Hitching or freezing

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Tito, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Crashspace

    I'm having temporary freezing every 4-8 minutes. The game halts the system and then resumes. This occurred after one or two patches ago but continues to be a problem.

    BIOS: BIOS Date: 01/17/13 12:08:38 Ver: 04.06.05
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
    Memory: 8192MB RAM
    Available OS Memory: 8076MB RAM
    Card name: AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series
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  2. Lord Blackadder

    I hadn't really played PS2 in about two weeks, except for checking something for about 20 minutes a couple of days ago. Didn't notice any freezes then, but I played for about 30 minutes just now, and the game froze for 5 seconds multiple times for me too. My specs are in my signature.
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  3. ivans

    After yesterdays patch game froze about 1-2 times every 5 minutes.
    After todays patchs its 5-10 times ( feels like ) - it is not playable anymore for me.
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  4. Entropic

    Patches didn't do ****. Freezing is still occuring frequently.
    Gawd, I'm pissed -.-
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  5. bulletcatcher

    Been playing with hitching since Valk patch..tried Acidule's fix and the game run great for 2 days .
    Then SOE "hotfixed" ....Hello hitching!!
    After latest update game was atleast playable and now this hotfix...back to square 1.
    Really getting tired of this ****...
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  6. MacBain

    I played for a couple hours last night with the new 10/30 patch, no hitching, no freezing and @ 60fps (big insane fights of 200+ around 45fps) on all HIGH settings with the widest field of view.

    I'm wondering if it has little to do with cpu and more to do with components or other software, like crappy onboard sound cards and things running in background. I've seen some people with problems who have similar stats to my machine so I'm trying to figure out what they have that I don't (or vice versa)

    Intel I7 3.5Ghz haswell
    Asus Z87-A Montherboard (Realtek Audio)
    Samsung 840 EVO SSD
    MSI N760 (Nvidia GTX 760) 2GB
    16 Gigs of Memory (OC 2400MHz)
    Windows 8.1

    This machine is just for gaming, I don't have any other software installed, no virus scanners, chrome notifications, drive, dropbox, etc... the only thing in the tray is the nvidia control panel and my logitech mouse software.

    Hope this helps.
  7. AlltGarOFixa

    I have NO freezing at all after the 30 October patch! Works perfect even with +48 player. Before this patch, PS2 freeze constant after 4-5 seconds if about 5-10 players or more at the same place. But, if I changed to a very low resolution the freezing stopped.

    Now I can play with fullscreen mode 1920x1200 using the settings below:

    My computer:
    AMD Athlon 2,7 GHZ (4 year old CPU)
    8 GB RAM
    NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750 Ti (driver version 344.48)
    Win7 64-bit

    I have changed some values in the file userOptions.ini because my "old" CPU. Notice that Renderdistance is only 800 and MaxiumFPS is set to 60.


  8. Tito

    [IMG] :mad: soe
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  9. I play by many names

    Game is pretty much unplayable today. I either CTD every 10 minutes or get constant 15-30 second long freezes. Really good patch Sony.
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  10. Chrisjons

    I can also confirm the hitching/freezing, it comes randomly dno what sets it off. but its 10-20 sec total freeze of planetside2, and game then returns to normal.
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  11. DLL2

    freeze every 2min with
    i5 35750@4Ghz 8Go ram ATI7950 SSD.
    What are your doing soe ? Do you want really kill your game?
  12. PinXviiN

    Seems like the new patch didn't fix it, it only made it worse. Now it's 10 second freeze every 1-2 minutes in above normal-heavy battles.
    It'd be great if a SOE Developer came here and said that they're working on it, instead of staying quiet and making the problem worse.

    *sigh* Atleast I got 10 kills with a C4 today...
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  13. Marcel1504

    Hey SOE, I found a game in your freezes. Sometiems the freezes stops working and all what I see is a game. Its really annoying when the freezes stop and everything works normal. I cant enjoy this freezes because of this. I hope you fix this.
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  14. No0T

    I have to say that because stupid people buys more hardware to keep playing when they do this kind of **** we all suffer from Soe Keeping doing it.

    Cause and effect, stop buying better hardware they will stop ******* up the game I guarantee...
  15. No0T

    Im almost sure that the problem is related to the audio changes, it has nothing to do with the graphics.
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  16. Majorpaynekills

    This needs to be fixed not only this but the lag in between because i never had the problem until the recent update
  17. WarmasterRaptor

    Rofl XD
  18. Valkret3928

    So latest patch seems to have fixed the hitching issue. However my CPU usage playing the game is still at an all time high; 70% - 80%. Anyone having the same issue?
  19. Zeroeem

    No issue anymore since the last fix while I had every minute before.
  20. Legend-

    game crash even with 64 bits after the lastest patch, and still hitching.