[Vehicle] Horrible Dogfighter Needs Help Learning to Dogfight

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by LeonardJones, May 31, 2018.

  1. Silkensmooth

    Trash talking is a huge part of being a competitor.

    Tom Brady is known as one of the biggest trash talkers out there. He's also known as the greatest competitor.

    This is a FPS, which means inherent competition.

    And being competitive also means you want to be the best.

    I dont really see the point of playing a FPS if you arent a competitive person.

    It seems to me there are other games that suit a more casual playstyle far better than this game.
  2. Prudentia

    valueing your skill and comparing it to others
    PS2 Pilots:
    Insulting people for trying to learn something.

    i don't know about you but i think there is a *slight* difference there.
  3. Pacster3

    I call BS. The skyknights will still be much better than anyone that you teach for weeks...they just want more victims up there, that's all.

    And the way you exxagerate how strong and easy G2A is says it all. In fact it ain't easy to shoot anyone down with a skyguard unless he is stupid enough to fly right at you.....and lockon distance of all G2A launchers but striker is a joke. Not to mention that AA turrets have a range that seems smaller than the hex they are standing in and I'm quite sure they render before the pilot is in shooting range for them.
  4. Silkensmooth

    Just because one guy got salty with you, doesnt mean that everyone who enjoys flying in ps2 is a rude jerk.

    People compete in different ways. Some like to trash talk.

    Sounds like you 2 v 1 a guy who was pounding the ground and then he came back and killed both of you. So?

    The same thing would happen if you came across an infantry or tank player who was better than you.

    I always trash talk a2a lockers and coyote users. They deserve it.
  5. Silkensmooth

    You should spend more time playing the game.

    There is an old saying i wonder if you have heard. It goes, "It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt."

    So you call BS huh?

    How many pilots have you taught how to fly?

    How many hours have you spent dueling on PTS?

    You just sound ignorant calling BS on something you clearly are ignorant about.

    Trolling perhaps?
  6. Silkensmooth

    And another question. Do you think that someone who has hundreds of hours playing infantry is going to have a MASSIVE advantage against someone who hasnt played a FPS before?

    Do you think someone who has spent hundreds of hours in a tank is going to be better than someone with 2 hours?

    What is your point?

    People who have played longer and practiced more will be better?


    If that wasnt the case this game would be so boring people would quit playing altogether.
  7. Silkensmooth

    Your point about skybuard is that unless the ESF doesnt run away the skyguard can't kill it.

    What happens when the ESF stays?

    I'll tell you what happens.

    The ESF dies in under 3 secs with ZERO chance of killing the skyguard.

    There was a time in beta when skyguard was so strong that you couldnt even fly away from it.

    No one flew.

    The skyguard is so strong that you cant possibly beat an equally skilled player in a skyguard with an ESF.

    Skyguard creates an area of denial.

    If you dont believe me you can get in an ESF and just fly over a larger battle.

    Or you could just look at your mini map while you play the game. Go to the big fights and look around for planes. When you see them take note of how long they survive.
  8. Pacster3

    Better in 1on1? Yeah...winning in 1vs3? Hell, NO! And seriously, no matter which egoshooter you have been playing before you will do fine as plaentside 2 infantry and even as tank...but you gonna downright suck at air combat.

    Being in the top400 for playtime on my server obviously isn't enough according to you...says it all. ;-)
  9. Pacster3

    Oh, a skyguard that is good for nothing but to fight air and that can not even follow air actually does not lose in a fight against an ESF(it does not stand a chance against a liberator, by the way)? Now if it would even lose that fight, for what would it be around at all????
    And if the ESF is sneaking up from behind then even the best skyguard is toast...and given the speed of ESFs that is not a rare thing to happen.

    If you go to a large fight, look around for Maxes or infantry. Take note how long they survive. See a familiar pattern? No, cause you don't want to...or cause you are blind.
  10. adamts01

    What a ridiculous comment. Most pilots have alts on every faction because the three ESF are so unique and fun in their own ways. And most vets have also taught people to fly on every faction. It really doesn't matter if you're training a guy to be your wingman or helping a noob on the other faction who reached out to you. Air is such a small group that most people jump at the chance to get anyone else flying, regardless of what side they're on.

