[Vehicle] How about turbo for valkyrie?

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  1. LordKrelas

    A Flying Air Transport doesn't need Turbo, nor does it need it to kill air superiority fighters.
    If you try to use a transport nearly the size of an ESF, you should have a bloody hard time killing an ESF.

    The Galaxy is a grand example of "Wtf aircraft" right after the Liberator.
    But it at least bloody dies.

    It's not to fight ground units, it's to have an escape button... Do you not read?
    I kinda explained that.
    Hell, I explained what Turbo is used for, and why it is bloody insane literally 5 times in this thread personally.

    The odds of a someone panicking into a Tree is not anywhere near practical, for giving Turbo to something.
    As that was your only bloody downside to having Turbo; And that requires a ******* idiot to achieve.

    As Connery has People.
    From what I've heard, Your Miller is near dead beyond TR.
    On Connery, VS murders effectively with Valks as they are bright.

    I need only 2 people in a valk: A pilot & gunner, the aircraft can escape from any damage long before destruction without turbo.
    Add in any additional crew, and it just becomes harder to down right immortal.
    As it is a flying vehicle, it can literally dodge and leave the battle space to repair over any terrain.
    OR just fly straight up, and become immune to basically anything but aircraft, letting the Gunner repair the aircraft with 2 people only.
    Valk Pilots aren't stupid, they can repair like Harassers do: Wherever possible.

    You may Hunt down the Aircraft that should outrun, and outgun your ******* AIR TRANSPORT with a FIGHTER...
    But most would use it like the 99% use Turbo for; Escaping out of, and boosting into fights.

    You are flying a Literal small Flying Air Transport: It should die to a fighter. Or the Fighter is a fail of a Aircraft.
    It should fear an ESF not ******* own the damn thing.
    Nor should it be bright to hunt down an ESF with a Transport ship ffs.

    Do you hunt down Tanks with a Uncloaked Flash? Not unless you have one hell of a plan.

    Go try Connery.
    All sides have Valks, ESFs, Liberators and Gals in high numbers.
    VS literally has a Valk in every actual Battle they give two ***** about. Not even kidding.

    The less I write, the more vague I must be.
    The more vague I am, the more I need to write to clarify bloody things.
    So more words now, mean hopefully less later.
  2. Mockabacka

    Have you ever been circuling around in the sky in an esf while facing the ground using vertical thrust? I think most players know that tactic and it's very easy to pull off. Valks doesnt need to do this manuever which funny enough cause them to die easier since I think many pilots will be more passive.

    Then make it good for that. I dont get it. Why wouldnt you want a valk that is good at hunting down other aircrafts?

    My score per minute with the valk is remarkably high. Wanna make a guess? 40 per minute. That is ashamingly low, and I consider myself a good pilot. What is your score per minute with a valkyrie?

    Exactly, there are almost no AA valk players. Because it is too bad at it. The only time you can battle esfs are when they are naive enough to try circling around you and the valk just outmanuever them. If the esf-drive are smart though he/she escapes before too low health or keeps a distance.
  3. LordKrelas

    It's a ******* Air Transport.
    Aircraft that hunt other aircraft... ARE ******* ESF's.
    What the **** do you think I mean by air superiority fighter?
    Fighter = Anti-air aircraft.
    Transport = ******* TRANSPORT.
    A Valk is classified as an Air transport not a Superiority aircraft. A ******* transport.

    You are asking for someone's score per minute...
    Without apparently recalling how many things affect score, such as what you are killing, how many things are there, what in **** your goal is, what your gunner & rumble seat ****ers are doing, how many there are, and if they are dropping C-4 & mines.

    A transport aircraft should not be good at killing off aircraft actually built for anti-aircraft duties.
    What in hell do you think entire types of ESF nose-guns are for? Killing aircraft!

    The ESF should be able to outrun a simple ******* air transport.
    You are literally an Air Transport, not a Liberator Gunship; A transport.

    You should be dead to an ESF, as you are a transport.
    That is called the Valk being too tanky for being a damn transport, as we know ESFs are damn lethal to most other things.
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  4. Mockabacka

    We have the galaxy.
    Ever heard of scout helicopter in bf3?
    Ever heard of the transport helicopter in bf3?
    Should we remove C4 from medic? It is a medic after all.

