Holy crap, I just realized, the Air game is pretty perfect right now!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DashRendar, May 10, 2014.

  1. Kill2This

    Sorry man, I think you did a mistake.
    Burster MAX seems to have more velocity (less lead needed) than Skyguard but COF degradation. (less accurate at long range for sustain fire but better chance to hit if fired in burst)
    Skyguard seems to have lower velocity (more lead needed) than Burster MAX but no COF expansion. (more accurate at long range for sustain fire but burst firing don't give you better accuracy)

    At least this is my own experience in game. (don't look at specs sheet they sometimes are totally wrong)

    What Skyguard needs is better close range DPS (by giving damage degradation or by allowing direct hits and as such, doing more damage this way) even if they have to give up a bit at range.

  2. Silkensmooth

    Lol quality of life buff. Are you clueless? Velocity is everything. This is the kind of stuff that just makes you shake your head.

    You have no idea how the game mechanics work. Quality of life would be resupplying faster, or being able to carry more ammo. Higher bullet velocity is a straight up buff.

    More entertaining to use? You know why skyguard is boring? Because you instantly kill anyone in a dogfight, and then chase away all the other pilots in the area.

    Unless you are bad at EZ mode skyguard and then you die to a lib that you should have seen coming.

    But yeah mostly its boring because it just clears the sky and then its pretty terrible at anything else.
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  3. EliteEskimo

    I'll say it, Liberators resistance against tank shells is too dang high. It shouldn't take 9 Prowler HEAT shells or 5 Vanguard HEAT rounds to take Liberators out of the sky. I forget what the resistance is against AP shells now too, but overall Liberators are able to get away with too much now and even hovering low to the ground or tank busting tanks from the front has a fraction of the penalty it once had. Tank shell resistance needs to go back to what it was considering how fast the Liberator is, particularly with AB.

    Other than that I'd say the Liberator's resistance against Skyguards need to be decreased somewhat, but otherwise the air game is pretty good.
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  4. RHYS4190

    iv not got composite armour on full for my Mozzie but I think it defiantly a must.

    Flak still is a massive problem
  5. Mindjacker

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  6. \m/SLAYER\m/

    just remove unnecessary infantry and other ground units.
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  7. Robertooooo

    Remove thermal from the liberator belly guns and the airgame is fine.
  8. Ikissyourface

    You said its perfect in the title but you said its not perfect in your post! what the hell man u tricked me!!!
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  9. Crashsplash

    From the persepctive of infantry the air game is terrible. It is a killer of fights and in the smaller fights the way to fight back is either to pull a grounder (TR) which won't get a kill but causes ESF's to fly around for a bit until they get the right angle, or pull a burster which does pretty much the same thing except you get a bit of damage XP occasionally - whoop-de-whoo.

    Both responses are frankly boring.

    Even on Amerish they i9s too much scope for air-spammers to stop a ground base fight. Perhaps I should say 'especially' on Amerish since tank-spammers have been mostly excluded the spamming tendency seems to moved over to libs.

    As much as I like Amerish some bases still need more work. Plus, one all continents there are just too many bases.
  10. McToast


    I agree, overall the air balance is in a good spot atm. I do have a bit of a problem with the dedicated A2A wingslots, because they do too much damage for too little skill required, but that is a matter of opinion I guess. A lot of players enjoy a low(er) skill ceiling and rock-paper-scissor gameplay.

    G2A isn't too bad. I disagree with the people who think G2A should be designed to counter aircrafts. If that would be the case, there would be no point in pulling aircrafts at all. Funny enough, the idea of G2A as a counter to aircrafts comes from people who do not fly at all in 99% of all cases. Learn to fly guys.
    If I would change - or rather tweak - something about G2A it would be the range. Contrary to some popular opinions from "peasants" I do think G2A has too much range. I'd like to see a slight reduction in effective range while making G2A more deadly at really short ranges (where it already kicks ***). Getting locked on by non-rendered HAs and shot by flak two hexes away is annoying as hell. Not because they can manage to kill me by themselfes at that range, but because they disturb A2A combat too much in my opinion.
  11. ronjahn

    No. Getting spammed by Dalton's and shredders from 2 hexes away, completely out of lock on and flak range or at such an extreme angle that I would have to flip my tank upside down to shoot at is annoying as hell. Getting plinked by flak from 2 hexes away is a nuisance at best. The day that aircraft stop disturbing vehicle/infantry combat, is the day I will have sympathy for this complaint.

    So if G2A anti air, isn't the counter to air, what is? It's kind of amusing to me that you see Anti AIR as an unacceptable counter to AIR.
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  12. Sulsa

    Yup. I completely agree.
    A lib hovering over a small base I'm trying to defend is brutal to deal with sometimes but it makes me think.
    A massive ground fight with massive air over your head is just absolutely one of the greatest video game moments for me ever.

    As for you other guys:
    'bombs' instead of a precision weapon for a lib?
    'insta-win' AA?
    tanks can't one shot a lib anymore QQ?

    Good grief, some of your criticisms are so out there it's absolutely no wonder you are bussing tables at Denny's instead of making video games.

  13. Robes

    So that friend of mine that just started playing farmed the **** out of a sunderer with a viper the other day, is he an expert in under 4 days now since he racked up over 70 kills in a tank?
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  14. DashRendar

    Exactly. If that friend of yours had been flying for four days, he'd just about have learned how to get to battle without crashing, let alone to have learned how to kill anything.
  15. Taemien

    You see alot of complaints about the Lib. You really do. But none about the Galaxy. Which is really odd because of how great the Galaxy is at its roles. It can provide a team with a spawnpoint that is incredibly hard for the defenders to deal with. In addition it has a crazy good area denial system. Dual A-Bulldogs are insane. The Dual Walkers help deter ESFs. Against Libs you can deal some serious damage if you have a pilot who's good, or crazy. But the biggest asset of the Gal is it can soak damage. Its weapons aren't too threatening, but it will win through attrition.
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  16. Whatupwidat

    I think the air game's getting super ******* incredible to be honest - and that's speaking as a ground-pounding liberator-bait. A lot more heavies are getting an AA lock on launcher, ESF's seem to show up and actually do something other than waste 20 rockets on 3 infantry, and liberators are scary - but not around for long....I liken their appearance to like seeing Jaws pop up by the boat.

    Not had a dull one sided fight in almost a week now.
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  17. McToast

    Sorry, I didn't make it clear. I don't want G2A to ba a hardcounter to air, because there would be no reason to pull air if you could hardcounter it from the ground. Air supremacy should mean something. If the enemy controlls the whole airspace and you have no own aircrafts supporting you, you should fight a very steep uphill battle. At least that is my opinion and so far SOE agrees with me.
  18. IamDH

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  19. Shockwave44

    And then you woke up.
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  20. HellasVagabond

    Do you want me to head into VR and check how many G2A missiles it takes to bring down a Liberator ?