Hitching or freezing

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Tito, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Tito

    its hapen to mee now today never get this problem after update freezing every 1 min
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  2. BlueSkies

    Yeah.. this is fun.

    GTX 770 OC 2GB
    8GB quad channel ram
    Win 7

    Yesterday, game ran flawlessly (for me). Today, 5 second freezing every minute or so until eventually total freeze.
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  3. Kirek

    Same here, yesterday 60fps constant no hitches no freezes. Today every 3-4minutes 5second freeze of computer, sound goes off, nothing works, screen freezes. It is very serious issue imho.

    i5 4590k
    z97 chipset
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  4. Spezieh

    I played an hour with the new patch without problems. But then i had the first freeze about 10 seconds. Then it happend three times again in pretty short intervals like 2 till 5 minutes.
    I cant play this way. Please fix the bug or undo the patch.

    i5 2500k
    GTX770 4GB
    16GB RAM
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  5. sindz

    Freezing here, sometimes 10 sec at a time and random crashes are back.
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  6. SGT-Bilko

    AMD here...possibly answered.
  7. SGT-Bilko

  8. Tito

  9. quickbot

    SO i got it too i5-4690k

    gtx 770 msi

    xypherx beast ram's 2x8gb @2133
  10. SGT-Bilko

    Yeah, same thing over and over. My AMD is working great now, and Intel users are reporting problems.
  11. CominHome

    Same here. I've never had this problem before today's patch.
  12. Zica96

    The tittle say's it all, and it's really freaking annoying. The Striker is awesome by the way!
  13. PinXviiN

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  14. SGT-Bilko

    First thread has the most info so far, and it isn't much. (link removed due to duplication)
    Looks like I(the AMD user) am having no problems where I was, others(all Intel so far) are reporting what I had going on that brought me to the forums out of the game.
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  15. PinXviiN

    But not only it randomly freezes, the game suddenly also uses my CPU a LOT more.
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  16. BlueSkies

  17. SGT-Bilko

    Ok that is not good. I am going into specifics in the other thread, ty.
  18. SGT-Bilko

    My hardware list that this patch resolved these issues for;
    OS: Win7 Pro SP1
    Main Board: ASUS M5A97
    Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 640
    Ram: 8GB
    Video: ATI/AMD HD6870
  19. SGT-Bilko

    My improvement was enough to not only fix this issue, but to take my video settings back to their ultra settings I have always used up from medium that I was using to make the game playable on the smallest level.
  20. RoofLurker

    So, this update breaks the game for Intel and fixes it for AMD? Talk about catering to the PS4 ... :p

    I get freezing with the following specs:
    -i5 4670k
    -GTX 760
    -8GB RAM
    -ASUS Gryphon
    -Windows 8.1
    Never had freezing before.
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