Hitching, Frameskipping,Splitsecondfreezes

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by SynaptixBrainstorm, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. SynaptixBrainstorm

    I dont really have to add much. But thats all that i get hitching, framedrops, splitsecondfreezes, since the august update(my drivers are up to date since there was no update for amd cards) neither it is my system since i played perfectly fine as i mentioned above....I had so much fun in this game like never before but then the patch came and everything stoped working...i really hope its because of the PS4coding testing bullsh:mad:ting which i couldnt care less about.
    The glorious reddit thread:

    Anyway, i dont know for how long i will have patience for this experiment which is called PLANETSIDE2

    Things that i tried: reinstalling, hard drive formatting, graphics settings changed, game files validated...but honestly i didnt expect any of these would work in the slightest. BAD PATCH IS BAD:mad:

    OK guys if you have the same experience(or something close to) pls let a comment here i would appreciate it;)
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  2. Flyaxl

    getting same matters as you do since the valk release, and got nvidia cards. just so you know u re not alone
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  3. koetje07

    jep exactly the same. 60 fps when standing still, 3-4 fps when moving and 5 second freezes whenever someone's shooting.
    got a core i5 3570, amd 7850 and 4 gb ram and the game ran perfectly fine pre-patch...
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  4. Utrooperx

    First, go to: http://ps2issuetracker.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa and make sure any issues you are having are reported.

    Second, let the Right People know you, as a customer, are not happy...

    John Smedley is the President of SoE. He has always seemed to be a straight up person that deals with issues and gets things done.

    Let him know how you feel...here's his e-mail address---> jsmedley@soe.sony.com
  5. SynaptixBrainstorm

    Ok thanks that sounds exactly like my problem
  6. SynaptixBrainstorm

    I already thought that :D still good to know thanks for your feedback
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  7. SynaptixBrainstorm

    Im not quite sure if this is the right way to send him a straight up privat email.

    The issue tracker, sure but i already made a twitter and reddit account even tho i never wanted to take part on these platforms:eek:
    I will think about it. But on the other hand look http://ps2issuetracker.com/browse/PS-184 thats the issue report from the 32bit client which works again. And its still in status "unresolved" so i dont know if thats worth it or not.
  8. Utrooperx

    I got that e-mail address from a direct communication with Smed when he personally resolved a issue for me...that's how I know the guy is straight up and will resolve problems.

    How many people want to get a phone call from their company's president asking what the heck is going on and why are they not dealing with it...

    Light a fire...see people jump.
  9. 3punkt14159

    I got the 5 second freez to,.. this bug really breaks the game,..

    I think its something wrong whit the ram management. Somebody sais it happens when the ram is full and it had to load some important data from the hard drive.
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  10. SynaptixBrainstorm

    May be.
    Im really not that good at these things but one thing is for sure that SOE has to fix this.
  11. QuotenBrownie

    I wonder if Sony will bring the fix when enough PS4s have been sold >D
  12. SynaptixBrainstorm

    I mean as they said its "currently" because of the ps4 code stuff. I still dont know why they have to absolutly ruin the game for quite some people....like...wth. Its not that any other game that was first available on the pc and got ported to the console has made the pc version so much worse...i dont get it. They should have made it seperate and not include their ps4 spaghetti code into our pc game. What were they thinking?
  13. quatin

    I have the same problem after the Aug 29 update. mousesmoothing=0 solved some of it, but it's still there.

    I would like to know if this is a problem on my end or do I need to wait for another patch?
  14. quatin

    I think they are trying to consolidate design teams so that there's one running version of PS2. It reduces the work load for future patches.
  15. SynaptixBrainstorm

    Yeah i know what you mean. But see, it ruined everything for me ATM had a great time before 29th august and now i have to wait..god knows for how long to be able to play again. Thats not the right way to develope a game if you ask me
  16. Rantgen

    The 32bit client fix was a sigh of relief.....WAS. This patch seems that f*****d the game up really bad. Standing still i get 140 fps (now i edited the useroption.ini file, limiting the fps to 60, but it seems that my pc can run this game at 140 fps in calm areas), as i move or look around, the frame drops to 5-6 fps. This is for the first 15-20 minutes of gameplay, then it stabilizes and the drops become less frequent, lasts just a fraction of a second and the frame-jump is from 130 to 70-80 fps (it's still annoying).

    The result of this is that i don't get a 130 fps experience....i get a much worse experience of a player who gets 20 fps, and it's even worse because i can never expect when the frame frop will happen (usually when i encounter an enemy :I )

    This problem is here since long time, but after this patch it got worse. At least, before 29th of august, i was able to join a fight after a couple of seconds after i logged the game. Now i have to wait 10 minutes at the warp for the map to load, and the first enemy i encounter is surely a freeze of 5-6 seconds, enough to kill me and piss me off. Don't even ask about the flying performance.

    IDK what is the problem with this game, but now it runs badly at first then it goes "ok" ...
  17. SynaptixBrainstorm

    Well you said you having the same problem "after" the 29th august update. So im sure its not on your end. Dont give yourself the fault for a horrible developed game. Like i was also perfectly able to play untill the 29th of august hit me with his messed up patch. So why should i worry about my end actually, right?
  18. MajiinBuu

    I have always had really bad performance(bad hardware), but lately it has been exceptionally awful.
    I can play at 15-20 fps just fine(I can imagine the gasps) and I can handle the the small stutters in big battles, but lately I have been getting terrible performance. My ping has been spiking too.
    You don't know "annoying" until walking up a stairs becomes a difficult task :oops:
  19. Commandertango

    Yup. It's all gone down hill since the patch.:(
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  20. Commandertango

    Yeah. Not to mention every time an enemy starts shooting at you and you cant react cause you're FROZEN STIFF!! Same thing happens when I'm sniping. Just drew a bead on a guys head, it's going to be a sweet kill, the dude is a BR 100 VS heavy. Then I scope and I'm frozen for literally five seconds, and the guy moves-or I'm dead!
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