Hornet is broken or nerfed

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by mewmewmew, Aug 9, 2022.

  1. mewmewmew

    hi , i play Missile Hornet every day , so i will immediately detect if something is broken , actually , this time it is broken like before

    in July I submitted an reporting Hornet be broken


    then i heard there is a hot fix , and everything is fine , but from 8 august till now , Hornet misile is broken again like before

    like this



    but i feel it is intentional broken , because this failure is not as bad as last time , it is still shot straight and can not be controlled with laser like last time , but easier to control than last time

    I believe this is a bug or a nerf

    why ?

    I feel that Hornet can't easy precise guidance to shoot long range like Hornet we know , I'm afraid this is a nerf
  2. WatchTheNinja

    They never said they fixed this issue, but they did acknowledge it in the recent hotfix posts.

    -Known Issues
    The handling/velocity of guided missiles was impacted by a fix we've made to clean up projectile network objects. In short, these weapons will need to be retuned by hand to get them close to how they had performed previously, and will follow at a later date.

    -Known Issues
    • We're currently investigating periodic hitching taking place on Amerish. This is our highest priority at the moment.
    • Homing and wire-guided projectiles still need a tuning pass, as of the Surf and Storm update.
    I Do hope for it to be resolved before OW starts due to this directly causing issues with TR gameplay mechanics directly making strikers unusable.
  3. mewmewmew

    i would like to report one more bug , sometimes ( not often ) the missile breaks , it is always the first missile to fail like video , i have seen a lot , so i am sure this is an bug , not due to lag , ping , as said it is very random , and if it encounters an error , 100% of the first missile fired will fail , the second missile never fails

    I understand that the Hornet Missile is down , so maybe the Missile isn't damaged , it just goes straight and hits the ground before it gets guided , but I've seen that many times , it's not guided , just like out of any laser

  4. Madiadk

    its not a bug a its feature you can take advantage of..

    when you unzoom or un night detection the hornets be come dump fire in straight line with i heavyer bulletdrop rate

    i use this to fire and forget over my target at 500m distance.. you should try it out you can even come on miller and i will show you how to do it
  5. mewmewmew

    admins fix the bug today