Hossin Lock reroll VS

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  1. toddman

    EVERY single time hossin gets locked on emerald it is controlled by vs. This gives them 25%xp which also translates to 25% more certs as far as I can tell. So It looks to me like every other empire is gimped because essentially all vs get a premium memberships worth of bonuses just for being VS. Even though I play TR I really want to play NC but since the vs have a neverending 25% xp bonus I feel bottlenecked into rolling a VS character and I think this just contributes more toward server population imbalance. I can not be the only person thinking this so bump it if you agree!

    Everytime we lock Hossin it queues the trigger in my brain to spawn PPAs. And for the record I believe NC have the biggest pop on Emerald. I have no idea why people complain about the VS pop. http://borderlinetactical.net/rsnc/world-population/?world_id=17&zoom=2
  3. Tommyp2006

    I don't think that VS need any trigger to do that.
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  4. LT_Latency

    TR and NC just need to team up and pound them until they cry.

    There are too many people who won't fight the VS cause of the platoons or they fear the PPAs
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  5. toddman

    or because there are so many people.... I always see zergs of 30 or more VS throwing wave upon wave of purple visored fresh players who have yet to acquire anything above stock.

    NC have a bigger pop than Vanu on emerald. I see NC zergs just like that also.
  7. toddman

    LOL hossin just unlocks you better get to locking it again! Mark my words it will be VS owned again soon :)
  8. Tommyp2006

    right around 3 am
  9. Champagon

    please be kidding, use better teamwork and strategy to STOP us from locking the cont. What the heck OP?
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  10. FateJH

    I happen to like how stock VS equipment performs.
  11. OneRedBlock

    I hate VS on Emerald (SolTech lives. Praise SolTech.) just because of their hard-on for locking Hossin. I've spoken to some Vanu friends, and they say the main purpose isn't XP, it's to be ******** to people who want to play on Hossin. Not sure if that's relevant to this, but I felt like chipping in.
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  12. Agilef

    NC doesn't have the most pop on emerald. Even if the NC fight as a team the NC is still over powered. I have ran all 3 factions and have determined that the NC has been nerfed to the point of almost non playable conditions. Instead of fixing some issues it is always lets nerf. Mag Riders going over tank mines and not setting them off all the way down to bouncing betties being put down and not coming active until 10 secs later. The nerfing of the shrike with more gravity, compared to the TR and VS that you can snipe with. This is one reason why there are 4th factioning going on. No matter what the stand still is no matter how much NC push's in force it is weekend by the weapons that are giving to the NC.
  13. Nikushimi

    Odd the current world pops at this vary moment say otherwise. Currently it is VS 32% TR 27% NC 39%.

    Mag's trigger AT mines exactly like every other tank. (hovering does not grant magical immunity to them)

    All anti personal mines have this issue its not limited to NC.

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  14. toddman

    I never wrote anything about anyone being OP I was merely questioning how giving the strongest faction an additional 25% xp sounds like a good idea.
  15. Rift23

  16. LIKE A BOSS!

    You have a point there. We redeploy around the map to help each other out. I dont see why NC and TR cant do that.
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  17. toddman

    Haha yeah TR doesnt redeploy..... I lose half my experience during alerts due to redeploying. We dont even fully cap once the base is taken most the time. I dont know where you guys come up with this garbage. Also I never said anything about OP
  18. FieldMarshall

    +25% bonus XP makes the factions that dont have it unplayable. Seems legit.
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  19. DQCraze

    Thats bs, the Hossin lock is done for the xp dont kid yourself.
  20. boobeb