Hotfix 01.24.2013

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    The servers will come down at 12:00 AM PT for a hotfix to address a few outstanding issues. Downtime is anticipated to be less than 90 minutes. Players may note the following changes:

    A New Weapon is now Available! The G40-F Ranger will make that Reaver pilot think twice about strafing your tank.

    A30 Walker:

    The Walker has been adjusted in the following ways:

    • Projectile Speed has been increased.
    • Fire Rate has been increased.
    • General firing and accuracy has been adjusted.
    • Damage has been increased against aircraft.
    • Damage has been reduced against Infantry and Armor.
    • Ammo capacity has been increased 50%
    • Certification for Ammunition Capacity have been adjusted to only add +5 to magazine instead of +10.
    • Up x 52

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