How about posting alert rewards in game

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by nobodybaby, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. nobodybaby

    Tired of busting my *** and putting off life for an hour to help win an alert only to get what? 25 ISO? Aircraft discounts? Put the reward for the alert in the tab alert screen. This is basic stuff people.
  2. Liewec123

    We busted our butts to spin a 3rd place alert into a win a few nights back, and what did I get as the reward? 100 certs.
    As a current member 100 certs is nothing.

    That 100 certs was separate to the certs you usually get,
    it was instead of something awesome like a cosmetic, booster or weapon, 100 certs.
  3. JudgeNu

    Most people are resigned to farming because they feel they cant/wont win anyway and this affect snowballs.
    This is compounded by Directive Farmers. ( I like Directives myself but it promotes behavior that is counter Meta imo )
    Adding more incentive to Alerts just promotes Faction stacking so its definitely a conundrum.
    - My 2 Cents
  4. strikearrow

    The cont. alerts that sometimes give special rewards are nice, but since I main NC on Emerald (Lately, the NC never wins prime time cont. alerts), I don't much bother with alerts.
  5. Zagareth

    If you play that game to get something, instead of having fun, then you definitely do something wrong....
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  6. strikearrow

    Uh people enjoy getting things??? Is this a mystery to you?
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  7. Lee Weldon

    It does feel quite mediocre, thats why the majority of alerts nowadays, most people don't even bother contesting it if it would drag you away from a more interesting fight.
  8. Liewec123

    You don't enjoy getting rewards in games?
    Has there never been anything that you've wanted in a game that you've grinder for?
    Even if you didn't enjoy the grind, the reward for your hard work makes it feel good.

    People can play a game because they enjoy the rewards more than the act of earning them.
    I have phylactery implant from the Halloween event, I enjoy the reward,
    Did I enjoy spending days mindlessly hunting galacto-pumpkins while getting ganked constantly by skyknights?
    Hell no!
  9. Pacster3

    Why did you need that long for the galacto-pumkins? That was one of the few rewards that I choose not to even try to get cause the other stuff I had to do was that freaking boring(I think it had to do with roadkills, knifing or some candy cannon.). Ironically enough the first or second special implant I got afterwards was phylactery. Good decision on my end. ;-)
  10. Liewec123

    Well the final tier required you to do 5 of 6 directives,
    and I was left with a choice between finding 4 galacto-pumpkins, Or reviving 3,750 people lol
    Easy choice for me, HATED that whole event, but i enjoy the reward!
  11. tommyrocket

    Alert rewards are completely random for each player. They're not predetermined, so it's not really possible for them to tell you what you're going to get unless it was. That said, I'm no happier with the system than you, TC. Nowadays I do not have an hour 'n a half to spend on an alert, especially if it starts late into my day.
  12. Liewec123

    imagine if it did tell you what you'd get, and your faction is in 3rd place but if you get 1st place you get one of the super rare weapons! XD

    i'd be busting out my spawn pads like crazy!
  13. tommyrocket

    That makes a good point. In fact, that would make for better motivation than not knowing like it is right now. Hopefully they're taking pointers.
  14. Desann

    I literally can care less how many directive points I have. I only go after stuff that gives a tangible reward. For example, just got my auraxium lumifiber for my magrider.

    That said, it is annoying to get nothing for a reward after participating the entire time.
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  15. Pacster3

    Well, if it says "you gonna get a 25 Iso-implant" you got another 90 minutes to curse the gods of bad luck... ;-)

    Yeah, some insane(ly boring) bs like that. Galacto was one of the easier things to do least in my book.
  16. Zagareth

    Since I play PS1 I never ever grinded for anything in games. In my early days of MMORPGs, I grinded a lot in Aanarchy Online and I got so sick and tired of it that I decided to never ever play a game like that and rather achieve things in games by only "playing" it.
    Guess what? Its way more fun to play a game, than having all the "awesome" items, that dont give you an advantage anyway.

    I am the only advantage I need and its way more fun to play the game, with the knowledge, that no unique item, gained by hard grind, will stop my success over all the competitors :D
  17. Zagareth

    Nope, thats the concept where MMOs make money with. Sell useless stuff and equipent and give people the feeling they could achieve something special in game, that seperates them from others.

    I dont mind when most people fall into the trap - its their decision.
  18. Exileant

    ;) I would like greater rewards, I have only gotten one golden Implant since they came out.... :( That hurts my soul a bit.... I have to spend my ISO 4 upgrading the normal ones I have so it is not like I can spare any to try to take the chance getting them through implant boxes that are supposed to give a higher chance at obtaining one. :eek: Too many good ones to upgrade...

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