Hossin delayed to next month

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Chipay, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Silver Fox

    Well, actually, yeah. These are the official Planetside 2 forums after all. Any information relating to the game has a place on this site, and that would have been the prefect kind of thing to announce here.
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  2. Wecomeinpeace

    That didn't stop you from releasing the whole game atleast a year too early, so why start this habit now? *Oh snap*

    On a more serious note (sort of); You should really consider removing dates from the roadmap alltogether. You obviously aren't able to meet your own expected deadlines (which is absolutely ok, don't get me wrong here) and delaying these things again and again tends to look quite ridiculous and the roadmap turns into a laughing stock. At the same time people who expect content to be out when you announce it to be out will be pissed off. Again. And again.

    Sounds like way too much hassle for...well...for what again? The roadmap itself should suffice, no dates needed.
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  3. Silvermyst

    An outright announcement might not have been necessary, but you could at least have updated the roadmap. Still says June.

    If you switched it to July and said something along the lines of "Sorry people, another delay. We're working hard to make it as good as we can before release." I'd be fine with it. But as is, I can't help but feel pretty disgruntled.
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  4. Sandpants

    Why care lol?

    We have 3 continents and people only play Indar and slightly populate Esamir.

    What is a 4th continent going to achieve? Larger playerbase dilution?

    We have bases on POPULATED continents which sometimes have no player footprint on them for days at a time.

    Take your time SOE, but consider that even when you finish it, it will still be just more glitter.
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  5. ironeddie

    You sum up exactly how I feel about this game. It's frustrating to see what it could be vs what it is.

    I'm beginning to think PS2 was an ambitious stress test for the forgelight engine. So they better know what they can do with it for there other games.
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  6. Kaktwox

    Was anyone really expecting Hossin to be released on schedule? A dev confirmed that they had no time to work on continent locking up until recently because they were focusing on PS4 development ahead of E3. Planetside 2 on PC has always been one big (and really expensive for some) beta for PS4.
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  7. Bickdouglas

    I guess they aren't separate teams after all.
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  8. UberBonisseur


    Interlink facility, 2013-2014

    Never forget
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    content has been delayed? well this is a first.
  10. PWGuy93

    I know right.
    The Interlinks would have pulled me out of vehicle play for a change.
    To elaborate, they are so unique to base designs I would have somewhere I could enjoy playing as Infantry.
  11. Acceleratio

    so true xD
  12. EliteEskimo

    I honestly don't know if Radar X is capable of "waking the sleeping giant" and I believe this can only be accomplished by tweeting Smed himself at this point. For instance low populations have been a problem on Mattherson and Waterson for months, players made threads about it, Radar X makes posts saying "We appreciate your feedback but we have no intention of doing so" VS Derp tweets Smed to have a conversation about it, very shortly after Mattherson and Waterson are looking "good for merging" as confirmed by Higby. It's becoming increasing apparent Radar X's position doesn't give him the power or leverage to get negative news about things to the head hancho's, or maybe doing so would get him chastised by the people directly above him for doing so so chooses only to relay positive themed feedback. Either way I get the feeling the community relations manager position doesn't get acknowledged much as collected feedback collected by Radar X regularly seems to get ignored.

    If the Liberator and tank projectile velocity nerfs go live as is it will just be be another glaring example of why feedback really doesn't matter that much, because the majority of the past 50+ pages regarding the changes have been against the velocity nerfs and basically anyone who actually cares about what happens to Tanks/Liberators think the velocity/gravity changes are B.S too. This is consistent both on the forums and Reddit. To make matters worse I think the developers honestly look to their spread sheets, which they misinterpret or don't take the time to read properly, more seriously than players or the way things actually work in game which takes playing the game to find out.

