Honestly how bad is aimbotting (even subtle) in this game?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by hazmat88, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Navus

    with how bad indar has been lagging lately it does make it harder to discern anything sketchy sometimes
  2. HellasVagabond

    it's easy, when someone shoots at you and ALL his shots land from 100m+ away he uses aimbot (you can hear his shots, papapapaapapapa, dead :) ).
    Of course there are even more stupid hackers that do speedhacking with vehicles (one did with a Prowler the other day, hilarious :p ).
  3. newtis

    I ihave still that idea that better people should preferrably play against people of their class. However this could be achieved . in the end the "better" people are all hackers playing against each other. This would be the easiest way to separate them from normal players. ANd if some esport uber guy is still in the tops with all the hackers he gets free training hours you could say. so win win..
  4. The King

    No. It will not be good. It only gives away position.
  5. Goretzu

    I liked the kill cam in PS1, it was a bit rough on snipers though.
  6. Rook

    o_O Say what now?
  7. Goretzu

    Did they remove it in the end? :confused:

    There are far more teamkillers than cheaters.

    Cheaters are non issue as far as I'm concerned.

    Never felt so severely outclassed that cheating was the only/most plausible explanation.

    Latency and hit registration problems are also far more real than cheaters.
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  9. Drealgrin

    every damn hour of gameplay.

    this game is plagued.
  10. cruczi

    Playing on Miller and Cobalt... No, I don't think I've seen a definite hacker since one sunny day on Esamir last Nov/Dec. I'd agree with the <1% guesstimate. Hacking does not impact my gameplay one bit.
  11. Utrooperx

    I got to say I see some players that just seem to KNOW where I am...constantly. Go to left door...guy is standing there...pewpew...dead...go to right side...pewpew...dead...jetpack to the roof...guy is in the stairway...pewpew...dead...no motion detectors, no sensor darts, no ground vehicles/planes...and I'm dead before I get a round off...


    Look up this "individual" on DA's website...I wonder what that "S" beside the weapon that just killed me means...?

    Trust me...ESP and key-bound aim assist is alive and well in PS2.

    Have a look...https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/5428011263375184545/killboard

    34 kills in 20 minutes...without dying once.
  12. Liberty

    A 2 K/D player hitting 1.7 KPM for a kill streak doesn't really raise red flags. On sessions where I go for a warm up (pick easy fights) I can usually start off 30 and 1.

    If you know how to pick fights and minimize your risks you can really inflate your K/D.
  13. Astraka

    None of that is very impressive. You play on a server that has great VS players like Posseee, Vonic, Liberty, etc... and you think this guy is hacking?
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  14. Nerp

    Been playing for over a year. I'm not one to cry wolf, and I think things through before I go calling someone a hacker. So far, I've seen only one person who was actually hacking, and this was during the summer of last year.

    Many, MANY people will go and cry about others because they're extremely good. Being extremely accurate doesn't necessarily mean aimbot.
  15. Leftconsin

    How do you have 38% accuracy with the Eradani and a KDR of 2.31?
  16. Udnknome

    Aimbotting I would say is around the 5-8% mark.

    ESP however is in the 15-35% area. --I also believe ESP is more damaging to this game than aimbotting. At least you can flank an aimbotter and sometimes get the kill. ESP knows where you and your traps (explosives) are at all times.

    I've noticed a few teleporters recently though.... That's only in the one or two on the entire server mark. (2-3k players... that's what -- umm.... 0.02%.. someone else do the math)

    I usually play between 2am - 6am PST though, so maybe my experience is a bit skewed. Still, hard for GMs to catch them in their sleep.
  17. DHT#

    I haven't run into any aimbots that I've seen, but there have been several people who were amazingly accurate in sustained fire with LMGs without compensators / grips, and I've had a few occasions where people came around a corner aiming when they'd have no reason to suspect I was there (wallhack). Nothing I could definitely say was cheating for sure, but just people that are TOO accurate for being full auto and such.

    Beyond that, the only real cheaters I've seen are the ones who exploit their latency to make their model warp around all over the place and are virtually impossible to kill. A few have even sent me tells afterwards congratulating me for killing them.
  18. KnightCole

    No, what the hackers use now is a No Cof cheat so that every shot doesnt hit the head, but instead they dont ever miss.

    You ever notice those guys that come around a corner and hipfire you perfect accuracy? You die so fast you cant even blink? Those guys who are 30m across a room, strafing, your strafing and they seem to hit you with absolutely no issues at all?

    Yeah...THAT is an aimbotter using the no CoF cheat.

    Cuz even an amazing player with great aim is not going to hit you wiht every shot strafing from across a room. Noone is dead on accurate while hipfiring with any gun from any range. CoF bloom and starting hipfire accuracy on guns doesnt allow it. Even ALS on SMG doesnt allow you to lolhipfire from 30m perfectly accurate....heck, even ADS while your both strafing is no one dead on....your gun sways your bullets bloom and miss...even bursting.....
  19. LT_Latency

    Not that many people hack.

    I have played for 900 hours. I almost never run into a figtht where I go "WoW I couldn't have killed that guy" Or i don't kill them again later.

    This they turn their hacks down so they are no better then a normal player is silly. What is the point if a average player can still kills you.

    Same with the ESP stuff. You know you can spot in this game and that tracks you for long time after you got spotted. Just because you think your safe doesn't mean you not a huge glowing arrow on the map
  20. runtt

    is soe turning a blind eye to hacking or are they in the dark?
    should anyone who has ever hacked be allowed on the leaderboard? ( because i dont think they are going to ban esp players)
    can we pay for a server that is policed for hackers ?