Hitching, Frameskipping,Splitsecondfreezes

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by SynaptixBrainstorm, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. JackD


    makes the game pretty much unplayable for me.
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    I have stopped playing because of this problem. Maybe when the numbers of players starts to drop they will start to look at why we stopped playing. Its been over a week and they could care less, or maybe they are trying to kill this game
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  3. The_Blazing

    For me it happens most often when I'm flying, which is even worse. Start rocket pod run on infantry-swarmed area, unload, AB away to avoid lockons and flak... framefreezee... BOOM, game unfreezes and I see the death screen -.-
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  4. Flyaxl

    forgot to mention the kind of freeze when u respawn that take up to 5 sec, this is the most annoying as u re scared to respawn at a sundy and being killed without having the luck to try to evade or fire back. you just hear yourself suffer and here s the deathscreen
  5. Gabriella

    Same here,i have mentined this before in another thread.
    Framerate is actually A LOT better even in 96+vs96+ battles.
    But the freezing is still there.
    We need a fix for this not now,yestarday.
    Its certain death when this happens.
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  6. SynaptixBrainstorm

    What you want a fix for this little problem ?!?!? Dont you realise there are people out there who wants to play with a joystick which isnt function right ??? pls more respect for those hybrids:D

    Of course in all honesty i agree with you !!
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  7. Atrabilis

    Oh cool a new hotfix, maybe the utterly gamebreaking stuttering and ten second freezes will be... no? Still there? Oh well, at least I can rebind my tilde key now, that's what matters.
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  8. Corezer

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  9. SynaptixBrainstorm

    You nailed it..Tilde key man all i ever wanted !!!
  10. SynaptixBrainstorm

    Thats the new difficulty feature and not worth a ASAP fix :mad:
  11. Damz49

    This is a short freeze on this video.

    When it happens when i'm playing, it last between 5 and 10s !!!

    And it can happen 2 or 3 times in 30s. Sometimes I spend more time waiting for game to unfreeze than playing...

    When it does not happen, it's game crash even with the last hotfix.
  12. Damz49

    Notice that freeze often happens when a LMG (here Orion) shots in full auto.

    And the sound of the LMG shots repeat until it unfreeze.
  13. For Me

    Ok, My problem is simple. I log into planetside 2 . As soon as it logs in and shows me the map screen , it starts freezeing , almost immediately. Im using windows 7 64 bit on an old asus m2n32sli deluxe motherboard with sli nvidia gtx 260 216 cores , this is two graphics cards by the way... ( bit of an overkill with the graphics cards since its my amd athlon 64 x2 5600+ thats holding me back seeing as its only dual core.) the freezes or as i think some people call it hitching lasts for about 5 - 10 seconds every time , and most of the time they occur every 10 to 30 seconds average. On a bad night its every flippin 5 seconds , and on a good night , its every flipping 45 - 60 seconds. Getting killed nearly every time i go out through a doorway, as it just freezes and by the time it wears off im dead with a loud shotgun sound. The game is totally unplayable for me unless i wanted to feed vanu and nc with free kills from my charitable heart. I DONT KNOW F>>>>>>>>>>ING WHY????? this game is allowed to continue like this???? Do soe not know that this is happening? Or am i the only one with these exact symptoms? Or, or they targeting the half descent players who havent spent any money on the game yet, conspiring against us so that we stop playing and leave the servers free for players who can afford to pay ? Its absolutely ridiulous that i actually have to spend time writing this and fight tooth and f.....ing nail just to report a f....ing problem that shouldnt f.....ing exist!!!!!!
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  14. S7rudL

  15. Corezer

    I wanted to get the Doritos symbol floating around with the one bloke and the doggy like in Darkelfdruid's videos, that kill (death) was so MLG!
  16. SynaptixBrainstorm

  17. S7rudL

    It all comes down to disk response time, which you can monitor with either ProcessMonitor or the integrated windows 7+ ResourceMonitor.

    If you find a application, like firefox.exe for example that takes 3 seconds (for what ever reason) to read a font from C:\Windows\Fonts\Arial.ttf then it will hang for as long as it takes until it has what it needs.

    Disk response time is a invaluable monitoring option and it would make life easier for a lot of people, but,.. you can barely find any info/awareness on the web about it.

    Even if your hdd is ****, you can still force/improve it in a lot of ways for it to react faster when a application needs to load a certain library or any other file.
  18. Spyrho

    got the same problems tried to fix it for 2 weeks now with tsr philip but tried all we could and now he told me to post it on the ps2 forum
  19. NanoBitSplit

    I've forgotten what it's like to play this game without constant microstutters. Thanks, SOE!
  20. XRIST0

    I dont have this problem with my rig , I hope it gets sorted for you guys =P and not screwed up for me .

    It must be hard for the developers .