Holy crap, I just realized, the Air game is pretty perfect right now!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DashRendar, May 10, 2014.

  1. IamnotAmazing

    For everyone that's complaining about libs. In higby's interview with outfit x he said libs are "overperforming" Ithink we all know what that means
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  2. z1967

    I have always wanted a super walker for my Lightning/Prowler. Should have a higher velocity, much faster ttk (direct hits only), and it requires skill because it is direct hit only. Or just slap a Shredder on a Lightning tank and I will be happy.
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  3. DevDevBooday

    And YOU sir, should try being on the GROUND, eating lib ordinance, before making a statement.
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  4. Vixxing

    Daltons need to be OHK on ESF cause shredders easily take down ESF with much less skill needed... if you should nerf anything nerf shredders... total beasts against everything and takes out MAX'es faster than dalton direct hits while needing next to no skill to use...
  5. McToast

    Unlike you WE know the game from both sides. I do "eat" lib ordinance, but it doesn't bother me much. If my spawnroom is getting shelled by libs, it's usually also getting shelled by tanks and the base is lost already. If I look at my deathboard while playing infantry, there's rarely more than 2-3 kills caused by liberators. Or by aircrafts in general for that matter. I seriously can't unterstand how people manage to get themselfes killed by aircrafts over and over again. I play more on the ground as infantry than I fly aircrafts atm and I have zero problems with the A2G game. To me it sounds like a l2p issue.

    And I kill enough libs with my AB ESF. Maybe ~5% are skilled enough to effectively fight back.
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  6. Badname707

    There are very, very few pilots who only fly in this game. Even the very best spend a lot of time on the ground, if not most of their time.
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  7. baka

    I'd be OK with with this but with one condition... I get to equip a Dalton on my Lightning. OK, two conditions.... I can choose to equip a Tank Buster.
  8. DevDevBooday

    Oh good, it doesnt bother you so it must be balanced.
    Higby said himself that libs are over performing, spose he is lying too?

    Your 3.84 K/D TOTALLY has nothing to do with aircraft either im sure.

    The LAST person I would go to, to ask if the the air game was balanced would be a career pilot such as yourself.

    The fact is that you guys seem to think its 'hard' being an ace pilot is odd. that ANY balancing would only harm your BRILLIANT kd and so a nerf is insulting to your kind.

    Someone who makes a career for themselves using a certain weapon or vehicle will ALWAYS deny that it needs a nerf because then they wont be as good as before.

    Do you honestly think that libs are currently balanced?

    Go ahead and tell this forum that 'I think Libs are balanced' so your credibility can disappear.

    I think ESFs are pretty balanced atm though, they get instakilled by many things and flak shreds them in seconds, plus sundies are practically immune to them.

    Libs are just random and unbalanced atm.
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  9. John_Aitc

    Great post, Dash. I am glad that you expanded on the composite armor point.

    I am just learning to fly, so I die a lot, so my perspective is more from an Infantry player. I think things in the air are working as they should. Libs are strong, and I only ever hope to chase them away, not destroy them from the ground. Destroying them should require multiple players or another Lib.
  10. DevDevBooday

    And very few people havent tried flying before.
    We all know how hard it is.
    Doesnt mean Libs arent OP as all hell.
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  11. DashRendar

    Oh my god, that sounds horrible! THREE guys need to fire their LOCK ONS... TWICE in order to bring down a fully crewed full health Lib? Oh my. That surely is OP as hell. Wow. And to think I doubted you.

    Hey while we're on this topic, did you know it takes 8 Lockon rockets to kill an MBT? I mean WOW if you thought Libs were OP, heh... Or let me put it so you can understand. FOUR guys need to fire LOCK ONS... TWICE. Maybe you can go make a thread about that?
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  12. MostlyClueless

    I fly libs and I'm a terrible pilot. We tend to average around 12 K/D when we do it and that's on an average day, good days you get those ridiculous 100+ Kill streaks.

