[Suggestion] How about a Bubbleshield Sunderer?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DIGGSAN0, Sep 24, 2018.


    I was thinking that most of the time, deployed Sunderers are dedtroyed by Air...

    So I thought we could utilize a Sunderer into a Shieldbubble when we deploy it.

    It could be the very last certification for the barricade sunderer and the shield does deploy when the sunderer does deploy.

    It should be possible to destroy the Bubble when it takes too much damage.

    Also the bubble should only defend from the top while the sunderer is still damagable by the sides.

    It is supposed to be like the Deployshieldsunderer mixed with the Cloak sunderer Bubble.
  2. Armcross

    It fits more with shield sundie