Hossin is great

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  1. karlooo

    I noticed these new updates opened up the unplayed continent - Hossin.
    When the pop used to be low, choosing a continent was always this automatic reaction: Indar, Esamir/Amerish....cause we all knew those where always going to have pop. People go to where the pop is, you can't play this game with very little amount of players.

    I must say after playing on Hossin with large pop recently, it's the most fun continent I've played on. It's unbelievable, it feels like a whole new game.
    What I hate about Indar, Esamir, Amerish is that they all feel like prison. You're always stuck inside these over-clustered, messy bases, which you can't leave as infantry because you'll just die, outside of the bases it's always just an open field.

    Instead on Hossin you've got lots of natural cover outside and inside. It actually spreads out the battle so instead of like 50 players stuck inside this one building trying to shove each other out of a bedroom like idiots, on Hossin you can actually flank even outside the bases.
    Even vehicles are more fun to use on Hossin than the other 3 continents. You can actually flank, hide, surprise enemies - play strategically, which you couldn't really do on the other continents.

    Hossin is also the type of map that looks very nice even with worse graphics settings because of all the assets filling it up.


    I know over time if Hossin becomes played for a long duration people will find exploits, ways to abuse something making this continent not so fun as it is now, but this shows how necessary it is to refresh the game instead of receiving some addons.
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  2. Johannes Kaiser

    The home of the concrete plants and overgrown vegetation fun? Okay, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. :)
  3. karlooo

    Well just drive around it lol, there is no need to rush.
    I wouldn't blame the continent for that but bad vehicle design instead. Some vehicles are just too low to the ground.
  4. TRspy007

    It's better than amerish, but they never added real bases instead of the construction ones and never polished the unfinished terrain.

    Has a bit of potential for cool infantry battles, and actually has some really interesting bases, limited due to the silly no deploy bubbles though.
  5. limevortex00

    Driving there is miserable, I usually have to have my map expanded fully with H just to see visible dirt paths up random mountains.
    Flying there also pretty much requires thermal vision due to how many trees there are. I'd be happier if they made Nason's Defiance a bit easier to drive to, it feels like I have to climb over mountain tops sometimes just to get there at times. I feel like the continent is kinda rigged for vertical-jet LA's since they can place spawn beacons at the very top of these trees.
  6. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I think what I like about Hossin the most, isn't the bases, though I certainly feel more uniquely designed (except the annoying construction sites), but everything beyond that. I absolutely love it when 2 factions are battling it out, and after a defence of one faction, they push out and there's this huge battle in the swamp. There's enough room for vehicles, but there's so much cover for infantry to use as well. Sometimes when there's a large fight, I love just footing it to the next base in that push-pull battle.

    That said, some parts can be quite claustrophobic. It's hard to move in some parts because the spawn is parked next to a huge mesa, and the base itself has a lot of clutter.
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  7. Glenndal

    Indar is generally my favorite continent, but the others perform their jobs quite well. Hossin's the infantry continent and does a fairly good job of hamstringing vehicles to make that work.