Horrible Artifacting on SLI setups using Windows 10

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by AtlasKnight, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. BlockLike

    This fixed it for me:
    DDU wipe latest nvidia drivers
    Download and install 350.12

    I now don't have any SLI issues at all

    SLI on the latest driver is currently riddled with all sorts of different issues (as can be seen by a lengthy thread on nvidia forums)
  2. Geneaux

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  3. DividedTrust

    I run two GTX 970s in SLI while playing on windows 10. I have yet to have any issues at all.
  4. Foxirus

    Pretty sure the problem is not planetside 2. I think its just windows 10 being crap. Microsoft really screwed the launch of this one up. Could we expect any better though? Every single release they have had so far after Windows 7 has been complete ****.

    Windows 10 probably would have been good if they didn't **** with peoples updates and force people to take updates that have not been properly debugged. This is one of the reasons the PC is not going to be damaging the console market. This is why compared to console sells, The PC is doing poorly in most areas game wise.
  5. Pfundi

    I wasnt force to update...
    Oh and btw do you have stats that proof, that less games for PC are sold than for consoles?
  6. Foxirus

    Are you using windows 10? If so you are being forced to take any and every update microsoft pushes out. As of this writing, You do not have the option to refuse any update. So, Yes, If you are using windows 10, You were forced to update because you could not stop the update even if your life depended on it.
  7. Dargnon

    That would be great if this would work! Will try it this evening.

    The really bad thing about the flickering UI is the equipment screen, where It is really hard to read the weapon stats.
  8. chevyowner

  9. Pfundi

    Yes I do and no I wasnt. Maybe Im doing something wrong... Or my PC is just wrong
  10. Dargnon

  11. Dargnon

    It is fixed with today's new NVIDIA drivers! Woohoo!!!
  12. Didjit

    Not for me it's not. I just purchased a second GTX680 and I get the artifact/flickering. If I disable SLI it works fine (actually it rocks at 70-90 fps). SLI works in other games including FarCry 4, so it's not the bridge. I there a definitive answer to whether this is a PS2 issue or a driver issue?
  13. Dragam

    Do you get the issue in other games? If not, then you have your answer there - its the game.

    It seems that ever since the game came for ps4, devs are /care about pc, and especially SLI users.
  14. AllStoNe

    I have 755m SLI. Nvidia 353.62 works on Windows 10 OK. But newest 355.60 does not work - artifacting as in youtube video shown. Went to device manager, clicked update driver, selected from the list older one and it was fixed.
  15. Bullborn

    keep in mind that when you change drivers, SLI gets turned off by default. You have to reenable it after switching driver versions. I suspect a few of the "success stories" here are simply because SLI gets turned off automatically when you switch drivers.
  16. Bullborn

    If anyone wonders, it still happens with today's version (355.82) on test-server.
  17. Munch Ma Quchi

    still no fix yet?
  18. Bullborn

    Not fixed with today's update.
  19. Grimjob

    What I am about to say is very unorthodox but it is the only way to cure Windows 10 SLI/Crossfire issues. First, download the last known stable version of Windows 8.1 driver for your respected arch, uninstall the Windows update driver, install the Windows 8.1 driver, and then block driver installation via group policy editor by the card's ID. You will not have DirectX12 support in what few games that use it, but it is the only workaround at this time for most games. You can look up the group policy editor trick, while there are few tricks that may work as well. Whatever you elect to do it must explicitly block installation of drivers via Windows update before you reboot. The group policy editor is a way to do this surgically. But the group policy is not available for Home edition.

    If you are running Home edition, sorry about your luck. You are stuck with the driver fiasco until Microsoft removes the compulsive updates or both nVidia and ATI get with the program. I say this because both companies are having issues with Windows 10. This would essentially mean uninstalling and reinstalling your drivers daily at worse.