Honest thoughts. do you feel dirty playing as SMG inf? OP?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Hoki, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Ronin Oni

    Infils get lots of utility? o_O

    Infils lose any straight up gunfight. SMG can give a slight edge in CQB but any calss could use an SMG, and be better at CQB than the infil

    The infil's only advantage is cloak, which is loud, and not all that difficult to spot and also now has a hard counter.

    And running scout rifle IMO is even more powerful, as while you lose a little bit of CQB, you aren't forced into CQB to be effective, so can ambush targets from safer positions.
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  2. miraculousmouse

    Lol pretty sure the shield doesnt make you a MAX. hete am i to expect that you play the same with a smg inf. as you do with the heavy? With the heavy youre probably half killing already weakened soldiers who have no idea you exist, and half guys that see you (whre the shield does its work). If youre playing the inf. properly, youre probably going behind their lines and getting very daring, which could lead to mistakes and premature death.
  3. Benevon

    Yeah, I got quite a few hate tells, pay to win tells etc. when I first picked up a pump shotgun with my LA. One, I think, was actually camping our spawn room while aimbotting lol.
  4. repairtool6

    Running Infil+SMG is not OP per see, it is just impossible to respect.

    "Yaah look at me, i managed to gank some ppl totally unaware of my presence...I MUST BE AWSOME!"

    Uhh...i dont know? you hipfire some unaware fools in the back from 10 meters distance? What kind of accomplishment is this?
    How sad and shallow was that kill?
    Some ppl will ofc post dubstep videos of decent streaks with this setup but next time you see one of those, just TRY HARD to find anything in them that inspire awe, imagination or any actual old-school fps-skills.
    Havent had the luck myself yet :/

    Yes yes yes, here is much cloak-management and 'awareness' involved to make this style work so im not saying it is totally 100% skill-less, but in the end it comes down to this:

    1) Manage to remain unseen.
    2) Get so close that you cannot possibly miss.


    Those are the 2 most fundamental 'skill-sets' you need to refine and improve to make this style work for you.

    Do this over and over and over and over. Post video of your very best runs. Be proud.

    Just my opinion but ultimately playing this setup is just plain sad and boring.
  5. DrankTHEKoolaid

    Not half as dirty as I feel when sniping.
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  6. pnkdth

    Nope, I tend to get a higher SPH/KPH with every other setup(and class). Playing HA probably where I am able to take the most risk while still maintaining a good KDR/KPH. KDR is a largely irrelevant as a Sniper. Most snipers will have a longer time between individual kills than other classes. I tend to favour scout rifles or the NS7-PDW(which I view as the middle ground between SMG and full auto scout).
  7. Chubzdoomer

    The main problem with the blatantly ridiculous Infiltrator Cloak + SMG combo is that they can fire almost instantly after uncloaking. Uncloaking either needs to be a slower process or after they uncloak, they should have to wait longer before they can begin shooting. There have been countless times in which one of them, just far enough away for me not to see their outline, uncloaked in front of me and killed me before I could so much as aim down my sights and shoot back. It's infuriating, and in my opinion should not be allowed.
  8. Dragonblood

    HA's OHKing me with a Rocketlauncher in melee combat and walking away unharmed is annoying too....cry cry.

    As long as Infs lose any fight, when spotted first or at same the time, it's balanced.
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  9. Jawarisin

    Not really, any kind of shotgun will outgun me. Not to add, if a heavy is good, his shield should make the difference and make him win anyways.

    The only time I feel a bit bad is when someone runs on very low, then We are barely visible. But otherwise, I find it so ridicoulously easy to kill other infiltrators that I wouldn't say so. You dont even have to SEE us to kill us, just shoot in the general directin until we start blinking.

    I think that the frustration comes from the fact that the infiltrator is a class to where a lot of hardcore players will go to, and play that class solely. That makes it a bunch of low skilled players getting a kill or not, then getting murdered, but those annoying infiltrators that keep killing you over and over and over. But that's more a lack of awareness, or a lack of an infiltrator on your side. Recon dart fix that problem perfectly.

    Also, the fact that we can't do bull against a vehicle. Every other class has something that can blow them up, we don't. So it's the obvious conclusion that we'd be a bit better suited against infantry.

    But just as a note, the average infiltrator score per hour is the lowest of all other classes.
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  10. Jawarisin

    That's because it's client side... Try doing it on your end, you'll see there's actually a big delay, it's just that how this game is ran makes it appear so. And plenty of other events, too. There's a few videos about it on youtube, and how to take advantage of it, go look at them if you're interested.

    PS: Sorry for double post, replyed to myself instead of Edit.
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  11. Mustarde

    I have absolutely no guilt over it :)

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  12. Trilateral

    To answer this you need to look across other classes and ask yourself, given your experience and level of play, would you really be better off in close quarters with an SMG inf or the alternative? Given enough time played and practice with an SMG inf it can be a deadly combination and is especially effective against less experienced players that do not listen for cloaking and do not have very good situational awareness and therefore are less likely to notice cloaked infiltrators.

    I have around 30 days played between my TR and VS characters and when I asked myself what I personally would rather have equipped when heading into close quarter fights (below), I realized that SMG play isn't OP at all when considering the options available for other classes and assuming they are being utilized at an equal level of skill.

    Heavy - Any shotgun / orion or faction equivalent lmg
    Medic - TAR/HV-45 or faction equivalent AR
    LA - pump action or auto. shotgun / Serpeant or other faction equivalent
    Engi - pump action or auto. shotgun / Serpeant or other faction equivalent
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  13. KO-tic

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  14. Chubzdoomer

    Client side hit detection sucks, I agree, but no, there isn't a big delay at all when using this tactic. You can start firing instantly after you uncloak, which takes roughly one second.

  15. Robertooooo

    Use auto shotguns and use your C4 as a grenade. You will notice how the frequenzy of the hate tells increase :D
  16. Deteno

    I don't really, but that's mostly because I don't use it to skirmish and up my K/D ratio. I use it with an intel support loadout that's keeps pace with the group, setting down motion detectors and rooting out other infiltrators. It gives me the firepower to be moderately effective and provide support. I mostly just do that when the fighting is too think to really do much else and all the other support classes are covered.
  17. iller

    Of course it's going to be lower, you're not 200m away sniping where none of those closer range weapons can shoot back at you.

    My K/D with Failjack is 20-1... KD is the worst argument ever when talking about a playstyle's effectiveness.
  18. Village

    I agree that SMG infiltrator is one of the easiest roles to play, especially in situations where you're greatly outnumbered.
  19. Tentakewls

    I thought it was "dirty" until I raised my graphics to medium and now I couldn't care less.
  20. OldMaster80

    My 50 cents: infiltrator + smg is the ps2 noob combo. It lacks versatility but in 1 vs 1 one must be completely sleeping not to score dozens of kills.