Hitching or freezing

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Tito, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. MasterDk78

    I only get those problems when playing in sli mode.. and kinda weird, coz sli should improve performance, not make it worse. Setting my second graphic card to dedicated psyx render I can run my game in high settings with around 50/60 fps. Same goes when running it with sli, just getting those hitching from time to time. It's not that bad, just really annoying. It would seem to be some loading problem, but I am running to drives with ssd. So don't think my performance there would be bad. All so running an i7 core. And 8gb ram should cover it.
  2. Lord Blackadder

    Well, it's good to see that at least for some people the hitching has been fixed. I'm unable to test the latest fix right now, but I'll try to do so later today and post my findings.
  3. sjtw_w_stot

    Froze up for me 2 times I think yesterday. (played about an hour or two) AMD processor, not intel. Also a base was missing entirely from the map. (Indar - Allatum Broadcast Hub I think)
  4. billynomates

    Great post, A+, would read again

    yesterday freezing every few mins, but the hotfix today exacerbated it :(
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  5. Tito

    UPDATE No more hitching for mee tx soe play 1 hour everthing perfect
  6. Valkret3928

    Yes the patch fixed the hitching issues, but the game still stresses the hell out of my CPU running at 90% + utilization
  7. TeeBagit

    That last hotfix seems to have worked for me. Just played for almost an hour without a single freeze. The 2 previous fixes actually made it worse on my end. Still have the fps meter indicating that the cpu is the bottleneck, which kinda bugs me seeing that I'm running an i5-4670K and a stable o/c to 4.5 gig.
  8. bulletcatcher

    Ok...im out...**** you SOE
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  9. Pardus

    Congratulations you fixed hitching. It just has the minor detail of I can't spend more then 60seconds in a zerg without the game stalling cold.

    I can't imagine what a unruly hellish thing the source code has become that every patch seems to break at least as much as it fixes. I have trouble having sympathy though. Sorry.

    This is a mutex. This is a atomic variable. Even if I don't agree with all the C++11. C++13, or c++14 changes, they are however well documented. Standard threading support was added with C++11 and been part of the C++ programming language standard for years. They've been implemented by ever major C++ compiler for almost as many years to the best of my knowledge. They neatly encapsulated in idiot resistant classes. I have trouble believing a team old enough to make the base engine has trouble with checking for and correcting errors.

    What seems to be the problem?
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  10. AlphaShadow317

    For me now no freez but the game crash every 10 minute
  11. Lord Blackadder

    Freezing has been fixed for me too. Fortunately no crashes and no CTDs.

    Freezing is worse than ever for me, went from a three-second hitch every five minutes to a hard lock anywhere from ten minutes to fifteen seconds after I log in. 64bit.

    Sure hope some forums hero pokes around in Process Explorer again so I can get a few more days of PS2 before SOE fixes it back into unplayability.
  13. razor1360

    the game was running very well no problems at all oct 30. after i installed the patch today oct 31 st the game freezes up locked on screen after about 10 mins or so . i have to bring up the task manager to shut the game off .
  14. LenaQuin

    Tried to play 2 times today. Each time the game freezes after a few minutes fighting. Unplayable.
  15. razor1360

    same as you about 10 mins full freeze screen . then i have to use the pc task manager to get out .
  16. DevSr20

    Came here wondering was I the only 1 freezing since the last patch... guess not.

    I5 4670k
    R9 280x
    Asus z87
    windows 7
    8gb ram

    Cpu notification was on the whole time when playing the game.
  17. PresidentFreeman

    I've also noticed increased CPU usage recently. Out of curiosity what kind of performance do you get with that system? I have an identical setup except with a 6870 not a 280x.
  18. razor1360

    the game stopped the screen twice today after update install . so i figured i would try a 3rd . just ran 30 mins in a large battle were everything was fine . i did run validate files before start up number 3 but it found zero wrong . it could happen again but i am hoping it is gone .
  19. razor1360

    sigh nope game stopped frozen screen again .
  20. DevSr20

    My fps most of the time is 58-60 fps. With all on ultra.But on big wars, 40-50. So I noticed that cpu notification kept popping up and did some reading. Many suggest to put shadows on low. Switching it off caused tearing for me. So I kept it on low. I have slight tearing beginning of the game which later somehow dissapears(or barely there that i dont notice)
    Im pretty happy with the performance. The game looks great. Ive got no complaints. :)
    hope this freezes is fixed soon..
    any idea if they might roll back? I sort of spent some certs unnecessarily loll.. and hoping a rollback might take place :p