    And I'm not even that good.
  13. MostlyClueless

    If Lock Ons were the only options had for killing tanks you bet your *** there'd be threads about it. Luckily Dumb Fires and C4 also exist.

    Oh and tanks take directional damage, shooting their front Armour isn't really how people kill tanks.
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  14. DashRendar

    Nope, he wasn't bringing other variables into the equation, like getting attacked from multiple damage sources or Flak or enemy air, he was stating that the number of Lockon rockets that it takes to down the Lib is indicative that it is OP. Therefore my handpicked number for how many Lockon rockets it takes to kill an MBT is still valid and the MBT must be even more OP because we're not considering any of the other variables right now. He said so.
  15. MostlyClueless

    No he didn't, you said it. He's right that you need 6 AA rockets to take on a Lib. I guess you could try to hit it with a Decimator (And I have done that to people who hover) but unless they're that special kind of idiot pilot who'll hover near a spawn locks ons are your only option and they're a bad option.

    People don't kill Tanks with Lock-ons that often because they have much better options (And because it's usually suicide trying to lock onto a vehicle that can and will one shot you if it sees you with thermals). Drive tanks more, Ground lock-ons are a kinda rare beast.
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  16. Axehilt

    Giving composite bullet resistance isn't what it's about.

    It's sort of like saying "You know this flak armor is great, but it needs a buff against bullet damage too!" One armor shouldn't protect against everything in all circumstances. (The reason harasser composite has to be so generic and nerfed is it protects against all damage sources from all directions. If it was specialized it would be a more interesting choice and wouldn't have to be nerfed.)

    Personally I feel Composite is already the best armor choice (except for ESFs that stay high-altitude in an AA role). Mostly due to the lack of benefit of the alternatives, and the fact that flak damage probably comes in second behind nosegun damage in terms of what damages my ESF, so mitigating 25% of that damage is pretty amazing. (And then the small arms resist is icing, since players do tend to love revealing themselves as free infnatry kills by shooting ESFs with small arms.)

    Just feels like the Composite comment and "annoyance" comment fly in the face of how successful I've been (697 SPM) in my Mosquito by aggressively engaging ground targets in an ESF.

    Also while I'm not against tweaks to ESFs to make them perform better against Daltons, I still sort of feel the right solution is for Libs to be less agile (so shredders also don't work well against air) or for Daltons to just flat-out not 1-shot ESFs (because lib teams will discover that the tailgun is effective in its intended role, so the secondary turret doesn't need to be great against air.)
  17. Robes

    By saying you don't have to be an expert to get kills with a lib, i took that as you implying you have to be an expert to get that in any other area of the game, which is why i mentioned what he had done since he is a near brand new player. It also covers another argument I've seen some people use that libs are made for farming and should be dealt with due to that, the viper is also made for farming so going on that it should be dealt with.
  18. DashRendar

    I do use tanks sir, quite a bit recently in fact. All of my in game vehicles are somewhere between relatively well certed and fully certed, and I try to use them all, the only fully certed things I have are air vehicles though. Actually now that you mentioned it, if we examine my Tank vs. Air stats, I notice a trend, do you?


    Lightning: 377
    Vanguard: 797
    Total: 1174

    Reaver: 904
    Liberator: 332
    Galaxy: 76
    Total: 1312

    Time played:

    Lightning: 23.5
    Vanguard: 48.5
    Total: 72

    Reaver: 113.5
    Liberator: 33
    Galaxy: 12
    Total: 158.5

    Kills per hour:

    Ground: 16.3
    Air: 8.3

    Are Ground vehicles easier to use to get kills with? Are Air vehicles too hard to get kills with?
  19. MostlyClueless

    I'm not complaining about the Reaver, you got mad kills with the Reaver and fair play to you. My beef is with the Liberator and the Liberator only.
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  20. Takoita

    I am pretty sure Liberator has earned itself undying hatred and priority target status since day one. You have a character created at the time of launch, you should know that already.
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