Hitching returned after recent path (pre-7/24)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Gammit, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. Gammit

    I tried playing last night, and the game started hitching like it had before. It sucks running up to a Prowler that needs just one more rocket to blow up and all of a sudden my fps go from 80-90 [GPU] to 4.
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  2. user101

    That's not hitching that's your router going in to DoS shutdown from the server sending all those shooting packets to your PC.

    Turn the router DoS off
  3. Gammit

    Incorrect on all accounts, I'm afraid.
  4. user101

    In the old days yes you could get a drop like that. But 90 FPS to 4 that way out of line. Hitching is video cache in most cases.
    4 FPS is not hitching that is a choke hold. I run 70 - 90 FPS and even in real big battles I drop to maybe 28 FPS,

    I have only ever seen a router do that kind of drop... and it is always packet overload to the router. Tested 3 different routers on my end and they all DoS with PS2, choke hold the packets, not all the time but in big fights they all DoS.

    Trying running a cable to the router if you are running wireless. Clear your routers log file before you play PS2 and then look at it after you play and see if you have any errors, turn on all the error checking. Might be something strange.
  5. fumz

    There are 2 years worth of forum posts complaining about massive fps drops. Just the "quick note on optimization" stickied up top is 84 pages and counting.

    Given the the abundance of complaints which mirror the OP's, your claim that you've only ever seen a router do this is really bizarre. Further, suggesting "the real problem" isn't that the game is poorly optimized (it is) and acknowledging that each patch breaks the game for some portion of the community (they do); instead, "the real problem" is that the game is sending us too many packets...

    I dunno man... maybe you can help oj out... I understand he's still looking for "the real killer"?
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  6. Gammit

    I have investigated this possibility. I run wired gigabit ethernet, and I have tried connecting directly to my cable modem. I have run speed tests, I have run pingplotter, and I have run utilities that monitor the data coming in and out of my NIC while connected directly to my cable modem. At no point did I see any evidence that your claim was correct.

    Your hypothesis is incorrect, but please continue to offer other suggestions.
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  7. Astealoth

    yikes, the live build for me right now is unplayable with no one around. getting like sub 10 FPS by myself, flat 0 fps as soon as i see a group of people. something is seriously wrong with this current build. i can play the PTS build at a full 60 fps even with the 300 person blobs happening at the crown because of the helmet event. using nvidia driver 337.88 which has seemed like a good stable build so far. i can't imagine what could be causing such massive differences in performance between the live build and the PTS build.
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  8. user101

    On a 3.0 mbs DSL it happens don't know why a cable modem it does not, I would assume cable modems run a lot faster than a standard DSL line does. But I can show you the log files if you want. It's easy to do. It might be that it is AT&T and some strange thing with only them. Maybe they do some kind of packet burst. This only happened after I replaced the old DSL modem with a new one from ATT.

    The game engine is going to change in the next update, so your 4 FPS should be gone. The test server runs like you are playing DOOM 3 in full out mode. The PTS was fast the other day but last night is was really fast..... fastest I have ever seen it. Ran 48 to 90 + FPS in big fights 48 was the low end. It was common to hit 70 FPS in low pop area's

    The game is going to change with this comming update and how people play.
  9. fumz

    Man has always created tall tales to explain that which he does not understand...