Hitching or freezing

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Tito, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. PresidentFreeman

    That sounds great, I was thinking I'd have to get a 290x or something to play the game that good, I only get 60fps with everything on medium at the moment lol. Thanks for explaining your performance, you might have just saved me a couple hundred dollars.

    I don't think they will roll back the update, they typically just do a quick hotfix, but they tried that yesterday so I don't know what they are going to do now.
  2. 3punkt14159

    Dear Soe,.. this Freezes are like an endless story,... i got theme since 6 weeks, since you implement the ps4 code.

    It really looks like they dont care about the pc users because the want to bring out ps2 for xmas, so the dont care about everything else!

    Just all should stopp spending money on that game while the performance is so bad, ,.. money is the only language the understand.
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  3. denni49

    I haven't played for a month ,now i am stuck using up my internet allowance down loading this 9 gib update. This game suks, Radar x suks...think the player base will soon be moving off to other games. does any one have a good recomendation ? call of duty?
  4. Valkret3928

    Any luck for anyone? I saw another hotfix download this afternoon. Not so sure what it fixed. Still a lot of load on the cpu
  5. Pandora's Lunchbox

    It's a fix for neither because large amounts of people using either Intel or AMD (or both in some cases) report the same or similar issues. Personally I don't think it's quite as simple as compatibility (not to mention the lurking memory leak).
  6. Pandora's Lunchbox

    Isn't it amazing how SOE don't mention some of these smaller 'hotfixes'? Maybe if they kept their gaming community up to date, they would get quick response and suggestions to resolutions (*ahem* I will slap anyone who makes a screen resolution joke of that). People go way beyond duty to test out their rigs just to identify problems and causes of said problems for this game, anyway. Showing those people some light and giving them at least some help could effectively allow SOE a sort of makeshift consumer troubleshooter. You might even call them an extension to the development team.

    Anyway, I'm off to test it (very low expectations). Don't get your hopes up. The likelihood that it is a proper fix is slim, given that it is so small and the fact that nobody mentioned it (correct me if I'm wrong there).
  7. Pandora's Lunchbox

    Well, I'm back. Same issue, nothing different, as far as I can see. The performance before the crash is smooth and pretty much as I expected it to be after the Valkyrie patch, before being bitterly disappointed thereafter. Otherwise, for me, at least, it's still buggered.

    No surprise found here.

    The more observant of you may notice the long time between my previous post, saying I was leaving to play the game and this one, saying I had done so. Just to clarify, it lasted as long as it usually does for me since the last couple of updates; around five minutes (no sex jokes, please). I got a bit bored, made some food and went on BF4 before getting bored again - then returned here. Okay? OKAY?! WHY DO YOU PEOPLE ASK SO MANY DAMN QUESTIONS OMFG.
  8. slawo

    this is unbelivble game have two year and they cant fix game (SONY quality lol), today I save some space on hdd and deleted this ****#@$
  9. DevSr20

    Glad i could help :)

    yeah i knew it was a longshot to hope for a rollback. there goes my certs hahaha...are you guys still freezin/hitching ? mine seemed to be fixed. i didnt experience any when i was playing about 20 hours ago.
  10. Icyp1e

    I have a AMD Radeon 7770 series, but i am having these freeze up problems as well. I can only close game with task manager.
  11. 1skGrandfunk

    It's kind of lulzy that there are literally no mods on this site on the weekends. Someone go tell 4chan
  12. DK22

    same here.
    latest patch, lucky if I can play 1/2 hour before I crash, blue screen or just plain restart.
    unplayable at this point.
    Whatever the Dev's did, Undo it!
  13. DevSr20

    Hmmm weird its definitely fixed for me. I tried playing again and 0 freezes.