Honestly how bad is aimbotting (even subtle) in this game?

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  1. Phrygen

    i see a hacker once every three weeks or so, but the most common is undeground shoot through walls hack
  2. Buzzcut

    I don't see much obvious hacking going on, although I have seen a few more shoot through walls hackers lately. Rather than run off and take cover, I let them kill me so I can report them.

    Amusingly I got accused of hacking myself yesterday (by a BR 90 on Miller). He was a light assault hidden in one of the struts of a tech lab, I knew he was there because of the scout radar on my Reaver, but couldn't see him, so I hovered around the area, looking for him. This obviously lead him to believe I was using some kind of radar hack and annoyed him enough to send me a tell calling me a noob and to take my hacking elsewhere. I responded telling him that it was scout radar, and persisted hovering long enough for him to slip up and come in to my sights. I would have thought a BR90 would have realised what the big dish on top of my Reaver was, although I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that it hadn't rendered on his screen, or that he couldn't see it from the angle he was at........
  3. ViXeN

    People always seem to forget about scout radar. LOL
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  4. Triplitz88

    The aim-bot amount is very low.

    My chief problem is what is done about them when its reported. I play with a guy who knows a lot about this stuff (his knowledge of the current Blizzard RTS AI almost exceeds the guys who coded it - and I've watched him work it over Skype). And he is also very good about gathering the right evidence to report someone.

    We ran into a small group of guys and they were reported and banned. For one week. We know this because we ran into the exact same people a week and 2 days later.

    Whoever is responsible for this does a pretty poor job. I base that solely on the fact which I have no doubts about myself (having been there in person for both events) that they are only banned for a week even when its been confirmed beyond a doubt.

    However banning isn't even a good method. Aim bots farm certs too quickly. What you need to do is ruin the reward for doing so.

    Here is my solution:
    1. Implement a bunch of hilarious got-like-broken-omfg tools to be used by certain members only.
    2. Contract this guy: http://www.youtube.com/user/birgirpall, to live stream and make videos where he trolls known and proven hackers.

    So basically when a hacker logs into PlanetSide 2, the system informs him and he spawns into the server and just stalks, blows up, drops giant anvils (or boats, cars, M1's, statues of liberty, Rocks of Gibraltar, etc), rocket the player into space causing their client to crash, run them over etc etc.

    So not only will it be the most watch stream in video games due to sheer hilarious content, SOE and them can work out a profit sharing plan for the adds on the stream and videos.
  5. hazmat88

    There are 3 choices you can make now in planetside 2..

    1. Quit.
    2. Get roflstomped by cheaters..be cannon fodder..a total putz. A joke who stares at the respawn room all day.
    3. Cheat yourself to level playing field.

    Since a large percentage of people cheat in this game option 2 is painful which leaves us 1 or 3? lol....

    Its obvious a large portion of the player base has chosen 2. Maybe they did not set out to be cheaters? Who knows.

    Oh and those saying just outplay the cheaters...get real...or be honest about this please.

    This game is becoming another APB.
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  6. Thostbog

    First clear hacker I saw today. Unfortunately Vanu. BR10, has a K/D of 62, score per minute of 795.8. Kills with Solstice VE3.

    First saw him being able to enter the enemy spawn room despite the red shields - just goes to towns and kills everyone as they spawn. Then later he was in the SCU room despite the shield still being active.

    I am now keeping a close eye on how long it will take SOE to get this person banned.
  7. pica

    Only seen one aimbotter in 92 BR's. There were some obvious 'guy in wall' hackers but I haven't seen any of those anymore for ages.
  8. sladuog

    I would pay to get crushed by a motorway dropped by birgirpall.

    There aren't that many hackers about on Mattherson or Ceres, really. I've run into a few but haven't seen a definite hack happen in quite a while. Which is nice.
  9. Zombekas

    It's plain horrible if you're the "He killed me he must be a hacker" type of guy.
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  10. Get2dachoppa

    Was playing Infiltrator and cloaked on my approach, so no I couldn't have been Q spotted.
  11. Badname6587

    I'd say its about 5-10% of the entire playerbase use some kind of hack or script. However, there are certain outfits where I'd say it is probably about 50% or higher. Luc sometimes Nibz us in the butt they say. But some of the players are legit good.. however, i'd say about half are dirty... its a shame.
  12. illgot

    this is the attitude the cheaters love tossing around to help hide the fact they cheat.

    "Hey, no one cheats, you're just bad"
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  13. The King

    This just tells me that you're not that good and just accuse most players of cheating when they kill you.
    This is nothing like AP bulletin... And Im' sure you called everyone there who played legit, cheaters.
  14. Crewell

    The last obvious hacker I saw was about a month ago. It was a BR15 character that when we looked up on the player site for stats had a KD of like 30ish with 90% headshot kills.

    Seeing something that blatant is few and far between though. If you ever think someone is hacking, just report them. SOE will hopefully investigate it and respond appropriately if the hacking exists.
  15. Kimble

    Cheaters always use the your bad argument.. this game is overrun with cheats brah.
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  16. Orpheus66

    I think it is funny that kids are throwing numbers these small numbers around, "i think 1% of the population" or "i think 5% of the population" are cheating. The reality is there is no way to know if someone is cheating or not. Many a times i turn a corner and am already shooting my gun, expecting someone to be there..A lot of times no1 is there, but when there is I am sure I look like a cheater to the player i kill.

    There is really only 2 ways to catch a cheater:

    1) Watching his play from his point of view. You can't do this in PS2 so this is useless
    2) Be cheating yourself. This is actually the best way to find cheaters.

    So, by all means, continue to guess at how many people are cheating in a f2p game...
  17. umbrellapower

    There's no real way to differentiate skilled players from subtle aimbotters. There is, however, a huge influx of not-so-subtle aimbotters. They mostly roll VS, probably to take advantage of bullet drop. Whenever I get killed by someone fishy, I immediately check their accuracy stats. Usually they'll have either an extremely high or extremely low headshot/kill ratio, or they'll try and mask their 45% carbine accuracy with a low KDR. A BR18 with 40-45% accuracy on all weapons should not have a 0.9 average KDR.

    If you get killed and you honestly think it was cheats, check the offending player's stats. There's a chance you might not be wrong.
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  18. WTSherman

    One that would have been more funny if my team wasn't on the receiving end was someone who had zero CoF on a Vulcan. You know those videos of RL helicopters where they fire the minigun and you see a solid beam of tracers? It looked like that.

    Let's just say there's a reason the Vulcan has the CoF it does.
  19. Meeka

    I've played for about 1000+ hours; and there was a spurt where there were a LOT of hackers, but it seems to have died off almost completely. I haven't seen one in awhile.
  20. McChimperson

    I reckon hackers are pretty uncommon. I spend a lot of time running behind enemy lines as infil and if one single guy was aimbotting they would just easily chase me down and win a hacked gunfight.

    But that almost never happens. Also no more PANKPANKPANK insta-deaths.

    Not only that but wallhax are built INTO THE GAME in the form of scout radar and radarts.

    Just relax and play the game. The GM's do a good job and there are very few hackers.