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  1. ScarletTruth

    **** weapons locking me for every idiot who walks infront of me? K thanks.
  2. The Shady Engineer

    It may be a good idea to stop shooting after mowing down your 3rd buddy in a row and having massive "STOP SHOOTING FRIENDLIES OR YOU WILL GET LOCKED" warnings flash on your screen.
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  3. PoopDatGame OUT!

    This isnt overwatch bro..ijs
  4. LordKrelas

    If we remove it, You could just spam explosives without ever caring about killing your own forces - to sticking C-4 on allies who run into enemies, and all manner of cheese.

    If you trigger weapons-lock that often; Learn to control your fire.
    It takes a LOT of friendlies dead, in a short period to get a lock: Unless constantly killing allies left right & center, weapons-lock is barely a thing.
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  5. ScarletTruth

    I love how you guys sound like you play the game, but anyone who actually plays would understand where Im comming from. And no you dont have to kill a team mate to get weapon locked. simply bumping a vehicle in an armor column enough times can do it. I for example got instant weapon lock when my drop pod landed on someone. It went away instantly but it was already too late. The area was heavily populated. If you get weapon locked once, any damage (be it a shot or a bump) will continue to weapons lock you. Making it literally impossible to play in any large scale battle, which is what I constantly go after. So please, reconsider your **** replies.
  6. Pelojian

    friendly fire exists to prevent mindless explosive and gunfire spam, all you need to do to avoid chip collision damage in vehicles is learn to drive, you'd be surprised at how many don't apply their breaks to avoid a collision.

    there's nothing to reconsider, this topic isn't unique people have asked for FF removal before and will contiune to do so because they refuse to understand that FF serves a purpose.

    rather then trying to remove FF, how about suggesting ways to make it less annoying for accidents, in all the time i've played i've only been weapons locked 2 times.

    if you are just blazing away all the time and killing friendlies then it's your lack of trigger discipline that is getting you weapon locked, not the FF system's fault.
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  7. FateJH

    After reconsideration, my position has not changed. Learn some restraint and, perhaps, how to drive things other than drop pods (if you can get weapon lock from doing nothing but repeatedly knocking allies over the head with drop pods, that's some good bad aim). You claim to love playing this game for its eccentric dense, sprawling combat; but, what you say suggests that you don't have a handle on how to actually make that combat work in a way that doesn't bite you back.
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  8. ScarletTruth

    "Learn to drive" "Learn to shoot" "maybe if you stopped after the 3rd ally you mowed down you wouldnt get weapons lock"
    This isnt a problem on my end. This is why I said reconsider your replies. Its out of my control who gets infront of me when I'm shooting, and its out of my control when someone crashes into me, yet I'm here getting weapons locked.
  9. Twin Suns

    Besides the obvious reasons that have already been mentioned, it's also a skill check.

    It's a skill check for both parties involved.

    The shooter and the teammate that walks into you're L.O.S.

    Both involve situational awareness which is a form of skill or actual talent to some people. Also, having FF in the game is quite frankly a form of attrition.

    Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, all the multi-player Shooters had FF. This past decade big studio developers have gotten away from having FF in their games to appeal and make as much money as possible. No FF in the game just means run & gun, "no risk, all reward".

    Thus in my opinion, the new generation doesn't see how having FF in the game is central to the enjoyment and skill involved.

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  10. LordKrelas

    How exactly are you ramming enough vehicles, to ding yourself to a weapons-lock, when I've rammed allies to death repeatedly, grenade'd an allied, and C-4'ed another, without getting to Stage 3, inside 1 hour.

    If you're reliably nailing friendlies; Your position is enabling it.
    You can't blame everyone else, if it happens repeatedly in the same place, enough to create a weapons-lock.
    If it's from collisions: Reconsider where you placed yourself, and the distance you kept from allies.

    If they're all that bad - Consider not being so damn close to them, if they hit you so often.
    If you're hitting them - again, Consider not being so damn close, so it stops happening.

    If allies are repeatedly running into your pre-fired rounds; Consider the rational for where they're coming from & going to:
    1. Are you standing & firing into the Doorway or path where everyone has to travel through, for the main fight?
    2. Are you firing at a choke-point, your own men need to cross?
    3. Are you sitting in the same exact spot, after consecutive team kills by accident?
    4. What other variables to consider?

    If it's 1), you're firing exactly where everyone has to go, Move your ***, or learn much finer fire-control.
    If it's 2), Re-position, let alone if it's the same damn people.
    If it's 3) Consider why they're going in front of you repeatedly, when it kills them; It's likely a sign that you're firing where they have to go.
    If it's 4: Where in **** are you shooting from.

