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  1. No0T

    Secondary darts pistol with different nanite charged darts to choose to hack into the tech people carries... doing different effects. Dissable abilities... disable main weapon... activate grenades within 3 sec so they have to get ride of them... Though it would be nice if you could rotate the and choose which one you shoot using alternate fire button... Obviously one of them should just do damage over time. Blind would be a good effect too... A really good one would be a tracking gps signal emiting dart for vehicles... or even a dart that haks into air craft controls messing them up... or any vehicle for that matters doing random actions like shooting an unwanted fire that could be use to damage their own people and even start a friendly fire confrontation... while the infiltrator should get credit as assist kills of what trans curs...

    No smoke darts please...

    Maybe this could be an alternate to the spotters or detectors? (I think I am the only person that noticed that if you are invisible you already have an advantage to know where others are faster than them... so spotters and detectors always looked to me something engineer should have while we should have a much better way to get ride of them than a blue cost emp nerfed useless grenade.) In fact spotters contributes for people to know if there is an infiltrator to search for as if the terribly loud sound of the cloak wasn't enough.
  2. LordKrelas

    A sidearm that disables the main weapon of an enemy, resulting in them basically being ****** by weapon switch times.
    A dart that detonates the explosive resulting in 3 seconds to throw a grenade without it killing them anyway.
    DOT effect that is annoying or brutal.
    A more severe concussion grenade...
    You pick severely hellish things for your sidearm.

    On an infiltrator with permanent cloak.
    As a sidearm.

    The only sane one, being the ability-crippler, and that's since it doesn't result in a literal easy kill.
    Which is what locking the opponent out of their weapon, or detonating grenades on them is, with a single shot.
  3. No0T

    You didn't read the timer on the grenade(which basically turns that dart into an opportunity for the victim to spot your position at the cost of a grenade and they can actually try to throw it at you) or noticed that nullifying the main weapon against a stalker leaves you still in advantage.. Since he is visible and you still have your stupid ability genius. Concussion? are you high I didnt even spell that word.. Haa again when you shoot the dart you are visible and since is a dart you have to be close if you expect to hit... so you are sitting duck so stop talking about the cloak in fact nothing you say makes any sense what so ever so stay shut.

    I love to show people how little their thoughts value... I don't really care what you think since you are obviously talking about things your hypothetical thinking little section of the brain can't handle.
  4. LordKrelas

    You have 3 seconds while fired on by a cloaked unit at a distance, to throw a grenade, possibly during a fight.
    I'd like to see you throw a grenade behind you, the moment you are shot.

    Unless for some ****** reason, you choose to fire this dart up-close, where the grenade kills you both.
    or while not switching to your other gun, unless Stalker, in which case, Knife, to gun them down.

    Nullifying the main gun against a Stalker, actually puts you on equal footing:
    Both Sidearms, and one is already drawn.
    As well, the only ability capable of not making this in the Stalkers favor is the heavy assault.

    You do realize, people aren't brain dead enough to de-cloak and fire a dart, while the opponent is facing them right?
    Well other people at least.
  5. No0T

    The stalker also needs to switch weapons... and your might not be carrying grenades or carry none lethal once and decide to shoot the stalker and absorb the damage of the grenade... Also the time switching weapons between darts and secondary leaves the thing as a tie... disabling ability or main weapon again its leaving you still in advantage since the stalker doesn't have neither at the time of shooting. I don't think you understand that engineer have the spitfire, heavies have extra shield, la can disappear jumping jet, medics can regen... while you are visible and have less shield... You really need to be told how stupid your arguments are twice?

    Farther more the disabling ability can be balanced using how long it last though as I explained it stills lets you in advantage against your feared low hit point secondary weapon user only.. Farther more most people have the secondary weapon with dark light activated all the time so when the main weapon is disabled they could be automatically switching to secondary and be ready to fight the overpowered gay looking pseudo soldier in pajamas you fear so much.

    It doesn't matter if you are facing the infiltrator you should be able to hear the cloak and know where to look faster than he can switch weapons... What game do you play? TRY PLANETSIDE 2 is a really good one!
  6. No0T

    Good! silence means you actually understood something...
  7. LordKrelas

    Knife button. Run towards, while they go "da ****"
    Then switch weapon.

    Everyone carries grenades.
    Only Medics or Engineers with repair grenades, carry grenades that wouldn't ensure the target's death due to the grenade detonation.
    You forget, it's switch to the secondary, while the Infil hits the knife button.

    Engineer has a spitfire, which is laughable.
    And isn't their ability: The ammo pack is.
    Heavies have the shield.
    LA beyond the ambusher jet, which launches your *** in the facing direction..

    I've killed heavies, shield or not, face-to-face.
    Literally being able to solo-disable entire groups' with a dart, robbing primaries, to detonating grenades, to DOT..
    With one stalker, is how to amplify 2 stalkers being able to kill groups easily.
    DOT robs medics entirely, Detonation of grenades ***** entire groups, Primary disabling results in switch-time after figuring it.
    Blindness is a free kill.

    The only time you can hear the cloak, and get the direction before the Stalker acts, is an empty base with an idiot.
    Since gunfire is louder, and only an idiot decloaks before they are in-range.

    But well, you suck.
  8. No0T

    Sorry... I completely made it very clear that you repeatedly say incoherence 3 times I am not reading you no longer pal... Go play tetris!

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  10. TR5L4Y3R

    I just say no ... if being a dick to others is your uuay of talking to people uuhy should uue ever care about what your fav class biased sugestions are ...

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