Homogenization of Shields

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  1. Alkezo

    Higby has said they plan on replacing all base shields with two types.

    A) If you can see through it, you can shoot and move through it.

    B) If you can't see through it, you can't shoot or move through it.

    Personally, I don't think this is a great idea. It took me very little time to figure out how each shield operated and simplifying the game is a step in the wrong direction. Sure, making it more accessible should be desired but I don't think its worth it in this situation.

    What do you guys think?
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  2. DatVanuMan

    WHAT THE F**K?
    To be more constructive, this is the worst damned idea Higby ever came up with:mad:
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  3. Ceiu

    Why do you feel so?

    Hopefully this implies the end of one-way shields on spawn rooms and the simplification is definitely welcome. Hell, I'm BR59 (or something) and I still have no idea which shields do what until I'm familiar with the base.
  4. Alkezo

    No, one-way spawn shields I believe will still be around. Higby also mentioned keeping the bottom of Biolab shields the same. That or also making them one-way.
  5. DatVanuMan

    Oh, so you don't mind people shooting through tech plant shields, or simply walking by through vehicle pad shields? Also, think of the consequences of not having shields to shoot through. Defenders REALLY wouldn't stand a chance versus attackers, as the ONLY thing they would be able to do is watch as their facility is capped, without them being able to fire a single shot. That is NOT a good thing.
  6. Alkezo

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  7. Ceiu

    Isn't that how it is now? The shields at the tech plant can be walked right through, but stop (all? some?) fire. I honestly don't see much of a difference there. As it is now, I just see people peek out from the shield, fire a shot or two, then run back and hide. Not much different than spawn-room camping, really.

    One thing that's missing from the OP's summary that confused/misled me is that while Higby's idea states only two shield types, it omits that he intended each face of the shield to have one of those types; both sides don't have to be the same type. That is, spawn shields still exist (translucent from in->out; opaque from out->in).
  8. Siilk

    Agreed, that will hurt the gameplay.
  9. Pootisman

    I think that devs need to fix their game first before they continue to make changes and additions to the content. Shields are still bugged, even after the "fix" they released a few months ago. They are often invisible, only spawn room shields work properly. Video from today:

    Medium graphics quality, max render range.
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  10. William Petersen

    I don't understand why they'd want to 'fix' Tech Plant, Amp Station, and Bio-Lab shields. Two-way visibility, blocks all weapons fire, one-way vehicle transit. Works fantastically.
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  11. Foxirus

    So what the hell do they plan to do about shields you can shoot through, But can't shoot explosive shots through? Like all gate shields for example?
  12. z1967

    The system isn't really something I would change, but I see no harm in it changing. I don't really care as much either way, but I do kind of like the binary shield system over the current one.
  13. Axehilt

    Seems like a great core idea, and his explanation includes the extra important details about vehicle gate shields (heavy ordinance can't pass through; enemy vehicles can't pass through) seems to be pretty solid all-around.

    Probably requires some base tweaks in places, but overall should be a good change.
  14. LightningWolfTigrBer

    Damn it Higby, why? Aren't there far bigger fish to fry? Weren't Searhus and battle islands and the revamped resource system and all kinds of other content already supposed to have been implemented by now? Why waste time on **** that isn't broken when there's dozens of better uses of your team's time. I don't care if it would only take a day to implement the proposed changes, that's still another day we have to wait for actual meaningful content. Who gives a damn about new player retention when you're losing the veterans due to lack of faith in the future of the game. Who are those new players going to be left to play with?
  15. Cuze

    I really like this idea overall. My one question would be do all factions have to see the shield the same way, i.e. would it be possible for attackers to have the shield be opaque while defenders see the shield as transparent?

    With the above attacker/defender seeing different things, I think they should be able to set all the shields up to equivalents what we have now.
  16. TheKhopesh

    I agree that this is a bad idea.
    The shields as-is are not a difficult understand.

    An hour or so in and you learn which do what.

    Also, this is a sci-fi game, having "transparent walls" of energy in which we can glean tactical information through (IE, enemy numbers, positions, etc.) is not in any way cheap, exploitative, or detrimental to game play.

    It's a tactical tool, and one I thoroughly enjoy!
    (What fun would it be to be around biolab walls if you couldn't see what was going on outside them? I love biolabs as they are!)

    I don't think "dumbing down" the game with such a change would be of any benefit at all.
    Personally, I would like to see more transparent cover in places (Especially areas people tend to camp!) to avoid skill-less tactics and stale game play.

    Do note: These are all my opinions.
    They aren't scientific fact, nor am I claiming them to be.
    This is just the way I feel about the subject.
    Obviously there will be others who won't share the same sentiments, and that's fine.

    But please, if you don't agree with my opinions, either pass this comment by or provide calm and logical counter arguments rather than the ever-popular use of direct confrontation.
    Thank you. ;)
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  17. LibertyRevolution

    They want to remove those types, as they confuse new players.
    Vehicle shields are going to work like the AMP station inner shields, nothing may pass, and they will now be opaque to the enemy.

    If you cannot shoot through it, it will be opaque. If you can shoot you through it, then they will be transparent.
    What shields can you shoot through? SCU shields and Spawn shields. Every other shield will act like the top of a tower base.
  18. Taemien

    About god damn time. SOE will crush spawn room warriors as they should be.

    As for defenders getting the shaft. Don't defend. Defense is the stupidest thing in both FPS and in real warfare. Defending cedes the initiative to the attacker. Defense is an illusion that needs to be dispelled. The only time you all ever see an effective defense is when you fend of an uncoordinated zerg, or you outnumber your attackers if they are somewhat coordinated.

    This will push the PUG and Zerglings to attack, attack, attack. Yes defense will still be possible, but only by coordinated players. Zerglings should aways attack.

    I personally would love to see everyone attacking all the time. It makes fights more interesting and not sitting in the same base for hours and hours. Attacking implies taking objectives. Attacking being the only way a zergling can play means they will be doing something other than cert farming.

    They'll still cert farm. The PUG will always be what the PUG will always be. But at least they'll be doing 'something' for the real players around them that is useful.
  19. andy_m

    SCU shields are the funny one to me because the friendly SCU shield allows the friendlies to pass through but not the enemy, but both friendly and enemy fire can pass through. That caught my out at first because I thought I was safe in an SCU area but found out I wasn't.

    That said... I did learn very quickly :D

    As for the changes... I'm not too fussed really. I suppose the idea that if you can see through it you can move/shoot through it, and if you can't see through it you can't move/shoot through it, then yeah, it is easier for the new players, but I am sure there are situations where, as it is now, being able to see through a shield, even though you can't shoot through it, is important.
  20. andy_m

    I had to have a chuckle at this dood...

    Attack and Defend are just words to define a particular mind set. In PS2, the Defenders are considered to be the current owners of the base and the Attackers are the guys who are taking the base over.

    Even before a base is won/lost, the Defenders can become the attackers while the Attackers defend.

    Not everyone can play how You like, so, although I'm sure many here will agree with your sentiment, I do not agree with it :)

    Sorry to go off topic with the Shield discussion but Taemien's post is also nothing to do with shields and more to do with his dislike for players who do not play His way.