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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Lucidius134, May 1, 2015.

  1. Lucidius134

    Going away for a week. When I get back i'll be doing a random draw with FB gold pistols.

    To enter, edit one of the pages (or create one under the Community Suggestions Archive category) to and create atleast 1 new idea for the pages. Click the picture in my signature or click here http://planetside.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Community_Suggestions_Archive

    1. Wikia account must be the same as your forum account.
    2. You must post in this thread when you've entered.
    3. You can be entered multiple times for every additional 2 ideas after the first, dependent on amount of participants.
    4. Minor edits (grammar, etc) do not count.
    5. Only elaborate or provide rough stats if needed.
    6. Submissable suggestion subject to review before admission. (Better post more than 1)
    Brownie points for fixing grammar or adding references to other posts in the forum if the ideas are similar to yours.

    2 keys up for grabs. FB Mag-shot and FB Repeater. No participation = no keys.
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  2. Ballto21

    where are you getting these codes
  3. Lucidius134

    cuban drug deals
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  4. Lucidius134

    For real though I got them in a give away on twitter. It's one of the only things i've ever won and it was a while ago. I won't be using them and they don't help get new players into the game so why not give them away?

    THAT BEING SAID, looks like there isn't anyone to give them away too lol
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  5. Ballto21

    ill take them is no one signs up
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  6. Goldmonk

    I'll take the repeater!
  7. Goldmonk

    Making an entry right now.
  8. Goldmonk

    My submission
  9. Lucidius134

    Might want to stick with more vague stats such as "VS: lowest velocity of the 3" "TR, Lowest Recoil" and stuff, since DBG will absolutely scrap all of the suggested numbers on stuff and go about it their own way.

    A long form suggestion i've done for a weapon:

    The idea is to explain how the weapon should function compared to other weapons, reasons to use them and reasons not to use them.
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  10. Lucidius134

    'no participation = no keys'
    I only gave you the beamer b/c you're the only vocal beamer advocate on the forums.

    FB Beamer key was for your forum signature. (I see it's not auraxed yet, i'm dissapointed!)
  11. Goldmonk

    Meh, worth a shot.
  12. Ballto21

    Im working on it im sorry spacedad!
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  13. DameDameNingen

  14. Lucidius134

  15. Lucidius134

    Last chance.