Hit Reg lately is near to broken.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BadAsElite, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. BadAsElite

    Gotta love them moments, when you don't get any hitmarkers on a target for around 1-2 seconds. :p
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  2. Pikachu

    Mine works perfect almost. Yersterday i had a guy survive 15+ bullets and kill me. :confused:
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  3. BadAsElite

    Ouch :eek:
  4. Gemenai

    Best is when it appears in combination with hitching and/or latency spikes ( 100k+ latency wtf).
    Nothing was changed on my internet connection nor on my pc, which could have caused something like this.
    So i assume the fault lies on the side of SOE.
    And it´s getting worse every patch. At least on more objects than which are made better.

    I also keep wondering if those problems will be ever solved -
    because as it stands now i can´t even bring myself up to log in for passive cert gain.

    And this loss should make SOE make thinking.
    Even if i´m not a paying member, i´m at least a lost player ( for now) who can´t recommend this game to possible new
    players, which could spend further money into this game.
    Which could lead to further and faster improvements in point of gameplay, game experience, and hopefully stability.

    I assume you guys are working at those problems ( hopefully as strong as possible), but as it stands now, the results do not really convince ( at least they don´t convince me).

    In hope of future better over all game experience ( because i gave up on other stuff like better and funnier sniper stuff and balance **** on this game) , until next time on the battlefield.
  5. Simferion

    Happened to me with my TAR, just reloaded , started to pour bullets on a LA flying to me 10-15m away, just one hit marker.
    To kill him I had to switch to my sidearm
  6. z1967

    Don't fire immediately after reloading. That seems to be the source of the problem. Happens with all weapons and vehicles. Delay your fire by about a second or so after reloading so that all bullets will register. For vehicles, wait a bit longer (around 2 seconds) as getting a bad hit reg there is far more punishing.