Hotfix - 11/12

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  1. Sites Executive Producer, Planetside 2

    The game servers will be coming down at 6am (pacific) tomorrow morning for a brief hotfix. Estimated downtime is approximately 1 hour and will include the following changes:

    Victory Point System
    ·Layout and info changes have been made to the Victory Point Scoreboard on the map screen.
    • Alerts now require at least 30 pop on two factions in a zone to start.
    • Alerts can now start on multiple continents at once.
    • Increased Alert rate, Alerts should fire off 45-90 minutes after last alert ended.
    • Linking both warpgates simultaneously no long caps the continent, but instead grants 3 victory points (in addition to the 2 victory points you get for linking the individual warpgates).
    • Indar now only requires 8 victory points to lock.

    • Removed “External Fuel Tanks” from ESF skill tree since this items max rank is granted by default.
    • Added AV Mana Turrets back to Engineers cert lines.
    • Up x 12

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