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  1. d_carey Developer

    Downtime start: 6am PDT
    • Initial support for joysticks and gamepads. Note that functionality has been restored to the previous state, but we still have some more work to do (example: directional pads on controllers may not work currently); but we should be back to the same levels as before the August update.
    • Memory reduction for 32 bit clients. This means that there should be less crashes for 32 bit clients.
    • GPU input lag fix
    • Smoothing improvements
      • From the coder: Rather than reprocessing frames when GPU bound, the game now monitors GPU processing time, and will move a large portion of the time we’d normally be waiting on the GPU to the portion of the code where we stall in order to smooth out the framerate. While this doesn't yield quite as much benefit as reprocessing frames, it’s far less intrusive a change to the engine’s normal flow. The downside is that it requires framerate smoothing to be active. So a new effort is being made to make smoothing an option that no player would want to turn off. To this end, smoothing is now adaptive to the current refresh rate, and the game now selects the highest refresh rate available for the selected resolution.
    • Hit detection improvements
    • ESF engines and FX should no longer jitter or cause hitching
    • Made some changes to prevent deployable spam at warpgates
    • Sprint lock now has a toggle to revert to the legacy mode
    • Adrenaline Shield should now work appropriately
    • Mouse smoothing settings should persist through logins now
    • Middle mouse button can now be mapped to more options and used appropriately
    • Outfit Browser should now show the correct number of players online
    Edit: Looks like the ESF engines are still having issues; investigating.
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