hotfix bugs i have found

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Camycamera, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Camycamera

    after a couple of hours playing with my TR outfit KoL on Briggs, here are a couple of bugs i found:

    sometimes when respawning (after being killed), my shields are shown to be down on the UI, and the alarm sound plays. however when i am shot, my shield is back (the shield was working all along; i did not take any health damage, my shields just appeared on the UI again and the alarm stopped)

    once i jetpacked slowly on top of my flash; it drained all of my shields

    FPS drops i have never experienced before the hotfix; however i do get more frames (i used to get dead on 30 on max in massive battles, now it is about 40), when looking at some areas (this also happened mostly when i was in a prowler) my FPS would plumet to 15-20 fps for a couple of seconds, possibly due to that new rendering thing? also, lots of stutters

    still no people rendering on flashes sometimes (yes, old bug is old but i had to mention it)

    crashes during gameplay i have never experienced before hotfix

    i have only experienced this once (thank god), but an enemy kept on randomly teleporting all over the place, and it was nearly impossible to kill the bastard (but luckily i did); i have seen reports of this before, people have described it as " it is like as if the game was having trouble putting in where he was, so he just teleports everywhere" (or something along those lines)

    none of these bugs are game breaking by any stretch of the imagination, but it would be nice to have them fix'd. but apart from that, great job SOE, at least you fixed the tank and turret issues. game is even epic-er with the music playing while you are running alongside hundreds, blowing everyone to shreds, i love that new random travel music.