Hopefully this will make infantry less whiney

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by smokemaker, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. smokemaker

    OK every vehicle and aircraft has been nerf'ed. You infantry will have to be creative to whine now. Ideally, maybe, hope so.... well ok maybe not, but i will no longer listen.
  2. Haba

    This changes nothing really, the base design remains the same.
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  3. Morpholine

    It's ever-so-slightly less easy to shoot a tank cannon in the general direction of the infantry spawn point and rake in certs, now.
  4. xNPCx

    Just think of the nice boost you will get from shooting enemy vehicles! Yup, nice and tasty exp!
  5. Vertabrae

    Farming armor with my AV turret will now be more rewarding, as opposed to simply enjoyable :)
  6. Leer

    Ya, vehicles need to aim now...cool idea.

    On a non-trollish note II don't think it will change much. Maybe a shielded HA will be able to get out of the way? I guess I'll have a legit opinion tonight when I log in. Going to go vehicle hunting for sure.
  7. Hael

    Vehicles: nerfed
    Vehicle kill xp: significant buff
    a million AA options: check
    3 new launchers coming next week: affirmative

    Odds that infantry will stop whining: 0%
  8. Munq

    People who play with vehicles whine just as much. There simply are more people who play infantry.
  9. Kon

    vehicles will still be able to farm infantry, it will take a few days for them to work out the new lcoaitons best to farm once that happens itll be back to the same ole, im about to login now and farm inf with HE, will be FUN!