Horrid TKers on Mattherson

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Shadoiex, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Shadoiex

    Announce their names for all.


    Don't remember his name but had another max shoot me (as a max)in the back from 100 to zero today in a biolab. No enemies around me, just stuck it up my *** for about 8 seconds. Didn't get revived either so **** my resources right? Guy was in 1st TR Rangers.
  3. NoctD

    Just quit Mattherson. You'll enjoy the game a lot more.
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  4. Kodaa

    From what I've heard, Mattherson is like the only server not completely engulfed by the TR.


    Also, OP, SOE doesn't care about TKers, but posting their names like that is against the TOS. Inc lock.
  5. NoctD

    Connery isn't either.

    But Mattherson's problems are far deeper than population imbalances. Mattherson sees the worse hacking in the game as well. Many terrible dynamics on the server. Having been punished by the hell that is Mattherson in the past, I will never ever recommend that server to anyone, not even my worse enemies!
  6. Kodaa

    I've only seen 1 hacker.
  7. Furluge

    Considering the internet communities that made Mattherson home (Hint: They're not PS1 outfits) I wouldn't find this surprising. However it seems to be dropping off now that PS2 is no longer teh new hawtness.
  8. Good_Kitty

    [DA] Are nothing but a bunch of TKing scum bags
  9. NachoFoot

    Most are only running an ESP hack or an aimbot toggle. If you can't see them, then they've done their job.
  10. Dis

    No GU for months: massive increase in hackers, TKers and general d-baggers.