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  1. Konfuzfanten

    Lets for a moment forget the combat side of things and talk graphics.

    I played for around now 2 hours straight on hossin (alright, did go to Amerish for 15 mins) and i not impressed, seems like its perpetual dusk/dawn with a LOT of fog. Playing on Ultra.

    It strains my eye, even with me playing nearly 100% IR/NV to compensate, its still not very fun to play.

    So who else likes/dislikes the graphics of Hossin?
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  2. Ronin Oni

    I love the look of Hossin.
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  3. JOups

    me too
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  4. Eyeklops

    I'm not saying you are, but PLEASE be in the super minority. Hossin looks awesome, fog and all.
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  5. IamDH

    Graphics are awesome imo.

    The fog is one of the best things and it gives it that swampy feel to it
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  6. Pikachu

    Go away.
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  7. Ronin Oni

    We should get a poll.

    A) Love both Hossin and Indar
    B) Hate both Hossin and Indar
    C) Love Hossin, Hate Indar
    D) Hate Hossin, Love Indar

    Personally I'm a C.

    I bet there are very few A's or B's though... would be interesting to see.
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  8. HadesR

    You are not allowed to mention the fog .. To many feel a lower engagement range makes the game " less " arena TDM .. Go figure :p
  9. ZeroErrorz

    i like hossin except for the fog,it make me having some hard time sniping
  10. IamDH

    I think the hate stems from the amount of time spent on Indar, not the actual continent.

    I'd go with C as well but only because the amount spent on Indar is too damn high
  11. Eyeklops

    This. Indar isn't a bad continent. I'm. Just. Sick. of. It.
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  12. John_Aitc

    Hossin looks great. I liked the greenish fog more than the white fog that is on Live, but it still looks great.

    This is why we were given the PTS. You had months to voice your concerns and build a concensus behind your opinion. If we players like the game enough to post in the Forums we should also take an interest in PTS.
  13. MasonSTL

    not going to lie, but the fog does make me feel a bit claustrophobic when flying :confused:
  14. Paqu

    Its not bad, but it was better for a long time on PTS with that greenish fog. It really made it feel more like swamp and unique. Now its pretty much like Amerish with bigger trees. I hope they really change it and also bring back those interlink bases soon.
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  15. Pikachu

    Original green sunlight for the win.
  16. Ronin Oni

    Yeah, I don't know if I HATE Indar entirely, it has some nice spots to it... I am unquestionably sick and tired of it for the interim though.

    It IS over-crowded with bases though (grotesquely so), and has a ton of bases that should just be removed, and MOST of those remaining are still in need of yet another overhaul.

    Quartz Ridge to Excavation though? That area's renovation was a stroke of genius. The little "AMS garage" mini-hollow outpost is brilliant. Want more stuff like that.
  17. Munq

    I like it and honestly I was very pleasantly surprised that it didn't destroy my computer. Like Hossin in PS1, I was expecting PS2 Hossin to make my computer cry for mercy. But the performance is actually really good. Hossin feels and looks a lot more detailed than the other continents.
  18. brighthand

    I love everything about Hossin, and I hope they don't change the fog! -it is a major component to the look and feel of "The Hossin Experience(tm)"
  19. Ronin Oni

    alt+0153 = ™

    (the 0153 must be entered using NumPad. If on a laptop, there should be an Fn combo to turn on a numpad)
  20. PurpleBeefer

    for the short time i was on hossin, i enjoyed the place itself, the battles, well as VS getting rolf stomped by TR last night, not so much, but i loved the swampy trees and roots and hollow giant trees to hide in as infrantry, not to mention the ruin-like bases (cant remember which one) but it had three giant stairways up onto the second floor, reminded me of mayan ruins