Hitching or freezing

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Tito, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. AznsEatWeirdThings

    besides this freeze lag problem we are all having at the moment, does anyone else see another laser when using a gun that has a laser equipped? when i switch to the pistol that i use with a laser equipped there's like another laser and when i move left and right that laser goes crazy
  2. P1GG

    Same for me.

    i5 3570k
    8gb DDR3 1333hz
    1tb HDD
    Win7 64
  3. Drasilov

    SOE's patching disasters continue.

    1] First ever CTD since I started playing - NC guy got a free kill while I was still in game.
    2] Game freezing for up to 20 seconds at a time every 10 mins or so.
    3] Some players now have incredibly long necks.
    4] Players still standing after they are dead.

    I just throw my hands up in despair. For crying out loud - WHO TESTS THESE PATCHES????
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  4. PWGuy93

    Had that asked of me in game from a person with a flashlight, they saw two beams I only saw one from their weapon.
  5. Predator01cz

    haven't had a single freeze that everyone kept whining about today

    i7 3770 3.4GHz
    GTX 670
    16GB RAM
  6. HadesR

    Add me to the freezing list .. Can last anywhere from 5-10 seconds .. Had a couple not only freeze the game but also the comp
  7. ProfGiggles

    I have this problem too. Something is broken.
  8. Tekuno

    Add me to list as well.
    last night the game ran great but today I can't play without freezing all the time.
  9. NoctD

    Major fail this update is utterly useless.

    Seeing the freeze/hitching issue as well.
  10. MacG32

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  11. WeEdNL

    I tested some more with the cpu limiting and it still gives the stall but at a lower percentage, it doesnt matter, have to wait for a fix, lets say if I limit at 90% even when it is only using around 60 or 80% sometimes it will spike to 90% and cause a freeze for a few seconds.
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  12. Chiefcinque

    Please don't let this go into the weekend. The game is unplayable. Have you seen Allatum Broadcast Hub??? A little attention to detail goes a long way...We understand that tracking bugs is an endless uphill battle but its stuff like this that gives the perception that you guys don't check your work. As a premium account holder, this is extremely frustrating. Make it right.
  13. Drasilov

    I swear sometimes its almost as if they deliberately introduce more bugs so they can stay on the payroll to fix the bugs they just brought in
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  14. WarmasterRaptor

    The treatments continues... WHEN WILL SOE STAHP?? :eek:


    Please SOE!! WE WUV U? :(
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  15. Teiren

    I was playing with my outfit earlier this evening and while most of us experienced the problem of freezing for a few seconds now and then, interestingly, at least 1/3 of the squad also had a CTD (specifically said it was client crash) at the exact same time too. Very strange, it's not like we all got on at the same time or play on identical hardware or anything like that either.

    My basic specs are:
    - i5 4670k @ 4.5GHz
    - Asus GTX 980
    - Patriot 16GB 2133 RAM
    - MSI Z87M Gaming Motherboard
    - Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate

    FWIW I also tried validating assets through the client but found nothing wrong.
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  16. Valkret3928

    Did this fix anything? Its past 6pm PDT but game still uses all my CPU processing power and after 5 minutes of play time it crashed!!!
  17. Tarris89

    Game has issues on AMD also.
    First time ever I see my machine freeze in a game, I am going along 110 frames and boom.. for 20 or 30 seconds the game freezes.


    AMD FX4300 3.8 GHZ quad core
    32gb ram
    120 Samsung SSD Hard drive, Windows and Game runs on this drive.
    5 Tb of data space
    MSI 970A-G43 Motherboard
    Windows 8.1
    100mb Internet Connection
    CPU Temp at time of freeze 42C
    Never had freezing ever in this game before today..\

    I own a computer shop so ran some diagnostic software on the machine and all checks out.
    The Machine does not freeze just the game..

    Thanks Hope tomorrows patch fixes it.
  18. user101

    Well I got disconnects today freezes for 5 - 10 seconds in air -- Hit detection that was terrable (mini gun) was usless had to reload 2 times to kill any one... terminals that did not show all the time.

    by 10:30 pm EST most people gave up ..... Why is it the VS always just blow people away... like they have no armor..

    I just gave up ... getting slaughtered by the VS ... every where I went. ( seemed like a major NERF to all TR weapons )

    Just put the PhysX back in if its going to run this bad. This may have fixed 32bits but it sure broke 64bits....

    from my view point it looks like all the bullets got slowed down....???? And number of bullets got cut in half.

    Chacter and terminal change over was very very slow....!
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  19. Aege

    Same here. AMD, and having the same issue. I noticed that when this happens, my 3.9 GHz Quad hits 96+% usage from an average normal of 50-60%.
  20. TwwIX

    Guess what? It's even ******* worse. Shocking, huh?
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