Hitching - Very Annoying - how to get rid of?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Klypto, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. Klypto

    I've had hitching for a while now and it's annoying. How do I get rid of it?

    OS - Windows 7 - Tried on newly installed Windows 7 on a different drive, same issue.

    SSD1 is OS
    HDD1 is junk storage
    SSD2 is Planetside
    HDD2 is whatever else.
    3770K @ 4.6
    GTX 680 2G
    16 GB RAM

    FPS WG is around 140 to 70 on large fights

    Hitching is all the time, very annoying. Gets worse in heavy conflict and especially when bursting. Hitch is about 200ms averaging 1.2x a minute with up to 3 minutes max between hitches lowest is almost every 10 seconds.

    Settings file:

  2. RedArmy

    i run everything at medium GFX n never had n issue - on high/ultra i have small issues
  3. MyPS2

    I turned smoothing on the other day and my hitching all but went away. Still get an occasional stutter but runs much smoother! Of course my FPS took a crap (before ~100 now ~40) but My GPU was starting to act up/overheat and was at 100% usage during game. Now with smoothing on I have no heat issues while usage is down closer to 50%. Also in game the FPS tracker now jumps back and forth from GPU/CPU when it was GPU only with smoothing off.
  4. user101

    Try turning off shader cache in the main driver menu. That should solve the hitching.
  5. mfdoom7

    i expearanced same thing today and i also run os on SSD and games is on HDD (WD Blue) i never had this problem
  6. Klypto

    Tried low preset and lower render quality, still hitching.

    Already off.
  7. Pfundi

    Did you try turning on VSinc? Or turning on shadows? (You know, PC Vodoo) But seriously try VSinc.
  8. RedArmy

    whats the phase power supply on ur motherboard? ive noticed alotta people hitching are using the 4+1 design
  9. Klypto

    12+4 Phase afaik, probably 4 3+1's in parallel


    I'm starting to think it's either the CPU or the board. GPU utilization drops completely during a hitch moment. and there's no temp issue there.
  10. Lord_Mogul

    Maybe something overheating or unstable oc?
    Or something else is working on your hard drive.
  11. RedArmy

    what kinda cooling are you running? having 16gb of ram isnt really required. 8gb is all that you ever need unless ur doing photoshop its just more heat on your computer - a GTX680 runs fairly warm itself. unsure about your CPU n how hot that runs itself. a buddy of mine had a similar issue with hitching n we upgraded his cooling fans n it took care of it. we also found out some motherboards actually throttle performance based on heat, n had to turn that off in the BIOS. whats the CFM on ur fans(CPU/chassis), and how much airflow do u have intake total, and exhaust?
  12. Lord_Mogul

    I thought 640k is eneough for everyone...
    actually take a look on the system requirements for the new Star Wars Battlefront.
    8 GB is minimum and 16 GB are recommended.

    But seriously 8 GB is atleast enough for now and I would predict more is not nessecary for atleast the next 2-3 years.
    But heat is actually something to look after. Especially if the OP is running his i7 with air cooling (The IHS on IvyBridge isn't soldered, reports have shown that removing the IHS and switching the preapplied thermal paste with a liquid metal solution reduces average core temps around 10-15°C)

    Also he reports it gets worse when bursting. So maybe the issue lies either on side of the mouse or general his USB stuff.
    • If the mouse allows to change it, and you are using a high setting, reduce the USB polling rate of the mouse for less stress on the CPU
    • Try a different mouse. Best would be a default $5 piece of junk just for testing purposes.
      • Or try to run your usual mouse without the driver suite.
    • When using a Wifi connection via USB dongle, place the connector in a different port (atleast not the one right beside the mouse) or try using a wired connectiom.
    • Try to monitor your CPU usage, temperature and clockspeed while playing. (maybe the CPU clocks down due to heat, or is under 100% load (something else is tasking it unpredicted, like a virus scan, driver and update downloads in the background (check your Windows Update settings) or a HDD that powers down to save energy.
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  13. Klypto

    I use a slightly aging H100 for cooling. Plan is to replace the system entirely when I get my next new CPU, but I'm waiting to see if the MB architecture is moving on again.

    So the temp reaches 58C after 45 min and 59C max after an hour or so when playing. The default throttling on the CPU frequency doesn't step down until it gets up to arround 70 so I didn't change that.

    I dumped the clock and ran stock with intel's turbo disabled just to see, still gets hitching.

    I'm trying a lower polling rate on the mouse and then a old stock keyboard and mouse soon. Will scramble the USB ports too.

    As for the ram it's for other stuff. I wish I had 32GB to ramdisk PS2. Would probably reduce that obnoxious terminal lag : /
  14. Klypto

    Polling rate of the Death Adder down from 1000 to 125, still had hitching.

    Will try other things later tonight or tomorrow.
  15. Klypto

    So no go on the different keyboard and mouse. Got a standard P2 Keyboard and a Microsoft USB mouse still had the issue.

    Reinstalled the game again.

    Installed every possible windows update except language packs.

    Updated the firmware on my SSD's.

    I updated the firmware on the BIOS too.

    The hitching gets worse as I play longer. Pretty much fine in the first 10 minutes but becomes unbearable after 1 hour.
  16. Pfundi

    Did you try to reduce the overclock on your GPU and or CPU?
  17. Klypto

    Yes I ran it at stock clocks and turned off the Intel turbo boost. There were still hitching issues.
  18. user101

    If you are plagued with hitching and can't find any graphics card issues. Try this.......!

    Turn off the Flora in PS2 for some reason Flora can cause random hitching on Nivida Cards. Don't know why it just does.
    Both my GTX-470 did this and my GTX-970 did this with PS2 with Flora turned on.
  19. Klypto

    I never turn flora on. Obscuring your view of mines when it's not necessary isn't practical.
  20. Zero Cool

    IF you have asus Ai suite or any other program that monitors temps, try turning it off. I had terrible hitching which I went as far as buying a diff video card, turned out it was just the temp monitors causing the problem.