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  1. HippoCryties

    Can I play one holiday event without lag?
    Log on to play auraxium and start shooting mans , then I realise most of my shots don’t do any damage, like Wtf. Some others also have this problem, can we get a word in from Roxxly?
  2. Zizoubaba

    Same here.

    I'm sure you know this already, and it only sometimes helps, but if you happen to notice the it detection fail before it's too late, stop shooting and start again, that usually works for me. Of course, this only helps sometimes..

    I don't think Roxxly can help you, he manages the "community relations" ;)
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  3. adamts01

    It's like that every event. Just bare with it and cross your fingers that Dx11 brings meaningful improvements.
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  4. Twin Suns

    With the latest round of DBG layoffs (70 Devs), I hope it's still feasible.

  5. adamts01

    PS2 devs weren't effected. It was apparently related to an unreleased project. That's the word anyway. Best case, they might see this game as their best opportunity.
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  6. HippoCryties

    It probably is, H1Z1 is garbage and dying so really Ps2 is the last hope, if they play their cards right they can milk this cow quite a bit I think
  7. Crash Bandicoot

    Yeah, this is a problem that has been addressed in the past but nothing has happened. It does not occur only with special events though. It is a rather frustrating problem that has always been there and gets worse as your playtime increases in a session.
  8. JobiWan

    Roxxly is a she.

    I'm finding it hard to get the Sleigh Ride roadkills because I keep running over Planetmans and nothing happens because of the dodgy hit reg/lag.
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  9. adamts01

    You know that collisions are server side right? It does no good to hit your target on your screen, you have to hit your target where he is on the server. So yeah, road kills are especially wonky when the server is on the fritz. Probably nothing new for you, just thought I'd throw it out there in case.
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  10. Twin Suns

    I hope so killer.

    Still though, that's some kinda Hail Mary move, a pink slip 16 days before Christmas.

    Seriously, if you fire 70 people 16 days before Christmas you're company is screaming that it's in desperate shape.

    Anyways, back on topic.

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  11. JobiWan

    Yes I know all about that. All I'm saying is roadkills are usually easy, but lately they're nigh on impossible, hence proof to me that there's an issue with the game and/or the servers.
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  12. AlcyoneSerene

    I didn't know, but that explains why I can't get a single road kill while in a harasser after running straight through planetmans over and over.
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  13. HippoCryties

    I’m going to be taking a break ( and about £100 worth of cosmetics won’t be spent this auraximus ;/)
    I’ve had enough, difficult to even sustain a killstreak at this point
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