Horrible Artifacting on SLI setups using Windows 10

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by AtlasKnight, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. AtlasKnight

    Hey all. Since upgrading to windows 10 I seem to be experiencing some horrible artifacting issues with this game when SLI is enabled. With the game on single gpu mode the problem does not occur. I was wondering if anyone with windows 10 and an SLI setup could confirm this for me?
    Other games seem to run without a hiccup.
    My Rig:
    Gigabyte Z97X-SLI mobo - i5 4960k 3.9GHz - 2x MSI GTX 970 SLI config - 16gb RAM - 800W Corsair PSU - Game and OS is installed on a 500GB Sandisk SSD.

    Reddit Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/3fm19u/awful_sli_artifacting_issue_with_windows_10/
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  2. AtlasKnight

  3. westli

    just to give you the heads up planetside 2 does not like sli setups works better on a single gpu
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  4. Bullborn

    I installed Win 10 a couple of days ago too - and can confirm that I get a lot of artificating in Planetside 2 with SLI on as well.
  5. AtlasKnight

    That's really something the devs need to fix then isn't it?
  6. Pfundi

    Ehm nope. One of your 970 should be able to run the game at 60 FPS no problem. And the amount of people using SLI or Crossfire is so minor. Lets just say there are more important things than 200 people and their first world problems. Man this sounds way too agressive but Im no native so just dont be upset :D
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  7. Dragam

    It really really is ! But i actually got banned for making a thread about getting massive stuttering when using sli, the mod saying that im not allowed to post about the issue, cause not everyone has the issue - great logics, huh?

    Devs dont give a flying f''' about sli users, and barely anyone is able / willing to help on this so called support site, and most will just troll like the above post.

    Link to message from mod, which he didnt respond to, after i called him on his BS, despite saying that he would - instead he just banned me.

  8. chevyowner

    This problem was around before Windows 10 was released to the general public. I had Windows 10 RTM build 10240 Installed around July 17th, and this was there.
  9. RainbowDash9

    i dont have sli and i get artifacting.. course my gpu also crashes a lot more too so that probably has something to do with it.... my poor gtx 750
  10. AtlasKnight

    You'd think so but nah. The game's still horribly optimised. On high it hovers in the high 50s never staying on 60 for long. On ultra it struggles to even stay in 50s sometimes and 60 is rare.

    Meanwhile other games have proper sli support because the devs understand that a PC game should be made to work on a wide variety of platforms and don't just skip over where they don't feel like doing the work.
  11. Geneaux

    This is not an excuse, nor is it a valid reason to ignore. Today, game studios will live and die by customer satisfaction. Why? Because are the end-users of said content and deserve to be respected(monetary or otherwise) for the time they are giving for a game. I hope DBG is aware of this status quo and is working to get this fixed. Windows 10 did just come out and they should(or should've) be(been) prepared for this.

    Your logic is pure insanity.
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  12. Dargnon

    Unfortunately, I have to confirm this issue. After upgrading to Windows 10, my 980 ti SLI setup started flickering horribly.

    Would be nice to know, if there is a plan to fix this, or if we need to disable SLI, or stop playing PS2.
  13. Pfundi

    Why? I guess that only 1 out of 100 random players in PS2 uses SLI and only 1 in 1000 Crossfire. Especially because all of you complaining so far have better card than average cards (source: Steam http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/videocard/)
    On a side note: Im surprised by the amount of 970 users.
  14. user101

    First this thread is an off topic subject.... PS2 runs in windows 7 not 10 .... got that.
    Next ALL Video Driver problems is for Nvidia ... not PS2... the dev's don't want to here about video problems.

    If you have a video issue... use the Nvidia forum.... !!! Nvidia is the one writing the software for the Drivers.....! Not the PS2 DEV's ... PS2 uses standard video calls from DX9 & 11.

    Next PS2 is by far the most demanding video game there is.
  15. Geneaux

    Logical fallacy in that everyone who plays PS2 don't all use the Steam version. Hell you just gave me statistic without even thinking about your reasoning. It doesn't even state how many cards are used, which is the only way you'd get a shred of credibility here. Besides, SLI and Crossfire are the "de facto" drive to the PC industry from the marketing and enthusiast perspective. Certainly not single card setups because people who what the best don't stop at one card. Extremely common knowledge. Anyway, if you actually had a clue, you'd know that people who SLI usually include one of 3 people:

    1. People who have excess of money.
    2. Those who bought mid or flagship card in the past and want more buffer in the future.
    3. Those who run 4K or multi monitor setups.

    All of which are substantial game-changers and the end of the day. Frame drops are common as hell in PS2 especially on high settings and big battles and every other video game ever created. Fram drop severity is mostly subjective in the case of PS2 but you're literally pulling BS out of your *** if you think you FPS doesn't "occasionally" tank when playing this game.

    There's nothing to be surprised about 970 users. Its solid card with literally a handful of situations where 3.5 VRAM limit actually becomes limiting.
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  16. Pfundi

    I have to admit you got a good point there
  17. Dargnon

    For example I didn't even know there is a Steam version.

    While I am only running 2,5K monitor, I wanted to have high FPS in games like Star Citizen, which I am testing. And it is nice to have stable 80+ in PS2 on Ultra. Except for the UI flickering.
  18. Ian_M

    Well SLI is known to have problems with this game even though it is claimed to be supported. As for windows 10, its new and there are going to be teething problems. I am looking to upgrade myself when they have been addressed through updates. I am using an SLI setup and the SLI anti aliasing option through the nvidia control panel->manage 3d options improves performance for me. Something to maybe try.

    Are you also aware of the severe video memory issues the gtx 970 has? Are trying to use a very high resolution, say 1440p and above? It could be that.
    When I origonally got my gtx 670 I decided to get anther for better performance and its great for some games but not this one. I wont be doing an SLI setup again for a while when I do a GPU upgrade. I just want a single and powerful one. When all games are using DirectX 12 then maybe.
  19. chevyowner

    It has been said that SLI is not supported by DGB. They also offer no assistance for PCs using SLI. It can work, but you have to make it work.
  20. wa27