    Score per minute is highly relevant. That says how effective you are on the battlefield with a certain vehicle. To put in a little perspective, my spm with flash is 154, 300 with lib, 297 with reaver and 120 with galaxy. If the valk is as unstoppable and a killing machine as it is stated to be I expect high score per minutes.

    I didnt say the esf wouldnt outrun the valk, just that the chase would a little longer to increase the chanses of killing the esf.

    Then I think it's time to introduce the new enemy of the esfs.
  5. LordKrelas

    The Galaxy is for an entire 12-man squad.
    The Valk is for 6-man teams.
    Why the hell do you think the Game itself calls it an Air transport?
    What is the role of a Transport? To move people, to provide minor support.
    If the Valk is capable of being an anti-air platform by itself, in addition, it outclasses the ESF in the ESF's SOLE ROLE.

    Turbo adds nothing of value to the valk that it actually needs.
    It does not need to chase ESFs or match them in speed.
    It does not need to go mach 10.
    It does not need an instant escape like the ESF, it has more durability.

    I bet your Transport Helicopter needs fighter support, not being better at air combat than the ******* Fighters.

    C-4 on medics is comic, but not related to adding Turbo to an Air transport, to some-how make an Air Transport by the virtue of Turbo, an Anti-air vehicle... when that role is covered by the ESF.

    If I have the entire valk full of people dropping tank mines onto a field crowded with tanks vs delivering fire support & strike team members into a base at the final hour, which gets more score per minute?

    The Valk is nigh invulnerable.
    Every sod states that it's ability to kill isn't as limited as ESF's, Liberators or similar.
    It can kill however, the main problem is SHOOTING THE THING DOWN, with the speed it PRESENTLY HAS.

    You shouldn't have all that high of a chance of Killing an ESF let alone one that disengaged from an air transport.
    Let alone one nearly equal in size.
  6. Klabauter8

    No idea what my score was, but this also doesn't play any role.

    I could controll the vehicle and was generally a good Valk pilot, I think, but I didn't play with mic and didn't have the connections to play really well with it. To use Valks to their full extend you need an own crew of people who know the vehicle, and I never had this.You need people with c4 or mines in them, or heavies with Lashers or Strikers. Then Valkyries can be really good, also against armor. However organizing this is difficult, which is also why the vehicle is so unpopular i think. It needs a lot of good teamplay.

    And I also played for directives to a huge degree, which also completely ruined my stats. However, even with just playing with a gunner, I personally find the vehicle pretty decent. At least against infantry and Harassers it can be really good.
  7. Mockabacka

    Turbo wont transform a valk, which in this thread has been considered a bad AA vehicle, into a esf killing machine just because of turbo. What I want with turbo is that the valk can chase it for a little longer to try secure the kill. I think minor support is being able to chase airfarmers off so that the ground can do their job.

    Turbo is exactly what the valkyrie needs. A burst of speed will greatly help prolonging the chase of enemy esfs.

    As if that crowd of tanks would just ignore the valk. You can be sure that crowd of tanks will have a couple of skyguards and burster maxes.

    That's what I want to change.
  8. Mockabacka

    http://ps2.fisu.pw/ <--- You can check stats here.

    Precisely, a full crew is necessary to play it good. Imagine two liberators with a full crew (6 players). A valk versus two libs are no match at all, but that is pretty obvious, buy my point is that the valk isnt as immortal as many thinks. Get two esfs on your tail and you are pretty much dead unless fleeing behind shields.
  9. LordKrelas

    It shouldn't have a bloody chance...

    What do you think the Skyknights are for?
    Hell, what in blazes are ESF's for? As they should be for securing the airspace more so than nuking the ground.
    Nuking the ground is the Lib's job.

    Aka Air-farmers should be handled by ESF, aka Air superiority fighters..
    Fighters clear the sky, Transports transport.
    That's what bloody Pilots tell us ground people: Rely on the Friendly ESF's to clear the bloody skies.

    And for the 99% of other Valk Pilots: Instant Escape Button at worst.
    For the unlucky ESF's: A hardier Agile Flying Transport can more reliably Chase you down.... How the **** is this a plus?

    Skyguards.... Skyguards...
    You know many skyguards it takes to down an ESF let alone a valk? Let alone before it flies over head...
    More than is sane to randomly have.
    With Turbo, that reaction time is removed.
    With a simple trip to the sky limit: Skyguards mean jack ****.

