How about some low-skill weapons?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Weylin, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Weylin

    Something like the Lasher for TR or NC?
    Not a strong weapon, not a win button, just something that can hit despite not being dead on accurate.

    I can't aim for ****, personally (0.075 KDR :D) and lose 95% of the fights I get into, so I would be just fine sitting at the back of a firefight and pelting the enemy with some kind of weapon that doesn't need well aimed head shots to be any good, but at least earns assists, does slight damage to someone right around a corner, and messes up their aim.

    I don't know what else to do? I heal and supply, but sometimes you gotta shoot, and normal guns just don't do it for me at all, too low of a frame rate for smooth aiming.
  2. Yautja

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  3. FleshIcon

    Not sure if being funny but it doesn't help the OP. His talking about Infantry.

    I don't believe a better gun as mentioned by op will help. Infantry fights last about .5 seconds to 2 seconds. You either see them first or die.

    If you're like me Weylin and are horrible as an Infantry player (or just find it not very fun) go a tank and\or plane. Or, a support class. I tend to go Engineer when my plane and tank are both dead.

    With Infantry battles lasting the above time frame I don't find them fun. Not at all. At least in a tank I can stay alive for quite a while.

    If you really, really wanna shoot stuff as an Infantry person then look at Max or Heavy. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade anything to do with armor or shields etc for added help. Stick with a group.

    Unfortunately many players are very good at their class and just own you no matter what. Don't know how they do it. I'll put a clip into someone and they don't die. They kill me in .5 seconds.
  4. Weylin

    I mean an infantry weapon.
    I've had no luck getting a chance on a liberator turret at all, they all lock their vehicles and I don't have the 'connections'
  5. Weylin

    I do mostly use vehicles, haha, but the certs are terrible, and I have the worst luck (next to 20 tanks, rocket podders choose me first. or attack a liberator, and somehow getting nailed by a Dalton despite flying in loops from a long distance away)
  6. Ozrik

    For NC get GD-7F with advanced laser sight and x1 reflex/IRNV sight. For Vanu i believe its VX6-7 or Serpent maybe. For TR prolly dunno, imagine Trac 5 be about same.

    GD-7F at close range is hip firing wrecking machine, and with the low recoil and high rate of fire it's good at med distance as well, just burst fire 7-8 rounds at a time it centers very fast.
  7. Yautja

    My mistake. My only suggestion then is Engineer + grenade launcher or Shotguns.
  8. gunshooter

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  9. Dictatorfish

    My advice: join an outfit that focuses on teamwork over individual skill.

    I have awful aim and my tracking ability is simply terrible (I have really slow reactions). However, after joining DWG - even playing as a Combat Medic - my K/D has been steadily improving. Recently we've really working even harder on teamwork and it really shows: I've been ending each night playing with the squad with a K/D ratio over 1.0 despite spending 90-95% of the time healing teammates and keeping everyone else alive, only providing the occasional suppressing fire.

    Provided we are able to keep this up, it won't be long before my overall K/D ratio (currently 0.8) hits >1.0 and I won't feel so bad looking at my Planetside-Universe character profile page. :)

    Yeah, look for a team based outfit. It's awesome.
  10. Weylin

    I've joined one but they are rarely ever online, and got a couple people I squad up with, but we always end up ghost capping an abandoned continent and I just go AFK in a Galaxy for the certs, because what's the point?
  11. FleshIcon

    Shotgun? Not for us noobs. You need to hit 3 times and you only get so many shots. Plus, you need to get close.

    Dictatorfish is on the right track. A good platoon helps. Personally I don't like Outfits as they concentrate on taking bases and thats the most boring aspect of the game.

    I would practice at the Gateway your aiming. I do it sometimes.

    Try to get your mouse sensitivity just right. Play with it daily. Also, a mouse that has a button to change mouse sensitivity is also handy. I have a Logitech G9x (rather old, but has been rated number 1 for a number of years) which is fantastic. Far better then those Razor mice.
  12. TomoB

    Dunno what weapon that is but seems low-skill enough.
  13. JohnnyMaverik

    You want a Lasher? Well, if you play TR I'll happily swap mine for your HA special, that thing is boss. Also I think you are doing it wrong, there should be weapons available that while no Lasher (which is extremely situational btw) are pretty low recoil and high ROF, maybe not for HA if you play NC but they have others that are just as easy mode (and will get you a lot more kills than a Lasher).

    Alternately join VS, join the Outfit I play with (77th VEF) and together we can take our Lashers and fire space pixies at the moon... it'll be beautiful man :')
  14. 13lackCats

    OP, you need to spend some time getting good.

    "Perfect practice makes perfect"

    If you find yourself thinking about your dog's breath smelling like dog food while you're playing, re-focus on what you're doing.
  15. wrenched

    OP try just joining the Vanu. All the chains are like that.
  16. Dictatorfish

    Then join another outfit. There are literally hundreds of outfits on every serve, many advertising themselves in the "Outfit Recruitment" board. At least one of them will be full of guys who want the same thing you want. You just need to find them. :)

    As for weapons, shotgun has already been mentioned. If that's too close range for your liking, just a scope for your default automatic rifle. If winning is more important to you than getting kills, as long as you're throwing lead (or plasma) that makes the enemy think twice about coming out of cover, you are immediately a valuble member of the team and your squad has an advantage they wouldn't have had if you weren't there.
  17. forumo

    High ROF = low-skill weapons, because if you miss some shots, you fire so fast it doesn't make too much difference.
    SMGs are coming, and they have high ROF (low damage), so they will probably be the EZmode weapons.
  18. LameFox

    If you are that inaccurate the last thing your team needs is you firing a splash damage machinegun-thing over their heads.
  19. Achmed20

    that requires somewhat skill to get close to your enemy.
    and unless its the piston, you still need to be able to aim.
  20. Weylin

    I don't think I'm gonna get any better after 10 years of FPS games. At this point the limiting factors are all rather expensive to fix, as I will need to upgrade my CPU(Core 2 quad), GFX(ATI 4650), and mouse (cheap *** wireless mouse, 2 buttons and a clickable wheel).