Holy crap, I just realized, the Air game is pretty perfect right now!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DashRendar, May 10, 2014.

  1. Frostiken

    I like how many times you had to use the excuse of 'teamwork' to counter a playstyle that involves no teamwork whatsoever.
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  2. Paragon Exile

    Even though teamwork is required to do nearly everything in the game barring fighting infantry in an even fight?

    Also, you didn't respond to anything, you're just making excuses.
  3. Titan6

    It's not perfect, but it's close.

    We need to limit liberators AA ability substantially, while also upping the damage they take from rotary nose guns. This would force them to take escorts in order to stay in an AO for extended amounts of time. They're far too good against ESF's at the moment. Especially once a few of them get together.

    The only ground based AA that needs buffing is the skyguard and Phalanx AA turrets. The SG just needs a velocity boost and MAYBE a COF buff, but even if it just got it's velocity upped, that would be fantastic.

    the turrets, I'm not really sure what to do with them. They're just terribly inaccurate. It's frustrating to use, but they're everywhere so.
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  4. MajiinBuu

    Yesterday I killed a liberator with an Aspis turret from 1700 meters away :cool:
    It was on the landing pad at Ikanam Biolab, I was at the Northwest Amerish warpgate.
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  5. Sebastien

    It would be combined arms if you had to send tanks in to deal with AA just as you need to send your Aircraft in to deal with enemy Aircraft.
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  6. Silkensmooth

    So because libs are doing ok, you think skyguard which already totally destroys ESF's should get a boost? Are you kidding?

    I realize you people who talk like this are angry and frustrated, but please, lets just fix the problem and not create more.

    Its already pretty frustrating as an ESF pilot dealing with all of the virtually invisible G2A.

    What needs to happen is for thermals to go bye bye, and for there to be no more OHK on infantry.

    Its clearly very poor design, giving thermals to vehicles that are both incredibly tough and have incredibly powerful weapons.

    Lets not bring reality into a game though. In reality you only get to die once. If we want to be realistic, then you get one turn one life and when you die you are dead forever. Doesnt sound good does it?

    So lets forget the argument of what things can do in real life, because thankfully this is not real life.

    Yes its realistic for tanks and libs to OHK infantry, but it certainly is NOT fun for infantry. Its really kinda lame as a pilot to farm infantry. Libs should be taking out ground vehicles, and at times and with far greater difficulty, taking out infantry.

    Just fix the problem. Dont add to it by adding further levels of frustration for both sides.
  7. Latrodectus

    You know I've never been sitting in the middle of a fight with tanks nearby thinking "OH GOD, IF ONLY THERE WAS SOME MAJESTIC SKY CHARIOT THAT COULD COME FREE ME FROM THESE CRUEL OPPRESSORS!" C4, rocket launchers, AP rounds, AV turrets, and AV MAXes are generally more than enough to get the job done.
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  8. Titan6

    A higher velocity wouldn't do much except make the Skyguard more entertaining to use. At the moment, you can pretty much throw a rock faster than the rounds go. It's a quality of life buff if anything, and wouldn't cripple air units since the TTK would still be the same. It would just make leading targets easier and thus, more rewarding.

    The rest of your post was an irrelevant rant.
  9. Badname707

    At one point in the beta, when air was at its weakest, the most powerful thing was the tank column, which would steamroll bases until the other team pulled a bigger tank column, which would steamroll down almost unopposed until the other team could get their tank column, etc. The point of air is primarily to counter ground spam, to thin out and destroy massed enemy units. The point of AA is to make sure that your spam is safe. This forces you to balance using all of your force aggressively, or whether to use some of it to protect your offensive.
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  10. Latrodectus

    In the earlier stages of this game tanks were powerful because of a lack of ground-base counters. Now there are AV mana turrets, multiple AV weapons for MAX suits, and virtually every player out there has a lock-on launcher of some fashion. Having Libs with the ability to one-clip a tank with their nose gun is just adding insult to injury.

    Tank zergs rarely last for more than one base, and even when they get to the next base, they're generally shut out of the fighting by walls or excessively constricting base designs.
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  11. Badname707

    First off, one clipping a tank is pretty damn hard, considering you have to land all of the rounds on the rear armor, and is only possible to do on a lightning. If your target is even half aware, he'll take most of it to the top or side armor, if not evade most of the clip. Second off, air zergs rarely last for more than one base, and are often completely shut out by enemy AA.
  12. Latrodectus

  13. doombro

    The lodestar is perfectly balanced, don't be silly.
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  14. Hoki

    Liberators should die to:
    • 3 lightning rounds any type
    • 3 phalanx rounds
    • 2 vanguard/maggy rounds any type
    • 4 prowler rounds any type
    • 4 AV mana turret
    • 2 dumbfire rockets, default or deci
    ^ High skill counters, you have nothing to complain about. If you die to these, stop being bad.

    As well as die faster to basilisk, walker, noseguns, and flak.

    And start taking damage from small arms. Not a ton obviously, but theres no reason they shouldn't. Its not a ******* tank.
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  15. LibertyRevolution

    If they were to nerf libs maneuverability, then we would just pull gals with thermal bulldogs..
    More armor, OHK bulldogs, and the thermal range is double that of a libs.

    If you nerf armor, then we would pull 3 ESF and you'd have 3 guys rocketpoding you instead of 2 lib gunners..
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  16. LibertyRevolution

    I be ok with this, but with 1 condition... A dalton direct hit has to OHK everything. MBT, GALS, Sunderers, EVERYTHING.
  17. Hoki

    This is reasonable, you are reasonable.
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  18. LibertyRevolution

    I would let magriders HEAT cannon be a OHK on libs also.. It is a pain to shoot air with them.
    And I'll let you only need to hit with 3 AV mana turrets. (they only have 450m range now, so it seems fair)
    I will even let Decimators OHK, and all others 2 hits. (give decimator a more defined role, high skill AA)

    The OHK decimator alone would be a game changer, there would be no more hovering libs camping spawn rooms.
    Close your eyes and think of the rocket trails from 10 decimators all going for that OHK and the cert jackpot, it would be epic!

    I mean that is the problem with libs right, that they can just hover over a spawn and eat 2 rockets and just fly off and rep..

    BTW, I am a part time lib pilot, for those that wonder. (I have been kitting out my battle gal for when the lib nerf happens)
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  19. Alarox

    Honestly, Liberators don't take much skill to be effective. They have a high skill ceiling where very skilled players dominate, but the skill floor is a little bit above the average monkey. Most of what a Liberator does revolves around hovering in the air and bombing infantry and vehicles, then running away when you get shot.

    The real skill in using a Liberator lies in the decision making of the pilot and the A2A aiming skill of the gunner. However, you don't need experts to farm the hell out of the ground in a Liberator. Not even close.
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  20. Takoita

    Are you people taking crazy pills or something? I don't know how one could honestly believe that gal spawning, do-everything ESF loadouts, AA weaponry being **** and Liberator being outrageous in general otherwise.
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