    You want to change the Valk into the Hardier Devil, that removes ESF's from the sky.
    You do know that ESF's at present, have better odds attacking ground units since Libs kick their ***** even in number, Galaxies are the rare target that they might kill if it doesn't squish them, and Valks are hardy enough to make them run.
    With Turbo, you remove the ability to even run.

    And with Turbo ensure Valks have even less exposure time to the weaponsfire that has a hard ******* time killing them.

    Again, go fight Connery's VS, you'll see a ******* Valk demonstrate Immortality.

    If a Flying Tank, a literal Bombardment-Cannon of a Gunship lost to a smaller Air transport, I'd say the Valk needs to be shot out back as it wouldn't be a ******* small Air Transport.
    It'd be a monster.

    And a MBT needs two people to operate.
    A sundy needs 3.
    A Lib needs 3.
    A Gal needs 4.
    Harasser needs 2, with a spare.
    Your Valk gains immortality with a crew, while all of these just Require them to function.

    The Valk can survive multiple direct rocket hits, and shake it off.
    This isn't counting for any repair ability.
    An ESF takes a single Dumbfire shot to explode.
    Only the ********-From-hell Bat-**** insane Liberator & above take anywhere near that many Rockets.

    And the Liberator is a Flying tank with a ******* howitzer that shouldn't be mountable on a flier due to weight issues.
    If it can, then the tanks that aren't flying should be having Bigger guns due to physics.
    As to achieve flight, weight must be overcome by the lift capacity: This capacity is created by heavy machines.
    This Lib is also equally or greater in armor value, which is ******* heavy.

    Your Valk is a light air transport.
    With the scale being near an ESF in size, with a massive portion being empty space for the Rumble Seats.
    IE **** should be fragile, given it is a flying vehicle mostly hollow in relation to size.
    It can be damaged by Bullets, yet can starve off multiple rocket hits.

    Your valk is ******** approaching Liberator status.
  10. Klabauter8

    I know where to check stats, but I don't care about them, and not gonna search for them just for you.

    And you do not need a full crew to be good with Valks. You also can be good with just a gunner, if you chose your targets carefully, ie mainly go for infantry. Valks are very good for anti-infantry even when compared to other vehicles.

    It's also stupid to compare Valks to Libs and ESFs constantly, because they are completely different vehicles. Valks are not fighters or bombers, they are mainly for dropping people. They are a mini version of Gals, for more stealthy dropping, which is also why they are so good for dropping c4 faeries.
  11. Mockabacka

    I did as you instructed (have an old character there), but I didnt find the mythical immortal valkyrie you are talking about there. To be frank I only saw esfs, liberators, galaxies and tanks until I encountered this valkyrie with 6 people in it. Then I thought this guy on the forum didnt lie, this must be the immortal valk he was talking about. Guess what? They all bailed when they reached they wanted to fight on, and the gun they were using was a wyvern. So I dont believe that these legendary avlkyries fly around on connery.

    Perhaps, but our scores doesnt support this. I have more that tripple spm with the puny flash compared to the almighty immortal valkyrie.
  12. Klabauter8

    I tried searching for your stats now, but I can't find any stats for your name. So not sure how your stats are. However my stats for gunning in a Valk are 139 score/min and a kdr of 3.0. So according to you, it must be better than a Galaxy, since you have worse stats in a Gal.

    Add to this that I also only played Valks completely solo when gunning in them and also played for directives which included bullsh*t like getting 400 rumble seats kills (alone). This means if I actually would have gunned in a Valk with a decent pilot, and not completely solo, I probably would have 5 times better stats or even more.
  13. Mockabacka

    That is very low if you think about it. You say you only drive solo, that means you have to switch to gunner each time you want to kill something, so the time you spend in the gunner seat is just enough to get the kill and then you switch to driver seat again, so say it takes you 4 seconds to get a kill, that would equal 15 kills a minute, which should at minimum be 1500 per minute. I will give you credit though for the rumble kills.

    The reason you cant see my score is because this isnt my in game name, and I wont tell you either, so you will have to trust me to be honest about my scores.
  14. Klabauter8

    I didn't spend just enough time to get the kill. Most of the time I switched to gun I didn't get any kill. And I also had to camp on roofs a lot to get kills. Playing Valk solo is harder than you think it is.

