Horrible Server Lag on Connery

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by applepie555, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Kadulu

    Same here, I stoped playing PS2 until its corrected because it's unplayable. I hope they will fix this before I get bored and quit the game for another one :'(
  2. Masterofm

    This exact same thing has been happening to me. It's driving me bonkers since some people will seem like nothing is wrong and they are kicking *** just fine, but I'm zinging all over the place and getting face rolled. Never had this problem before and it can't be my system specs.

    Like others saying it's "unplayable" someone might see this and think it's a knee jerk reaction, but it really is truly unplayable. It can take upwards of 20 seconds for things to snap back from the lag spike to get you 2-3 seconds of real time fighting and then 10-20 more seconds of flying floating tanks and people that you can hit... but does absolutely nothing. I've been very very fortunate to break even on my kills mainly due to pure luck that people happen to snap back into focus during that 2-3 second time where I can actually shoot them to score a totally lucky kill on my part.

    What made me actually sit down and make a post was the fact that I was putting rounds into a building that had dudes in it only to find out that this massive lag spike hit me and I just decimated a ton of friendlies and got a weapons lock for my trouble. Then I drove into a friendly base that was actually surrounded by about 60+ enemies that were invisible until it snapped back into focus and my tank instantly exploded.
  3. Blarg20011

    Ok, just got this back

    Greetings blarg20011,

    Thank you for contacting Sony Online Entertainment. Connery is actually the server that I play on, and, while I have seen the reports from others getting server lag, I have personally not experienced anything that I would consider out of the ordinary. I’ll need you to create the following two diagnostic files so I can take a closer look for any potential hardware and software issues:

  4. fumz

    omg... it's you... it must be because i haven't seen it.

    what a ...i'm at a loss for words.

    how bout instead of you providing that useless info you just point him to this thread?
  5. Blarg20011

    I believe I did in my original post. I also provided him with a gallery (can be seen earlier on this thread) of what I was experiencing, like friendly vehicles an infantry floating away before snapping back to their actual position, and enemy vehicles jumping 100 meters +
  6. Bruiserdog

  7. Andru

    My experience is that Connery is fine a good part of the time, but then in a big fight performance turns to $hit all of a sudden. Sometimes it recovers after that and sometimes it stays unplayable until I suffer a lag death or just log out in frustration.
  8. RadarX Community Relations

    Folks to put some of your minds at ease, there is an issue we are currently looking into that is sporadic. It is not the solution to every concern in this thread but at certain points it has affected gameplay for some of our customers. We have folks tackling it and hope to not see it again.
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  9. Blarg20011

    ... I don't even

    "Greetings blarg20011,

    Thank you for that information. Have you tried using a wired connection rather than a wireless connection? While this is not the game you are contacting us about, it will help us with the issue. Please follow these commands:

    Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories, right-click the Command Prompt and select "Run as administrator"
    ipconfig /all > c:\netinfo.txt
    tracert patch.everquest.com >> c:\netinfo.txt
    pathping patch.everquest.com >> c:\netinfo.txt
    Make sure to run each command individually, and to wait for your command prompt to return to it's default state before continuing. Once complete, please attach the file c:\netinfo.txt to this ticket.

    Answer Title: Lag and Game Resolution
    Answer Link: http://help.soe.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/29119


    TSR David S. "
  10. Blarg20011

  11. patricio_z

    same here on Waterson, ping is the same as always, no packet loss, but so much warping the game has become unplayable
  12. Grimfalcon77

    Same here. Had multiple sessions of horrible stuttering last night on Connery (Indar) where half of my squad had to log out and back in (to no avail) until we all eventually logged for the night.

    Hoping PS2 does some sort of optimization update to fix what they broke in GU11 before more of my buds start going elsewhere.
  13. applepie555

    Well for me, yesterday, the server lag/latency was pretty much gone. No warping. However as the previous poster said I did experience some occasional horrible stuttering. My squad was driving past crossroads yesterday. There was a large battle going on at the time 48 vs 48+. Normally my fps becomes low in 48v48 making it hard and not very fun to play. While 48+ vs 48+ can cover huge battles, I was expecting more like 5 fps not 0.2 fps :/. Might just be my not so good system, it just seems like I shouldn't be getting a slideshow there. But for all I know that battle could have been like 600 v 600, which would explain it

    Though stuttering (FPS) is a different topic entirely. What ever they did to fix the latency obviously helped. Hopefully the problem won't come back
  14. Blarg20011

    Yep, much better for me as well, not neraly as good as it has been in the past, but much better. Nothing floating.
  15. Wayfairer

    Just chiming in that - yes - I have had the same problems with horrible lag and have witnessed a floating Sunderer on Connery.

  16. PWGuy93

    It's back, Connery Server lag. July 20 2:00ish PM
    Teleports don't show their color, they look as though turned off.
    Repairing turrets takes 4, not the (capped) 2 to fully repair.
    Delayed movement response.
    Using Anti Air the flyers hop, skip, jump instead of fluid movement.

    New condition, still frame.... The game simply stops all response for several seconds as though I were looking at a screen shot. No inputs from mouse or keyboard function. Then input returns, then it starts again. Happened three times in a row before I logged in here to report this along with updating the service ticket.

    Updated service ticket 130719-000753 with fresh netinfo.txt, dxdiag
  17. x7xBillyDaKidx7x

    I got to play the other day right after they restarted the server, and best game ever for a little bit !!:p
  18. Masterofm

    It seems to have gotten "better," but it still seems to be an issue for me. IE: In two hours of play I only experienced it about eight times for about a minute each where I couldn't do anything and enjoyed the floating tanks and people infinitely firing before I just died as opposed to having the problem for and hour and twenty out of the two hours play time.

    Is there any update on this? Is this the best I can expect? Before the most recent patch I never had experienced a problem like this.
  19. PWGuy93

    I have been working with support on this issue for a bit. They've collected pretty much every bit of info on my computer from msinfo32, dxdiag32/64, et. they can my computer. They've had me back up some files, move/delete some, validate to download fresh replacements and are after some time finally at the point where it looks to be about the overall network from here to their servers.

    I would recommend to everyone having these problems to open a service ticket and go through the same process till more of us are submitting our network info so they can analyze the hops and work on better routing.

    When I am having lag, I do their recommended pathpings and such , there are always 3 to 5 hops that go through Las Vegas, when there's little lag, I do the same pathpings and notice Las Vegas missing from the routing. I can't state for sure that this is the problem, but from the times without lag and the times with and Vegas being the only difference I can see, I really think this is a high probability.

    If more folks open tickets, be polite, be patient and help them perhaps they will eventually help the routing to get us out of Vegas... ;)
  20. patricio_z

    its on SOE´s end, you can check it yourself with this tool http://www.visualroute.com/ its free, in my case I'm fine with 175 ping ( I'm in Argentina) and 0% packet loss until the connection hits the first of sony´s router/gateway whatever in Washington DC, it goes from 175 to 265 and 25-40% packet loss at times...this is new for me, pre GU11 I did not have any issues with lag

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