    If you get locked for a second, from a droppod, hitting an ally, a hard-feat, you had to already do a lot of team damage.
    If it was actually easy to get weapons-lock, NC would never be not locked.
    Hell, if I can literally have a squad-round of kill-the-captain, and others can have Harasser races where we ram each other..
    The Lock isn't at all, that easy to hit.
    As each of these activities ends in 7-12 team-kills inside an half-hour; You'd need a **** ton of damage to be locked in less time.
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  11. OldMaster80

    No offense, but I've been playing since beta and I never got my weapons locked once. Sorry you must be doing something wrong.

    That said, the game without friendly fire would become totally dumb explosive spam.
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  12. FateJH

    Fire control is entirely up to you. When you start shooting and when you hold your fire is completely under your control. Knowing who is in front of you, who is to your sides, having a vague idea if an ally is following after you, and how players tend to react; and, for this game especially, getting a feel for how long it takes other players to react to how you reacted; all of these are fundamental aspects to the shooting mechanics in this game.
    During the Pacific campaign in World War II, warships had this awkward issue of crashing into ally warships. It wasn't always bad, mind you, but it just kept happening throughout the war, depsite the huge ocean and weapons that fired out thousands of meters. Effective driving is as much about not crashing into other people as it is making certain other people do not crash into you. That's defensive driving.

    You don't get weapons lock either for maiming or for killing a single player. It has to happen multiple times and, often, involves a number of other victims. Half of them are crashing into you. The other half are running into your fire. You don't have control of their actions but, if you really value the fact that so many of them can fight alongside of you with you and alongside of your enemy against you, then you need to garner some skills that help you read into their actions so you know how your cog fits into the warmachine. The constant in these situations is you.
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  13. Kristan

    I've been playing this game since Beta and never ever had weapon lock. Last warnings yes, but no weapon locks.
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  14. Skraggz

    "Out of my control" lol ok. I feel as if your downplaying what you are doing to lock.
  15. Demigan

    I got weapon locked yesterday because people kept jumping 1 inch in front of me (even through me) while I was laying down fore on a doorway with a MAX. Thats about the worst that can happen with the friendly fire system.

    It needs to stay. It might need some way to discern between accidental hits and purposeful hits, or hitting/killing x enemies will reduce your friendly fire counter so that you can compensate by being a very good guy who kills 5x more enemies than friendlies or something. But friendly fire is too important for making friendlies have interactions trying to avoid nuking their allies or just spraying anyone they meet when they walk around a corner to remove it.

    Anyone playing the game can see that.
  16. DarkStarAnubis


    When people say "others moved in front of me" I have always doubts.

    Are they in front of you or you behind them?

    I am saying this because I am one who fights in the second line, my load out optimized for sustained fire and relisiency but not for clearing a room at point blanc range.

    Given this choice, there are a lot of cases in which I do not open fire or stop firing in advance because it is an iffy situation.

    You can't be trigger happy and stay behind. One excludes the other.
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  17. Doc Jim

    I've been playing since just after launch and have experienced locked weapons... twice. Neither of these incidents was a surprise.

    If you are getting punished for friendly fire on a regular schedule, YOU are the problem.
  18. MonnyMoony

    I have been playing this game since launch and haven't been weapon locked once.

    The only final warnings I have ever got were due to being a little irresponsible with the Lasher or nades - or trying to take out a 4th faction TKer .

    I suspect you are a little too trigger happy around friendlies. If people keep walking into your line of fire, the issue is likely to be poor positioning on your part.
  19. Pat22

    This is absolutely a problem on your end seeing as the vast majority of players DON'T have problems with friendly fire.
  20. Demigan

    For all the people going "I've never been weapon locked", you lucky bastards.

    I've been weapon-locked because I was in a vehicle zerg with vehicles on all sides bumping into me, and just that got me from no warning to weapon lock.
    I've once bumped into another friendly tank, got launched in the air while both tanks received ~75% damage and got instant-weapon lock.
    I've once started a game, got a tank to fire at enemy troops, hit about 6 people with splash and killed another one to go to weapon lock without a single warning inbetween.

    And there's plenty of times I've just slowly worked my way up to a weapon lock, for example by parking a tank somewhere inside a base and moving practically nothing, but people kept jumping on top in front of my turret or kept taking cover behind me while I kept driving backwards for repairs etc. Or I would hold a doorway and while I was shooting people would keep jumping through the doorway, down to me shooting into an entire crowd of enemies only to have one friendly LA or Infil move in their middle to take a few of my hits. And while doing chunk damage does get you the fastest lock, doing tiny bits of damage gets you there quickly as well. And if you are holding a doorway and friendlies keep taking teeny bits of damage you can get weapon-locked fast.

    The first weapon lock is usually 5 minutes, but you can potentially go to 15 minutes in one go. I've had a weapon lock because friendlies kept jumping on the road while I was driving passed protecting their Sunderer, I parked off the path after my weapon lock ended to make sure I wouldn't drive over someone. A friendly Lightning bumped into my parked rear, 30 minutes weapon lock. Good system!