    But anyway, this discussion is completely pointless anyway, since you can't even prove that you actually have any experience in the vehicle. You probably spend 5 hours in it, and call yourself a master at it, like most people do.
  15. Mockabacka

    There you go.

    Sadly I have to play solo valk often too since not many want to go in it. As you can see I ahve over a day in the vehicle, and to add on that I have 10 days in a liberator and 5 in reaver. I have been flying since the release of the game just in case you are sceptical to my playtime with the valk. Adjusting to that was as easy as making pancakes.

  16. Klabauter8

    And you honestly think you have mastered the vehicle with this little playtime or what?
    Playing Valkyrie is much more complicated than you think. I'd say it's actually the most difficult vehicle to play in the game, especially also because it requires so good teamplay.

    I have 24 days in the Valkyrie, and even I am still far from mastering it. I still constantly did plenty of mistakes with it, and also never had the connections for a good crew. You merely having 24 hours in it really doesn't prove anything. Playing Valkyrie is easy to learn, but hard to master.

    When you do use it correctly, it can be very good though. It's nose gun can kill infantry very well, and having people with explosives on board (who know how to play stealthy, and not just fire at everything in sight) can be completely devastating for vehicle zergs.
  17. Mockabacka

    So after 24 days (!) spent in the vehicle you are still far from mastering it? I can with confidence say that I have mastered it after just one day with it thanks to experience with other vehicles and the physics in the game. And dont pretend one day isnt much. It is just that 24 days is extremely much. I can tell you when I put the wyvern on and let one of my friends gun it we can kill esfs as long as they are circuling around us, the problem happens when they decide to just fly away. There is no chance to close the gap for even a second.

    Every vehicle can be good if a good crew is on. It's ridicolously easy till kill a tank with four fury flashes. Just take cloak on and easy kill. Or you can pick up a la or ha and just drive them to the tank to let them C4. I dont understand this "It can be good with a good crew" thing. I am actually glad that it CAN be good againt vehicle zergs. Something has to be able to break the ice and let the fight move on.
  18. Klabauter8

    Yes, I was still far from mastering it. Mostly because Valkyrie is a teamplay vehicle, and I didn't have a team to play with. Just because you can kill bad ESF pilots with your friend doesn't mean you mastered the vehicle. That's something anyone can do.

    The real challenge about flying Valkyrie is, to find a good team to play it with, and to have enough situational awareness to know where to position yourself the best. There are so many things you have to know and pay attention to in Valkyries. For example, how certain locations and circumstances require certain weapons to be the most effective, wether it is better to fly high or fly low when doing hotdrops, always finding the best spots for Valks to farm, etc.

    And a Flash is not a teamplay vehicle, that's why it is dumb to compare it. Valkyries require teamplay like no other vehicle, that's why they are so difficult to play with. Most people can't even get the most basic things in them right, like for example simply paying attention to the front as a gunner. Everyone on board must know when to play stealthy and when to attack. Most people on board will just start shooting when they see something, when it actually would be much better to sneak up first and drop people on it.

    To really master this vehicle you must not just be able to not crash into the next tree or whatever, you must be a good leader and lead a small crew, and you must know how to be the most effective with the vehicle.
  19. Mockabacka

    So whether or not I have mastered a vehicle depends on the other people in it? So at one time I am play with five other people with the valk. Now I have master it. The next day I play with some randoms, now I have not mastered it. You see what is strange about that? You have mastere a vehicle when you do everything rights on your seat (i.e. driver gunner).

    The flash require alot of teamplay to make it profitable. For example, putting a phoenix on backseat need communication so that flash and phoenix guy attack the same target. There is even more teamplay required to kill tanks with fury.
  20. Klabauter8

    No, you have not mastered the Valk if you have a good crew. You have mastered it when you have a good crew and know how to be effective with them. Your whole playstyle would change if you just play with randoms on board, instead of with people who know what they are doing. That's why I could never master the vehicle, because I never had the chance to practice with a good crew. I mostly just played with a gunner (like you most likely too), and for this my whole playstyle was completely different. I memorized completely different farm spots and completely different playstyles.

    And yes, Flashs may also require teamplay, but not nearly as much as a Valkyrie.