Hit Registration Bug Still Present For Over A Year Now

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Goden, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Goden


    After roughly an hour of play hits just completely stop registering and you have to relog in order to play normally again. This issue has been widely reported and complained about FOR OVER A YEAR NOW and the developers have not even acknowledged it let alone actually fix it.

    This NEEDS to be fixed.
  2. Goden

    A response would be nice.
  3. starlinvf

    Well.... there is this incomprehensible possibility that because something is wrong doesn't mean a solution is obvious.
  4. Goden

    There is that possibility yes, but I have no idea because the developers have never commented on this issue.

    There hasn't even been a "hey, we're looking into it" or something. Nada. Dead silence.
  5. starlinvf

    They have. Its a time stamp problem with the data being exchanged between the client and server. Its similar to certain encryption protocols that have a time limit on the validity of packet in transit. If it takes too long, its considered a intercept risk (like man in the middle) and ignores it. Seeing as game data has to be handled at near real time, after so many miliseconds a particular packet's data would no longer inside the window of any kind compensation/replay system.

    The problem itself exists as a combination of hardware timers and timing on the server side, but under normal circumstances its not bad enough to cause desyncing. When the issue gets exacerbated on the server side, then most people end up getting impacted by it. If you had done the HPET timer fix on your own system, your much less likely to get hit by it.
  6. Hypersot

    If they already have why are you trying to explain while there is an official answer for the issue?

    I'd rather have a link to where the devs have explained this if it's not a problem for you. Tried to search for 'hit registration issue' but after 10 pages of results I couldn't find any official post.

    I'd appreciate if you showed where they talked about this