I was leading a charge from Ti Alloys to Crown via the rock bridge in my Sundy when NC pulled a boat load of AV, blew up the bus, the carcass turned onto its' broadside and steam rolled about a squad of guys as it was going down the rock face.

    Got weapon locked for 5 minutes after that one. Was unfortunate and hilarious at the same time.

    Point is, very rarely do weapon locks just randomly fall out of the sky, you usually get warning beforehand. If too many people walk into your fire, it may be a good idea to reposition. When some *** hat harasser keeps bumping into you in an armor column, it may be a good idea to slow down and let him pass you. In both cases your allies were in the wrong but it's not worth it to stand your ground to prove a point and subsequently get punished over the stupidity of others.
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  4. Smoo

    You must be a trigger happy idiot, then. I've accidentally (*cough*andmaybeintentionally*cough*) done a lot of friendly hits over the years. (99.9% accidentally, really.) A sticky grenade and someone running in front of you can be spectacular. Very oops, much boom.

    And yet? I can't remember being locked. The trick is- it's capped per hit, one "oops" doesn't do much. It's repeated shooting that does it easy.

    Put a tank shell into something and do a lot of friendly damage? Yeah, the game doesn't like that, but one doesn't do anything.

    Empty a basilisk into something, not even killing it? That probably WILL lock you- the repeated hits stack, and FAST, and if you keep firing, you shortly will be unable to fire.

    So if you can't manage to stop firing near friendlies, well, that's on you. You have no special rights to fire, that other people should stay out of your way.
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  5. MonnyMoony

    I'm BR 108 with over 85 days of play time under my belt. Does that count?
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  6. VeryCoolMiller

    I have been weapon locked once in 5 years.... guys you simply need to release the trigger...
  7. Lord_Avatar

    God no... Leave FF as it is.
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  8. Twin Suns

    Regarding the OP and the generation that doesn't know how to play with Friendly Fire.

    The only ones to blame are those big bubble gum studios for raising you on the "no risk, all reward" games of you're generation.

    I'm NOT sorry you didn't learn "cause & effect".

    So just stop trying to change the game for you and the safe shooter generation.

    Bottom line, GIT GUD!!!
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  9. TR5L4Y3R

    this will be fun for the reciving end ... not ..
  10. ScarletTruth

    Vehicles my dude, I dont know how to avoid stupid small bumps causing friendly fire.
  11. NXR1

    Counter argument: How about we dont?
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  12. Malebranche

    Playing NC are we?
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  13. OneShadowWarrior

    There used to be in the first Planetside a system known as grief for friendly fire and once you collected a certain amount of grief you would get your warnings then locks and of course over time the grief points would start to drop down.

    It’s hard to control when other friendly players jump in front of you or even worst the friendly runs you over, you get penalized for it. Makes no sense.

    I would say killing a friendly player would be where is collects.
  14. CplRDaWiggy

    Joking aside, it takes either teammates deliberately trying to lock your weapons ( admit it, friendly fire draws both passive and aggressive trolls from under their bridges), or a special kind of stupid to get a weapon lock.

    Theres not that many bridges btw.
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  15. HippoCryties

    Got killled 15 times out of 70 in a 3 hour session by friendlies. All from lolpodders and idiots with frags
  16. Bansheedragon75

    I obviously cant speak for others, but I can say that I played the game as late as yesterday, have around 500 hours of gameplay and I do not understand where you are coming from as I have never had the problem you describe here.
    I had plenty of friendly fire incidents and even killed friendlies on occasion, but never once have I had a weapon lock happen and certainly not by just bumping someone in an armour column.

    It quite frankly sounds to me like the problem here is you not the game, as in you need to watch where you are driving and not fire indiscriminately.
    If someone walks in front of you when you fire, stop firing, if it happens repeatedly then the problem is more likely than not that you are in a bad position and need to move.
    If you keep bumping into friendlies in an armour column then you have two choices, you either learn how to drive or you find a place in the armour column where you will not have that problem.

    I been in plenty of armour zergs/columns and never encountered the problems you describe.
    And luck has nothing to do with it, instead I actually watch where I am going, keep an eye on those around me and plan my driving to avoid large clusters of vehicles.
    Even in those few cases when I have ended up in a situation like those you describe I never had a weapon lock happen.

    If it actually is such a big problem and not just exaggerated as I suspect it is, then you really should stop and take the time to survey your surroundings and see if you can find a better position rather than just blame others for what is most likely your own fault
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  17. Twin Suns

    If the gods at DBG were to remove weapons lock as per OP's suggestion, it could have been much worse than 15. ;)

    Food for thought.

  18. Twin Suns

    ****A million ways to die in Planetside 2****

    That moment you're a bystander and see a bunch of squad-mates running their infantry, smack dab in the middle of the road.

    A second later....Who ordered the short stack of pancakes with a side of scrabbled eggs???

    The rage that was induced that day was sheer bliss. Such sweet tears. (It's one of those jewels that gaming gives you every now and then)

    I calmly pointed out that roads are for vehicles, NOT infantry. Then I calmly pointed out how I saw it from the "side of the road" as I wasn't the vehicles operator. I was infantry like them and understood "cause and effect". It didn't go down well with them sorry to say.

  19. JDS999

  20. HippoCryties

    xD true.