    Nonsense, because even a half decent Skyguard wouldn't let air sneak up behind them. Given open terrain, where any decent Skyguard should stay, even a 3/3 Lib would would have to tuck tail.

    Vets will always be better, but air has a unique problem over infantry and armor in that the performance gap between a vet and someone with 100 hours is tenfold what it would be on the ground. That's the number one thing holding air back in my opinion.
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  11. Pacster3

    Show me one that is never distracted and impossible to sneak up to...and I'll prove you wrong. ;-)
  12. adamts01

    You're confusing balance issues with drastic skill imbalances. Skyguard > ESF, as long as the Skyguard doesn't f-up.
  13. Pacster3

    Skyguard not going to kill the ESF either as long as ESF doesn't f-up. In the end the ESF is going to leave the area and kill something somewhere else while the skyguard is sitting there waiting to get killed by someone. So who wins?
  14. Silkensmooth

    Skyguard is a support tank. Its role is area denial.

    A Single skyguard will keep the skies clear for 1km.

    Who wins?

    All of the tankers spamming hesh rounds into bases.

    As i told you before, skyguard used to be so strong that ESF couldn't fly away. No one flew.

    Bursters used to be so strong that you couldnt fly away from them. No one flew.

    Strikers used to be so strong you couldn't run away from them. No one flew.

    Every vehicle in the game has some way to attack ESF. I have even shot ESF down with kobalt on a flash.

    It's already impossible to fly in any kind of meaningful battle.

    There is a burster in every spawn room.

    And yes, a good player will slaughter multiple noobs players.

    I'm not even good and yesterday i came around the corner with my Trap-M1 and there were 3 noobs standing there. I killed all 3 of them.

    On Connery there are many players who i cant kill. Who me and my duo partner cant kill as a team as infantry.

    Go fight Transgressor for example.

    I died literally 3k times before i got my first infantry kill in ps2 so i completely disagree that there is any difference between air and infantry. I died 3k times in the air before i got my first kill too.

    I still get wrecked pretty much any time i jump in a tank.

    You really need to fly some to get a better idea of what its really like. People have this idea that its just easy mode killing.

    I'm keen to see your videos of you owning unsuspecting skyguards with hover... i mean hornet missiles.
  15. Skraggz

    OP, if I ever see you in the sky, I'll give you a fair chance of engagement. I could use the practice as well, Just hit me Up, I'll be watching for ya.
  16. Atorum

    Couldnt agree more, ****tiest type of players in this game.
    They remind of **** from SWTOR that farmed randoms in BGs and avoided doing premades vs other premades BGs.
  17. adamts01

    Most duel with eachother all the time, only use noseguns, and usually find fights with equal numbers, that doesn't get much more competitive. A big part of the problem which Daybreak created was making flak an area denial system, causing dogfighters to go to the only place they can fight without getting wrecked by AA, the enemy warpgates. Part of the problem there is that you have to kill the guy quick or he'll get away or he gets backup, which is why they don't waste time in killing.

    What weapons were you and the original Mossy using?
  18. Prudentia

    2 Maelstrom only Scythes vs a Banshee mossie in a off peak hour fight that was really small.
    for him to return with a needler mossie and start trashtalking about tryharding and how i'm a total scrub for not having a single ESF nosegun on auraxium and how noone tries to learn to fly anymore.
  19. adamts01

    He talked trash about no one learning to fly, then gave you crap because you're relatively new with a nose gun? And to top it off you showed up without missiles and only a single wingman. Screw that guy. Thankfully I'm on Connery and most of those ******** either left for Emerald or quit the game. The game is better without them. I see them back on the server every now and then so I make a special exception and either ram or air-lock spam them to troll them away. For the most part I don't think they represent what's left of pilots.

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