    The MBT ES secondaries nerfs were B.S, it was pretty much universally agreed upon they were B.S before the nerfs went live, and SOE went through with them anyways so now it's Halberd-side 2 more than ever before. Due to the overpowered platform the Harasser used to be, the Vulcan on the Harasser was overperforming by a massive amount. The developers, who much like Higby probably don't even have more than an hour's worth of gameplay in the Prowler, thought it made sense to nerf the already slightly underperforming Prowler Vulcan into the ground. It was quite evident this nerfing of the Prowler's Vulcan was unjustified as many people made threads and videos showing how pathetic it was, and it's TTK was increased significantly to the point it's already situational nature became extremely situational and meshed even less with the Prowler. Unfortunately and despite almost a complete majority of the forums saying these nerfs were wrong, the Vulcan has basically remained untouched and a POS and even during the faction balance updates was left basically untouched.

    People were telling the developers not to rush the Liberator update as well as there was almost no time at all to test the changes on the PTS since it was bugged and not working. What was the result of that not being communicated? Garbage Liberator weapons that were/are outclassed by the current weapons, overpowered Liberators with Adamantium composite armor that take 9 Prowler HEAT shells to take down, and now we have a whole set of nerfs to the Liberator that go way overboard. It was nearly a completely wasted *curls fingers* "update" because the content we wanted was released in a completely dysfunctional state with not a care in the world being given when we said it wasn't ready. The list goes on and on, but the so called transparency between the developers and the players is murky at best. What about the Harasser itself and numerous other weapons being overnerfed for months, or things being nerfed even when no one is complaining about the weapon? My guess is most of the developers really don't weigh player feedback as that important and that you Radar X are being ignored while telling us the developers actually do care.

    I mean you can only say "We appreciate your feedback" while we watch the developers completely ignoring what we say so many times Radar X, it kinda gets old. We acknowledge it's your job to keep the peace and manage the relations between players, but something has to change man. I remember right before Luperza was moved toward EQN she said a QA section on the official forums was going to be in the works so better communication could occur. It's pretty sad too because that would've helped a ton with actual transparency, would ensure the things players want done(Which actually increase retention unlike implants), and would probably have resulted in higher player populations and the right things being pushed forward on the road map. It's apparent that was her own project though, and once she left it was scrapped.

    (Btw if this post gets removed for *making a personal attack* against the developers I'm going to personally make an Ultimate thread dedicated to the lack of transparency between the developers. If that gets removed by one the mods here then it's going on Reddit)
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  13. Ronin Oni

    Some performance issues and unfinished bases......

    though I thought they said they were going to launch with the plain unfinished "stock" bases and update them over time, like a base overhaul every other week or something.
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  14. Quiiliitiila

    Rofl, well at least the ES pistols should be out this month!

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  15. Govedo13

    I does not care.
    Hossin would be played 1 week, then people would realize that it is infantry only LA/Inflantrator paradise and would go back to combined arms game on Indar.
  16. Archangel818

    I am never going to give a single penny more to SoE!
    This cracked my nuts, filled it with salt and then burned it of with gasoline.
    I have never been so disapointed in a game company

    April 2013 they said
    A few more months they said
    A few more months they said
    Another month they said
    Another month they said
    And another month they say now.

    If I had the chance I would assult the PS2 boss, doing ^ back to him, **** YOU!
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  17. Qel

    Really need to start stepping up and delivering stuff like this SOE, I love the game, I've been playing since beta and want it to do well but you really make it hard to stay positive sometimes. Player retention has always been a problem and I don't see it getting better, its hard at times not to feel that this is just a throwaway alpha/beta for what you hope will be a huge success on PS4. We don't need more hats, camos or weapons at the moment. We need content and an end to Indarside before we start running out of people to shoot at.
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  18. Pikachu

    Yay more pistols. I don't think even they will come.
  19. Quiiliitiila

    I don't know why, but I'm really looking forward to the VS pistol… I have this insane feeling it may actually be really cool and useful!

    I know, crazy huh?
  20. Pikachu

    I remember in some video in june 2013 where Higby said Hossin was 2-3 months away. Then in january 2014 in a video he says with confidence that Hossin will come before summer 2014 and in the summer there will be the new vakyrie vehicle.