[Suggestion] Hossin: Bring back the Interlink

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  1. JarredGalaxy

    I actually mentioned this briefly in a post regarding the Construction Sites recently however decided to mention this in particular and that is about restoring the old Interlink Facilities that use to be on Hossin at Hurakan and Zotz (formly Voltan), as I think it's time Hossin used a bit of work and I think one good way to start approaching updates is looking back at old content and bringing it back. For those who are not aware the Interlink was a new major facility on Hossin that was rather impressive and it had an interesting layout, this massive facility shared some similarities to Amp Stations being an walled in compound with a central main structure, they had 3 security terminals with 1 on each of the side wings and then the 3rd terminal was located near the top of the center structure right under the satellite array that was accessible by gravity pads leading to 4 catwalks that had shield bridges controlled by 4 terminals located on the floor below that could be hacked, which can be seen in the images below, and was open enough for vehicle gameplay in the compound, the center structure got used as the basis for the small Interlinks on Oshur. Idea I have is putting the one back at Hurakan on like PTS to see how it plays out and then restore the one at Zotz along with its old satellite bases (Voltan Supply Station, Voltan Southern Ford and Voltan Cliffside Watch) as well, being now known as Hurakan Interlink and Zotz or Voltan Interlink, adding these could possibly help with bringing major battles to other locations instead of just at Nason's Defiance mostly and help with the minor issue of 2 Amp Stations being adjacent to each other and 2 Bio Labs being on the 1 warpgate. This would give Hossin a more unique facility layout of 3 Tech Plants, 2 Amp Stations, 2 Bio Labs and 2 Interlinks. Facility benefits are debateable.
  2. JibbaJabba

    It is not necessary to destroy content to add new content.

    Please do NOT break another continent. Hossin is my favorite if they strip stuff out, I'll quit.
  3. JarredGalaxy

    Technically it's not stripping out old content for new, it's putting back old content that was stripped out. I admit the Zotz Bio Lab is rather nice but the Bio Labs imo are getting a little overrated, the Interlink would allow for new and fresh gameplay.
  4. JibbaJabba

    Technically that never made it on live. Don't be obtuse man.

    If you don't like biolabs don't play at one.
    But saying nobody else can play at one isn't cool ok?

    That's what I mean. I'm fine adding new content but there is no need to tear out more of this game that other people love.

    Esamir is the poster child for this. They didn't tear out the biolabs because people hated them. They tore them out because they were the best bases on the continent and everyone played at them. Instead of fixing what was bad, they ruined what was good.

    Same thing with CTF. Westpass watchtower is GONE. Indar Excavation is GONE. Sure there is some other base that looks like it now, but that base is CTF. The other "content" cannot be played anymore. And those were some FAVORITE bases.

    Don't do that again. I'm really getting tired of things I like being ruined and I'm getting pretty ******* sick of this game rightnow.