Hossin ground vehicles

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  1. MichaelS

    The time: 04.2014
    We are at war for ages, we attach lights to all of our vehicles and body parts and night fights are full of tracers and fireworks. There such an dense atmosphere.
    Then you squad gets moved to Hossin. You get into you swimshorts, put on some sun lotion and ride you Flash right into a pool waiting for the refreshing splash into your face but nothing happen. There is not even a little water splashing up from the tires. this makes me really sad.

    Come on, even minecraft offers a splash effect on water or this really old quad game around 2:24:
  2. eldarfalcongravtank

    because it isn't water, it's liquid nanites. they don't splash
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  3. doombro

    Planetside 2 doesn't have any functionality to its water because it's not really intended to be part of the game (yet, anyway). It's just an aesthetic at the moment. Currently water is just a bunch of pixels spread above ground. If you fall through it, the game will be no different than it was above the water.

    And, this is a game with thousands of players on a single map. It managed to pull off the feat of creating this experience without compromising the feel of the game or the look of the game. It makes perfect sense for them to cut corners here and there. You can't really compare it to games that looked terrible to begin with or don't have the scale to worry about.
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  4. Wecomeinpeace

    Tbh i was allways under the impression that the engine simply isn't finished yet. Stuff like this is why people kept joking PS2 is just a EQ:Next engine test. I mean they also couldn't make cuts into the terrain layer for a long time and people said the same thing: They have to cut corners here and there. Yeah...i didn't buy it back then, and i'm not buying it now.

    I don't see why you would have to sacrifice "volumes" (as they were called back in my UT mapping days) in order to get many people on one map, especially when "naval warfare" was once announced to be a feature later on. It doesn't really make any sense. An unfinished engine however does make sense...
  5. Pikachu

    Yes they need to add water splash. Cheap effect. Dont tell me it takes too much performance.
  6. Wobulator

    It would hurt Infis a lot because you would be able to see the splash even when cloaked(I assume)
  7. Pathogenic

    Walk slowly to prevent splash (assumption on my part), cross quickly in a stealthed Flash, or cross when it's either super chaotic or quiet. I imagine there might also be a greater splash from running to sprinting if they give it any sort of actual thought, so you could try getting by with a minor bit of splashing. Really, if an infil died to someone paying that much attention if there's variable splashing, then the person earned the kill IMO.
  8. Cirevam

    We can compare it to Planetside 1 which had several hundred players per continent and had interactive water. I get that Forgelight is still in development but there's no reason for water to not get implemented eventually. I hope it happens sooner rather than later as I'm tired of playing on dry continents.
  9. doombro

    Planetside 1 compromised the visual quality of the game as well as the overall feel of the gameplay, unlike planetside 2.