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  1. Andy04

    So the servers are down for this ........

    Downtime start: 6am
    • Support for holiday sales and promotions
    bah humbug.
    You are not getting another Dime from me and a lot of others I know....... FIX YOUR GAME!!
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  2. haniblecter

    It runs great for me and my very old rig on good settings. I've noticed barely any lag and only get killed by corner divers or more skilled players.

    The game looks great. The weapons have a good diversity. With the PPA changes I (an NC) feel the game is in a good place, do with burst guns were better.

    I have very little complaints, game is solid.
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  3. MaxDamage

    Can I get confirmation, that you are posting that the devs should fix the game, then complaining about the inconvenience of patch downtime?
  4. Calisai

    Technically he is complaining that the inconvenient patch is because of fluffy content (Xmas Stuff) and not to fix the issues he thinks should be fixed.

    It did strike me as strange that they did a "hot fix" (which are traditionally, OMG we gotta fix this now! type of patches) for what is essentially a Xmas sales promotion rather than waiting for the full patch to come out next week. (Maybe a sign that the Dec update is going to be delayed again?... or more likely , they wanted the sales to be available for this weekend since they had to delay the Dec patch from being rolled out this week)
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  5. Alizona

    Looks like they forgot to tell the people who play the game that the game won't be around for a while.

    I had to crash to desktop twice before I came here to look and find that an update is in progress.
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  6. AK1903

    Anyone know when its going to be back up??
  7. Cz4rMike

    "Status: 12/5/2014 6:33 PST - The game is currently down for scheduled patching."

    Scheduled?... wanted to play and instead got some useless patching for some useless stuff (holiday support? are you f. serious?)
  8. AK1903

    Pointless if you ask me.
  9. Alizona

    Unfortunately its not "our" game, it's Sony's, and also unfortunately, they can do whatever they wish with it. Whether we like it or not!
  10. Cz4rMike

  11. ElastaPlast

    In the same vein, it's our money and we can do whatever we want with it. Whether they like it or not.
    Unless they are doing the one SC sales again, I'll be keeping my SC safely in my account and I won't be making any further deposits either.
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