Holy crap, I just realized, the Air game is pretty perfect right now!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DashRendar, May 10, 2014.

  1. DashRendar

    Yes, please do. Aside from that being completely irrelevant to the discussion, while you are at it, test the Galaxy, which has more guns, more health, can take on ground and air effectively with one loadout, can be spawned directly into, can simultaneously drop troops onto a hot zone while keeping all guns manned, can take on AA with less personal risk than a Lib (seriously it lives on a diet of AA nests and skyplankton) yet differs from the Lib in that it never ever ever gets complained about. The Liberator whining is completely irrational detail waving without looking at the bigger picture.

    Wait until the Gal gets its patch. Nothing will change at all, maybe some cosmetics and number shifting, and all of a sudden the Gal is the flavor of the month "nerf this pls" topic. This complaining needs to stop because it's ruining the game.
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  2. DevDevBooday

    I think you mean the air game is pretty good FOR air.

    Since Libs are so stupidly imbalanced, yes, the air game is wonderful if you only pilot because you can just **** the ground with little to no resistance.
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  3. Nepau

    As someone else kindly pointed out, Gals also have quite a few differences.

    1. Gals are slower then Liberators ( especially when you add the Liberators afterburners)
    2. Gal is a MUCH LARGER target then a Liberator
    3. Gal have blind spots on all its guns. Add in the Gals lack of maneuverability compared to other aircraft, gives people ( including the guy on the ground) a change to avoid fire and counter attack
    4. Gal Ground Bulldogs are not anywhere near as effective at killing armor as a Dalton.
    5. Gals cost more resources to use
    6. Gals can only be spawned at Warpgates or Techplants, meaning they have a generally longer travel time to get to a battle.

    Care for me to go on? Can you make the same kind of List of weaknesses that a Liberator has that the Gal doesn't have?
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  4. WarmasterRaptor

    My favorite reply in this thread so far :D
  5. Whatupwidat

    Do you want me to tell you how little I care?

    It's a combined arms game - ie, I aim for the libs already engaged by ESF's or Skyguards. Plus the lock on noise is scary sounding, makes some of the less experienced ones run off. I mean, as I said I've had 3-4 days of 5 hour game sessions and not had a one-way air zerg that went unchallenged yet.
  6. Brenold

    a level 1 racer frame lib is as fast as a stock mossie. Acceleration not as good and afterburners are optional and need you to commit your defense slot, but still... I think esfs are too slow but if they were faster theyd be almost impossible to fly without crashing....
  7. DQCraze

    I'm noticing as more and more people take to ESFs the libs are becoming less of a problem. We constantly have 2-3 ESFs up at any given time in our Platoon, the only time we have lib problems is when they are down. I really don't fly libs as much as I used to, I think the libs are a great entry to Air vehicle. Once people get used to flying in third person and switching the camera back and forth to first person, they are well on their way to getting into an ESF.

    I'm really getting into the combat aspect of the ESF and more so my Hornet missiles, which I absolutely love.
  8. Camycamera

    why has the liberator suddenly got so much hate? it must be the new thing forumside hates these days.
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  9. JackD

    If 30 people cant deal with a Lib, then this isnt a design problem. If iam at this fight i can deal with the Lib alone.
  10. JackD

    Better try flying before making such statements.
  11. Alarox

    Sorry... what point are you trying to make? I don't get it. No, it doesn't mean he's an expert.
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  12. HellasVagabond

    It takes 6 G2A missiles to bring down an certed Liberator....That means that you need 6 heavies launching missiles to it (or 3 launching twice which is not possible since the Liberator will fly away before that happens, not to mention that it may have flares so it can't happen).
    So basically a 3 man vehicle requires at LEAST 3 people hitting it with missiles to bring it down......Oh the balance right ?
  13. Badname707

    A lib flies into the area. An AA turret spots the lib. The lib swoops in to take shots at the turret. A team of three heavies lock on to the lib. The lib starts to retreat. The 3 heavies fire their lock ons and hit, taking out half its health in one salvo. The lib is done, having missed its option to leave at first sign of AA. The AA turret is about half to 3/4 damaged, the heavies reload their free rocket launcher.

    Another lib swoops into the region...
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  14. Irathi

    It is all infantryside does.. They complain about what ever kills them the most and demand some sort of weapon that they can carry around that takes care of the problem singlehandedly.

    Instead of adapting to the situation, like pull a lib your self or some ESFS or two or three co-ordinated maxes- or for that matter just pick up a lock-on G2A missile and ask the rest of your squad to do the same.

    They then justify this by saying "but we can take out a vanguard with mines / C4!!!" which doesn't relly serve as a justification to anything except perhaps to buff the vehicles and nerf the mines/C4.
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  15. HellasVagabond

    Sure and while the entire squad aims at Liberators enemy infantry and MBTs, ESFs can kill everyone.....Great tactics :)
  16. Irathi

    If your squad is unable to take out a liberator and at the same time stay out of most of the enemy gunfire, then you are running with the wrong guys... and no amount of nerf to a liberator will ever be large enough..
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  17. MostlyClueless

    I also think the Harasser should be a near unkillable machine that destroys Air and Ground alike.

    I mean it's not, but by the logic of some lib pilots it should be.
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  18. MostlyClueless

    Stick a Tankbuster, Shredder or Dalton on a Gal and there'd be ********. Bulldogs are nice for farming infantry but they ain't exactly blowing up MBT's and Sunderers with impunity.

    The liberator has some of the highest DPS weapons in the game. Heck the Tankbuster IS the highest DPS weapon in the game and the Shredder comes in second. On a flying platform with a redicously long TTK from any AA weapon that can outrun nearly anything it feels is a threat. Only ESF's stand a chance against it and even most prefer not to try for fear of a Dalton, Shredder or Tankbuster to the face.
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  19. Sixstring

    You're right,infantry ARE overpowered against tanks/vehicles good point. But seriously if Liberators weren't as durable as they are now they would be useless. They already get shot down easily enough but a good pilot is TRYING NOT TO DIE so he doesn't let you get him. Believe me Libs take damage,infact alot of people who complain about their durability and rarely actually fly them would probably be shocked at how short their liberator run lasts. It's just so easy huh you guys? If you don't know when to pull back and what angle to attack from you will get eaten alive.
  20. Frostiken

    I wonder how many people who think PS2 air game is 'perfect' also think Battlefield's air game is 'perfect'. It seems we have the same kind of players in both games.