Hitching or freezing

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Tito, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. billynomates

    Never experienced this prior to todays update.
    Intel i5 - gtx 970 - 16gb Ram

    Happens frequently enough that there is no fun in attempting to play.
    In game bug also submitted
  2. TeeBagit

    Same thing here. Freezes up and short stutters constantly. Also got the CPU bottleneck showing up in the fps meter when there used to be nothing there except for the occasional GPU pop and my fps. Now it seems locked on the CPU as the main bottleneck. Whats up with that? Before today the game ran great, now its unplayable in its current state.

    I'm running an i5-4670k o/c on a z97 mobo with 8 gigs of ram. Please fix because Scotty tells me he's giving me all she's got :p
  3. Thunderstrucks

    Freezing outside, freezing ingame, damned winter is comming

    i5, GT635m
  4. Hank

    No issues with specs below but i did notice that before the patch i'd use about 30-35% CPu in med large battles, now after the patch thats in the 60% range..looks like the game is throwing more stuff on th CPU, maybe causing the stutter??
  5. Lord_Mogul

    Got the same problem using a wired connection, so no WiFi issues.

    When the freeze occures CPU usage increases to full 100% (got hardware monitoring on secondary monitor for the purpose of serching for bottlenecks)

    As stated in another thread my cpu and gpu usage hovering around 50-60% with locked framerate at 63 fps and acceptable temperatures.
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  6. No0T

    Same here if they dont fix this I will not play its impossible like this... Also now is saying all the time [CPU] and lowering my FPS to 20 half of the time with no apparent reason this is obviously a MUST ROLL BACK update.
  7. No0T

    yep same here with a quad core from AMD this is a must roll back... cant lose a single day like this or we are going to lose all the players... including me and my girl...
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  8. mer1c

    No, that's not fixing it... :(

    My whole computer locks up the moment a freeze is happening. I can see it on my second monitor and my keyboard, even the clock is stopping.
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  9. SourJane

    I will have to try that.
  10. BorgUK1of9

    I am hard wired connection, the PC completely locks up for about 30 secs (invariably I am dead after unfreeze), most of my outfit have this issue KOTV on Miller (we are a decent size). This is a game breaker and needs a response now.
    So many bugs introduced is disappointing, quality control fail.
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  11. WeEdNL

    I may have found a temporary work around, all you have to do is limit cpu usage of the planetside 2 x64 or x32 exe by about -2% with a program called "BES", this will cause the process to never spike to 100%, with a setting of -2% it will use 98% max of your cpu, no more long freezes and it may actually improve performance for some, the tool may look a bit simple but it seems to work for me, on the side I use a tool called "process hacker" to set a higher priority on I/O usage for the same planetside exe process, default is normal and you can set that to high, but you have to do that every time you launch the game.

    Good luck!

    Acutally with that cpu limit set on planetside 2 I experience much smoother gameplay, it appears I can finally have some dogfights without massive stuttering.
  12. Lord_Mogul

    This really does helpl?
    Normally planetside 2 is using around 40-50% of my CPU and won't go above 60%

    And would you be so kind to explain what "BES" stands for?
    a quick serch for the term shows many results but nothing with technical terms.
  13. terrascorn

    Yesterday, the game had these lag spots, today the game has these lag spots.
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  14. WeEdNL

    I don´t know, it was certainly the case for me that my cpu spiked to 100%.

    Here's a link to the tool, http://mion.faireal.net/BES it was originally disigned for windows xp but it also works on windows 7, it was updated this year even, I'm using ver 1.6.1, just read about it on the website, try it out, or not.

    As for the name Battle Encoder Shirase, strange name though.
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  15. joshystubbs

    My question is did anyone bother to validate their game assets after noticing this problem? I did after noticing that it would crash before log in. My launcher had to patch up 600mb of corrupted files after the update. Anyone else notice this besides me?
  16. mer1c

    Just checked, no corrupt files at all. Still having freezes.
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  17. WeEdNL

    Everything checked out on my end, no corruption.
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  18. zu2

    Having same problem as other people are reporting here. Game will freeze for 2-5 seconds. Sometimes multiple times in a row over the span of 5 minutes, then not for 30 minutes. Final freeze is a ctd. Nothing like this in months.
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  19. PWGuy93

    Was coming here to post about +4 second (yes second not millisecond) hitching and looked at the posts here.
    Restarted the launcher and without even getting to validation it rebuilt both x32 and x64 game executables.

    One odd thing about the quick little file download (only took a few seconds). Sorry already restarted the launcher can't see the data to copy paste but it stated that I downloaded around 6GB at roughly 1GB per second. I wish I had speeds like that, something is amok.
    x64 & x32 ver 0.555.9.302728

    Hoping this does the trick. Validation had no new files.

    Two minutes later, back here to state, it didn't do the trick. Within 30 seconds of entering the game, +3 second hitch, entire video screen freezes.
  20. WeEdNL

    It is likely caused by CPU spiking to 100%, I noticed this on my monitoring tool, read https://forums.station.sony.com/ps2...tching-or-freezing.206026/page-3#post-2995288 the tool is called BES – Battle Encoder Shirase and you can download it here: http://mion.faireal.net/BES/#download limiting cpu usage on the planetside process will prevent it from going to 100%.