Hossin in may?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by libbmaster, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. libbmaster

    SoE pushed hossin and content locking up to may on the road map.

    They both have the [tentative] tag, so this is not set in stone... but I don't care cause I'm so happy.

    So, while we wait, let's go the the hossin thread and yell at all these Debbie-downer-doomsayers who are angry that SoE made a sound financial decision and put off new content... to make the core game playable!

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  2. DevDevBooday

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  3. blampoet

    you can make some of the people happy some of the time
    but you can't make all the people happy all the time.

    having said that:

  4. LordMondando

    Hossin, Cont locking and resource revamp.

    Cannot be delayed any longer. Need to be out by august. I'd be happier if other things were delayed to push these forward.
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  5. Grayson

    Probably we have to wait another year for Hossin...IF the game will make it that far.
    I doubt that we will see anything before super-duper PS4 release...(or at least anything properly done..)
  6. bPostal

    May eh? What year? Hyuk Hyuk Hyuk. I'm glad for Hossin but I'll be even more happy when the intercontinental lattice is brought in and cont capping is put into play. Should help with a sense of permanence and those fights to get OUT of a WG? Priceless (Just don't forget to take all that crap out of the WG!)
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  7. LordMondando

    I know its fun to rag on the PS4 release, but if anything in terms of content, if its just going to be copied over to PS4 1:1, it motivates them to put even more effort in to get content out asap. As it means it launches on PS4 a far richer game.

    But given that PC development is not simply lead by the nose by PS4 its why the time scale is what it is. I doubt it'll even be out of PS4 till any of this stuff is done mid august.
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  8. Urban_Scorp

    Hossin? Meh. Give us Cyssor!
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  9. Akeita

    Last year, deal with it !!
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  10. Hicksimus


    If you haven't tried it, that's basically Hossin at night, it's amazing.

    But May.... :(
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  11. libbmaster

    I know right?

    I cranked my settings up to ultra to explore it. Got 15 frames per-second, but actually had to use a flashlight for once... :eek:
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  12. Hicksimus

    Somebody else said it now I can come out of the closet. I use my flashlight and drive with my lights on when I'm on Hossin....oh I feel dirty.
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  13. Elrohur

    May as a Tentative for Hossin.
    June as a Tentative for ressource revamp.

    This is taking way too much time. Another 4 or 5 months to see something new, or at least something truly giving that feeling.
    Am I excited ? I can't even tell. It already been delayed too much and I'm not even sure to be here by the time it's released.
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  14. Paisty

    LMAO, when I read the title I thought this was a necro thread.

    since it's not, I will say:

    "I've heard that before"
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  15. libbmaster


    We'll see.
  16. daniel696

    I really don't think so.
  17. Zorro

    Proper water needs to be in the game before Hossin is released. One cannot have a swamp without water.